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Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: bladeofdoom1444 - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: jhinstalock - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: pandawhirl - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: x_rabrael_x - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: mcthill - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: miss_nips - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: deaconho - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: dialticopvp - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: aqimcrafty - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: evilsnowman68 - $25 Coupon

This post is to announce our 75% Off Christmas Sale that is now live in our webstore. Everything from ranks to keys is now 75% off and will remain so from today until a few days after Christmas. If you are unable to upgrade your rank because of purchase pre-EULA just send me a PM directly with your IGN and current rank so I can fix it for you.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Update: Maintenance complete as of 1:00 AM EST. Finished an hour early!


Just a brief announcement that the Factions server will have scheduled maintenance tonight from approximately 12 AM EST to 2 AM EST. During this time you will be unable to log into the server. Nothing with be lost, no roll back, and no reset. Just regular maintenance to the server.

Update: We are very close to finishing everything but it won't be ready today. I'm going to create a reset countdown timer and aim for 2 PM EST during our peak player count hours. Apologies for the inconvenience but I hope you're all hyped to see this reset we've put together!

Countdown timer!


Just a small announcement that the Prison reset has been delayed. We were hoping the build team (the second one...) would finish earlier, but they took a while to complete the project and we're just now getting everything set up. I'd rather take our time and do this properly than rush the reset out today and have a bunch of issues. I know this is frustrating for some of you and trust me, it is for me as well, but delaying the reset is the best course of action. We still hope to have the reset launched this weekend the only thing left to determine is if it will be Saturday or Sunday.

I will edit this post with an update once we get closer to finalizing everything with a countdown timer for the reset. Thank you for your patience and I hope you all enjoy this new reset :)

Update: The issue has been fixed. You should now receive ranks automatically for all future purchases.


Just a quick announcement to inform players that Buycraft has been having severe issues on their back end for a few days and we do not currently have any time estimation for when it will be fixed. This means that if you purchase a rank and do not receive it you will need to PM me and I will adjust it for you manually. I apologize for this inconvenience but there isn't much we can do on our end besides wait for Buycraft to fix their problems.

Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: miss_nips - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: jhinstalock - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: thorgoez - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: x_rabrael_ - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: felico81 - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: pandawhirl - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: deaconho - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: bassmont - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: dialticopvp - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: mcthill - $25 Coupon

The beta for our Factions reset has gone smoothly and allowed us to find quite a few bugs and issues to correct before the final version is released tomorrow. Many thanks to the players that participated and sent reports to us so we were able to fix everything. Below you can find a countdown timer for the exact time we plan to launch the Season 1 reset. Currently I believe this time will be accurate, but there is always a small chance of delay so keep that in mind.

Countdown Timer: https://goo.gl/lYLcAc


On this thread you will find information regarding the upcoming resets for both Factions and Prison. Please read the entire thread before commenting or asking questions below as it may already be answered.


The reset is set to go live on December 2nd, approximately 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT), but time is of course subject to change and is not guaranteed based on many variable factors. We will be having a Live Beta for the Factions reset from November 30th to December 1st lasting approximately 48 hours for players to get on the server, see what it's going to be like, and report any initial bugs / glitches / issues that they encounter. Note that the live beta is just a preview and will not count towards the full reset at all, and everything will be wiped after the beta period. We will then use the next day before the final reset to fix any of these issues and fully reset on December 2nd.

Here you can find a list of changes and important features for this reset:
  • Factions Tournament, $3000 Prize Pool, more information can be found here
  • 20 Chunk Wall Buffer rule has gone into effect; any rule breaking will get your base wiped
  • 30 players per Factions, 30 power per player
  • Overworld border set to 15k, End set to 4k, and Nether set to 4k
  • End world has flat bedrock at Y0 and end stone from Y1 to Y60
  • Entities passing the world border become void to prevent some glitch based raiding
  • Anti freecam protection added so players cannot freecam cegg easily
  • Top 5 Kills NPCs located at spawn
  • /f sell chest (new command that enables you to sell the contents of a chest while looking at it)
  • Bedrock durability set to 250
  • Voting, Premium, and Legendary keys have all been buffed appropriately
  • Lava now explodes to prevent wall regeneration defenses
  • Minecarts disabled
  • Nether portals disabled
  • Death tax removed
  • Alt accounts...

Legacy Ranks have received their previously announced buffs, and I want to quickly outline some of the most important changes. All of the rank information is now listed on Buycraft so you can see exactly what you get with each rank.
  • Armor across all kits have been drastically improved
  • Amount of blocks per kit have been increased for all ranks
  • Amount of potions / apples per kit have been increased for all ranks
  • Instant XP levels are now given to each rank (/redeemrank <rankname>)
  • Instant mcMMO credits are now given to each rank (/redeemrank <rankname>)
  • Each rank can claim the XP levels and mcMMO credits of the ranks before them
  • The mcMMO credits and XP levels carry over between server resets
  • Vault storage has been added to Emperor rank (/vault)
  • Secondary Vault storage has been added to Deity rank (/vault 2)
  • New perks, commands, and improvements for Creative
  • Prices for each rank have been reverted to original
  • Black Friday Sale 70% Off is now live, our largest sale ever, lasts until November 27th
As always thank you for continuing to support GotPvP and I hope these changes make the donor community happier and more content with what they receive as perks on our network. We certainly love all our players, but we are glad to recognize those of you that help us keep paying the bills.


Pay attention and read this entire post because it's going to contain a lot of information regarding resets and updates for the next couple of weeks. I will also be including a small explanation about the upcoming rank changes for Legacy Ranks that I know a lot of players have been requesting, so again, make sure you read the entire document.


As polled and confirmed by the community the Prison 1 and Prison 2 servers will merge, and an OP Prison server will be created to replace P2. This will be happening in approximately two to three weeks, and we aim to have Prison fully updated and reset by December 1st. Many factors will be dependent on how soon the new map is finished, but it should definitely be done by the first week of December and in time for your holiday breaks. I don't want to release much information on the update yet, but rest assured changes are coming as well as some new content. OP Prison will be quite different from our Classic Prison and we expect a new player base to emerge on this game mode separate from the original, and it should be launched on the same date.


Now this is where things get interesting. I've had an idea for a while now to recruit more competitive Factions players, and the best way I can think of is to hold a tournament with cash prizes. That being said we will be adopting the 'Season' based resets that have become popular on Factions. The season will last for 90 days and the goal will be to raid, get rich, and get on top of the Factions leader board as fast as you can. This reset will mark the beginning of Season 1, and the prizes at the end of the first season will be for the top 5 Factions to receive cash rewards. This means that if your Faction is in the top 5 on /f top at the end of the season you will receive a tournament prize in real money, not a store coupon, paid out via PayPal or Bitcoin.

As I'm...