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We would like to wish everyone an early Happy St. Patrick's Day and the beginning of springtime! Today I’m going to share what’s new and our updates for the month of March.

I have personally been seeing tremendous support from you guys and a lot of positivity in the community. Everyone that I've spoken to has been both impressed and pleased with our progress and network direction these past few months. I would happily call 2.0 our most successful revamp to date, and we've got nothing but more awesome features and content on the way!

~ Saito


  • Faction Server OG District was reset! Our YouTuber team consisting of F1NN5TER, xNestorio, and Tylarzz will be playing this season so make sure to check out their channels and videos. Some major updates include a new professional spawn & warzone, addition of emerald rank, 30 players per faction & 50 power per player, and the addition of a new world called Pluto just to name a few updates! For a full list of changes, be sure to check out the following thread: https://districtpvp.me/forum/threads/og-district-change-log.2052/
  • KitPvP & OPPvP - We have two brand new professionally built maps ready to launch with our upcoming reset! We’ve been in close communication with a lot of members of the community and are excited to reset the servers sometime in the near future.
A late Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I come bringing news of updates, development progress, and advertising campaigns.

I believe this is an important time of year for Minecraft as a whole, and especially for GotPvP. February is usually a low player count month so we are ramping up our development and advertisement spending to carry us through Spring and into a strong Summer season. Please read all of the information below as I have personally prepared it to best summarize our current state of affairs here at GotPvP and District Networks.

Thanks all!
~ Saito

  • Faction server OG District has a pending reset in progress. We have three YouTuber's that will be promoting this niche of our Factions community starting in March. The YouTuber's that will be promoting as our partners are F1NN5TER, xNestorio, and Tylarzz. All three content creators are looking to make a minimum of 2 videos per week, so expect very high Faction community involvement! The estimated reset date is early March, and we will be aiming for bigger factions and better rules to bolster the player count.
  • Website development progress has made leaps and bounds since @Xerotherm1c joined our team once again. We have released Player Stats, Leaderboards, a Ban Appeal Generator, and a Staff Page all within the last few weeks. We have continued plans for website development to improve our community in all...
Hey folks, As we near the end of our skyblock reset we would like to show everyone what this update will be made of. In short, we’ve fixed the old while revamping and introducing the new! We hope that y’all are excited as we are, here’s a list of the changes implemented.

New Features:

    • We’ve introduced a second economy based off of emeralds. So, What can this be used for? The emerald economy will be the currency for upgrading trees. It will function like cash in the sense they can be deposited being held in one hand, withdrawn, and show up on the scoreboard. Our anticipation is that emeralds will be very valuable! So start saving!
    • Commands: /eshop <balance/deposit/withdraw>
    • Customized trees have been introduced to the game. They’ve been implemented as an alternative way of farming and spawn items around them! They can be bought with emeralds, and must be planted on grass. Careful, their roots run deep and once planted, can not be removed without being destroyed!
    • Wait what? Minions? No, Not the ones from despicable me but close. They’re essentially mini-versions of you designed to do three tasks: mining, farming, and hunting. Minions are only obtainable through crates but will be extremely common. Per island, only the island owner can access them, and they disappear until you return.
    • For each of the three categories there are 5 upgrades. You can change jobs anytime and not lose these upgrades. Their inventory by default has 18 slots, but likewise to most things with the minion, it can be upgraded!
    • Mining Upgrade: So, Place your minion adjacent or in the vicinity of a generator and let it get to work! Things like efficiency, fortune and the amount of different blocks he can mine is...

Happy 2018 everyone!

Greetings GotPvP, I'm Xerotherm1c - it's a pleasure to meet you all! I was a part of the GotPvP team back in its earliest days and I've returned to assist with development, and to bring the website up to speed. We've got loads of new features planned, and today is the day we finally get to release the long-anticipated Player Stats!

Click here to search our Player Stats database!

Take a gander at the image below if you haven't seen the stats page yet :)

If you find any bugs or issues with the Player Stats, please contact me on Discord. Psst! You can copy my Discord super, super easily by clicking the blue [Discord ID] button under my avatar on my stats page! And yep, linking to your own stats page is as easy as replacing the minecraft IGN in the link url with your own!

To link your Discord ID to your profile, simply go to your profile's contact details and add your Discord ID in the Identities section!

We've got lots planned so stick around and prepare yourselves <3

All the best,
Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: MrKirbychu - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: Aqimcrafty - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: McThill - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: DeaconHo - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: sharpdagger1456 - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: iPurposelessness - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: Stunty_ - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: cookiedinos - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: TheSwampie - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: Jhinstalock - $25 Coupon

So here it is guys we've got some more..finalized dates on our resets. I'll keep this short: Duels will be released Wednesday, January 3rd. Skyblock is going to be released Sunday January 7th. This has been done due to several things, and I'm sorry you haven't been informed sooner. First our prison reset put us behind schedule a bit (it had bugs I'm sure you're all familiar with), and then our whole dev team was traveling for the holidays. Now everything is settled back down and we can get back to business!

I'm going to put some details for the resets in one place:


Duels is going to contain mainly quality-of-life bugfixes, and some minor updates. In addition we will be adding a kill summary and a new arena.


ou've seen most of the information for already. The main things to take away are tiered mobs which are killed in a public farm which drop unique items to craft other unique items with. Initially this stuff won't be a huge huge part of the gamemode, but this stuff will be essential for late game progression. Our primary goal has been to make it so you can still afk and make money, but also have stuff "to do" for additional rewards.

Skyblock Reset

Hello Everyone! I'm very happy to announce the winners of this reset of skyblock! This reset we ushered out tons of new changes including a new spawn, adjusted custom economy, new mechanics, custom challenges and much more. This was one of the most successful if not the most successful skyblock resets in GotPvP history and we intend on keeping the upward trend.

1st Place - @titanium66
2nd Place - @LoneWolf141
3rd Place - @mrdarkii
4th Place - @TheStar244
5th Place - Eatbann


Congratulations to all the winners! Your Prizes (in GCash) will be delivered to your accounts. Balance was not taken into account, the winners are based solely off island levels. It is the island leader's responsibility to divide up the GCash (when the transfer function is implemented) how ever they see fit. Please don't complain to us about the division of the prize.

Next Reset
Going into the next reset, starting December 23rd at approximately 1 PM EST, we will be adding some new features that we hope you will enjoy as much as we expect you to. Click here for a sneak peak at the new spawn if you haven't seen it already. Good luck to everyone for the next reset!

Happy Holidays GotPvP Community!

It's an exciting time of year for GotPvP as we move back into the holiday rush of updates, upgrades, and resets!

Big changes have been planned for our Christmas revamp and I'm proud to announce we will be resetting a total of six servers over a one week deployment phase starting on December 16th.

Game modes that are not reset during this time period will still receive the network upgrades we deploy globally, and will be next in line for full revamps starting January! Here is a list of dates for each reset below, and you'll find included a spoiler for the new information regarding each game mode!

OP Prison


Map reset will occur on December 16th at approximately 1 PM EST. We will release the new spawn, boot the server online whitelisted, do some final quality control checks, then allow players to join around 1 PM EST.

Theme: Adventure
Size: 500 x 500
Features: Lots of hidden areas, easter eggs, areas to explore, and parkour


Christmas edition!


Map reset will occur on December 16th at approximately 4 PM EST. We will release the new spawn, boot the server online whitelisted, do some final quality control checks, then allow players to join around 4 PM EST.

Theme: Tree House
Size: 500 x 500
Features: Duels queue from spawn, drop down off the tree house to PVP with kits

Hello Everyone, I am very pleased to announce the winners of Season 4! To receive your respective cut of the F-Top prize pool please contact Me (Brian #7310) on discord for further instruction. **It is not mine nor Saito's responsibility to see how your faction's prize money is divvied up, that solely lies on your Leader.**

F-TOP Winners!
  1. Ordinary (Leader Polper112) @Polper112
  2. DADDYPROMO (Leader Sheradezxc) @sheradezxc
  3. Solitude (Leader ScriptBae) @Tom|ScriptBae
  4. Supremacy (Leader NiceWatchRunit)
  5. Rice (Leader Jhinstalock) @Mechy

*No notable f top disqualifications*
Important Information
>All considerations have been followed through the final weeks of this reset to accommodate for alternative factions, teaming and money dumping.

>It is important to note that the factions accused of dumping money for ad tokens were found innocent after investigation.

>Stay tuned to the forums and discord for important details regarding the next season's launch date, updates and information!

Note from Staff/Administration:

“This reset has been one of the best in the most recent resets. No incidents of ddosing, duping, glitch abuse and the like. Thank you all for making our jobs easier by competing cleanly and legitimately. We hope you enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed hosting this season. We have a lot in store for you guys with the release of GotPvP's 2.0 release, more specifically...

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're excited to announce a 75% Sale on our store from November 22nd until November 26th!

As many of you know we have been leaking some sneak previews of the upcoming GotPvP 2.0 release throughout Discord network chat, but I wanted to include a render of the new Factions spawn here as well because it's just too awesome to not include...

Theme: Under The Sea


More sneak peaks will be released throughout Discord over the coming weeks, so make sure to join us in network chat!