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Just a quick update to inform all players that the ad shop should be giving out quite a lot of advertisements right now. There are many active campaigns and even more are being added in June / July, so if you stopped using it due to a lack of videos now would be a good time to try again. There still may be issues if you are outside of the USA, but as always you can use a VPN if needed to connect and view your videos.


I wanted to make this announcement to quickly inform the community of our current goals and direction. I have been working on a new network with some friends entirely separate from GotPvP, and unfortunately that has taken a lot of my time away. I have also been very sick the past few weeks so not much has gotten done. I want everyone to know that despite a new network being made this will not impact GotPvP at all, it's just the long process of building everything from the ground up that consumed so much of my time. As many of you know we recently hired another full time developer so once everything has stabilized we'll be able to make some really awesome progress on GotPvP.

I have big plans and ideas coming. Have a little patience with me and you'll see them brought to fruition. We still have strong advertising plans for this summer starting in June and July. Player count has definitely been low because we haven't advertised since February, but expect that to change soon and be combined with the updates I have planned.

*Update - This has been moved to happen 3AM EST on the 20th.


The network will be undergoing maintenance tonight at 3 AM EST. We expect the downtime to last approximately 4 hours, which means that hopefully players can be online by early morning. This maintenance is intended to implement the new networking core system we discussed in our most recent announcement, and it will be going into live beta on the Survival server only. Once we have deemed all the functions to be bug free we will begin rolling it out to other servers.

Again please note that tomorrow at 3 AM EST we expect to have approximately four hours of downtime. This also means that some ranks that were purchased in the last day or two will be removed and you will need to submit a support ticket to receive them back. If you lose your rank from these database migrations you can expect to have it back within the next day.


This will be a fairly long post outlining our recent upgrades and my plans for the GotPvP Network as a whole over the next couple of months. I promised a while ago that we would do our best to increase transparency with the community for future plans, so hopefully this announcement will provide satisfactory information for all. I ask that if you are a veteran or long term player you read this post in its entirety and do not skip sections. There are multiple aspects of important information listed below.


GotPvP is currently undergoing one of the largest upgrades it has ever seen on a network wide level. We are changing the entire infrastructure to be fully integrated, seamless, and professionally manageable from top to bottom. The main changes that you will see as a user are interface updates, so that every command and plugin you use in game is more user friendly, aesthetic, and some will even have increased functionality as well. Approximately 90% of the changes and upgrades will be things you can't easily see as a player though, so keep that in mind when considering the time and effort that went into this upgrade. I expect this particular system to drastically improve time of development and updates to existing servers in the future.

In this desire to improve you will also notice we have changed the website design. We are still working on it, but I think most of the community agrees it is a positive change.

This is also the reason for extended downtime the past two days. We have been moving to another data center in a new city in order to provide an even higher tier of service to our players. The new data center should allow better global ping / latency for the majority of our players, and it also gives us a chance to reorganize and improve some of our network infrastructure on a hardware level.

I expect the new infrastructure update to be fully live on at least one server in the next couple of weeks. It is...
Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: bailey6000 - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: bassmont - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: katia145 - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: acearthur - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: pandawhirl - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: miss_nips - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: jhinstalock - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: elliotisgod - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: tf2_spy_ - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: leoultra - $25 Coupon

The network is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance, that of which should be completed when this post is 4-5 hours old. All game servers will be unable to be joined during this time, no rollbacks or loss of data will occur.

Update: Hoping to be finished around 5 PM EST. We've run into a lot of little problems that cause long delays, but everything should be up and running soon.


The physical server that our Factions game mode is hosted on was scheduled for network maintenance last night by our data center. The scheduled downtime was supposed to last only an hour or two and be during the lowest peak times of 3 to 5 AM, but there were unexpected issues, and it has been extended much longer than they anticipated. There is not much I can do right now to fix it and this added delay occurred while I was not awake, so I was not able to inform the community right away.

Current expectations for the server to be finished with maintenance are approximately 2 to 4 hours from right now. It could be sooner but those are the anticipated time frames. Please note that this is purely a networking maintenance change and no data on our server will be affected (no roll back, no backups, no loss of anything).

I apologize for this inconvenience and recognize that this is unfortunate for everyone involved, but these things do happen with technology, and I kindly ask for your patience and understanding as our host resolves the issue.


The Skyblock server is ready to reset tomorrow at 6 PM EST! You can view a countdown timer here. The server has been meticulously set up by our lovely staff members and we have some awesome new features to bring you with this update.

Features / Changes
  • New spawn
  • New island schematics
  • Server updated to 1.11
  • Ore generator added
  • Island teamchat
  • Island level displays in chat
  • Casino prices updated
  • Mob spawners give island points
  • Tons of new challenges
  • NPCs for Island Top at spawn
  • Updated economy pricing
  • Updated key rewards
  • Upgradeable spawners
  • Nether portals working
  • Fancy scoreboards
  • GUI based /shop
  • GUI based /playershops
  • NPC merchants at /warp shop
  • Machine blocks (automated blocks that perform tasks)
  • Multiple island sethomes for ranked players
  • Blocks in chests count towards island level
  • New block limits per island

Hope to see you all online tomorrow when it goes live! We've put a lot of effort into making this the best Skyblock reset yet and I'm certain you'll all enjoy the features we have added.

Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: muhaii - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: jhinstalock - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: bassmont - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: elliotisgod - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: roksard - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: pandawhirl - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: dogwhirl - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: mcmmo_king - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: miss_nips - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: amlacher - $25 Coupon

In less than two hours we will be launching Season 2 of Factions. The features and updates for Season 2 will be outlined below, and the winners for Season 1 will be listed at the bottom.

Features / Changes
  • Season 2 - 90 days, $3000 prize pool for top 5 Factions
  • New spawn, custom warps, and KOTH in spawn pvp
  • Spawner prices increased, a few other item price changes as well
  • Natural spawners removed from over world
  • Mob Bosses updated
  • Custom Enchantments updated
  • Upgradeable Spawner system added
  • Creepers now drop TNT instead of gunpowder
  • Cobble generation buckets added, can be found in raid merchant
  • Power limit per player increased to 40
  • Colored name tags to designate Faction ally / enemy / etc
  • Wilderness regeneration updated
  • Meteor Crates added back
  • Player Health bar below their name tag added
  • /f permissions - allows you to set permissions per player
  • /f warp - set faction warps, limited to 5 per faction
  • /shop - fully GUI based shop and shop specific merchants at spawn
  • /warp - now shows a GUI menu for all warps
  • /kit starter - added several items to improve default supplies

Season 1 Faction Top Winners
Edit: A mistake was made for 5th place and has been updated.

Congratulations to all winners. You can PM me with your PayPal details to receive your prize money. Huge thank you to all that participated in our first competitive Factions map and best of luck on Season 2!