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In less than two hours we will be launching Season 2 of Factions. The features and updates for Season 2 will be outlined below, and the winners for Season 1 will be listed at the bottom.

Features / Changes
  • Season 2 - 90 days, $3000 prize pool for top 5 Factions
  • New spawn, custom warps, and KOTH in spawn pvp
  • Spawner prices increased, a few other item price changes as well
  • Natural spawners removed from over world
  • Mob Bosses updated
  • Custom Enchantments updated
  • Upgradeable Spawner system added
  • Creepers now drop TNT instead of gunpowder
  • Cobble generation buckets added, can be found in raid merchant
  • Power limit per player increased to 40
  • Colored name tags to designate Faction ally / enemy / etc
  • Wilderness regeneration updated
  • Meteor Crates added back
  • Player Health bar below their name tag added
  • /f permissions - allows you to set permissions per player
  • /f warp - set faction warps, limited to 5 per faction
  • /shop - fully GUI based shop and shop specific merchants at spawn
  • /warp - now shows a GUI menu for all warps
  • /kit starter - added several items to improve default supplies

Season 1 Faction Top Winners
Edit: A mistake was made for 5th place and has been updated.

Congratulations to all winners. You can PM me with your PayPal details to receive your prize money. Huge thank you to all that participated in our first competitive Factions map and best of luck on Season 2!


Today marks the 4th anniversary of GotPvP. Four years ago today in 2013 we first opened GotPvP to the public as a single Factions server. We weren't a network yet and we peaked 10 players on the first day. Needless to say we have grown exponentially since then and have evolved into an expansive network, and we truly have the players and community to thank for this.

As always we will be running an anniversary sale, and the shop will be 75% off for the next week, which will also nicely cover the time periods for Factions and Skyblock resets.

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of GotPvP so far. Regardless if you've been here four years or if today is your first day, I am genuinely thankful to everyone that has made this community possible.


Factions Season 2 will launch on March 3rd at 6 PM EST - you can view an exact countdown timer here.

The server will be taken down on the evening of March 2nd so we can calculate the /f top winners. Make sure to have all of your spawners placed in your claimed territory at this time and all hidden wealth accounted for, or you may miss out on your full valuation. There will be no recounts and no appeals if your Faction is disqualified from the top winners. We have been carefully tracking which Factions obtained their spots legitimately and which did not. Winners will be announced after Season 2 is live and will be posted here on the forums for all to see. Winners will then be messaged on the forums for their payment details for the prizes to be sent. Faction leaders will receive the full sum of their prize and will be in charge of distributing the winnings to their members. If your Faction leader scams you that is not my problem and I will not send you funds directly as a member of a Faction that won.


Our in game /adshop has been wildly popular so far, and we hope to continue seeing growth and success through this platform. As such we have made quite a few updates recently and I'd like to highlight some of them below.

  • Limit increase - You can now watch up to 500 ads per day per account
  • More rewards - You now receive 1 token + 1 vote key (per 50 views), so you can earn up to 500 tokens and 10 extra vote keys per day with ease. Just set up an auto refreshing extension in your web browser and load your ad link on a 95 second refresh timer
  • More /adshop items - Added GTA ranks and weapons, Prison plots, and Skyblock island expansions
  • Better stat tracking - Improved statistic tracking and weekly automated rewards
  • Price reduction - We have lowered the prices of all items in the /adshop to make them more accessible

Do keep in mind that if you own multiple accounts you can watch ads on all of them. Just go in game on each account, grab the ad link for that account, and load it into your browser.

This week's change log contains only a few updates as we've been working hard to get Faction's ready for the upcoming reset. The Faction's reset is currently planned for March 3rd around 6 PM EST. There is also an update coming for the Skyblock server that will feature a full reset, and we hope to have it done around the same time, but as always we expect some delays so I will post more information on that when we have it.

  • Brewing stands can now be exploded
  • Brewing stands now allow sand stacking
  • Enderman spawners added to /f top valuation
  • Fixed BossEggs not giving keys
  • Wilderness restore has been fixed and confirmed working
  • Faction's relations are now fixed and have the proper limits
  • Can now block players from renting mines with /mine block <player> and /mine unblock <player>, also shows blocked players in /mine info
  • Fixed blocks to auto inventory in the player mines
  • Fixed top guild NPC's at spawn
  • The old creative server will be shut down at the end of February, please move your builds to the new server
  • Fixed gamemode 3
  • Added 1.11.2 support
  • Can no longer go below Y0
  • Disabled potions
  • Limited /flyspeed

As I said this change log isn't very large as we have two major resets coming up soon and have been working on those with all our efforts. Expect to see some awesome changes for our Season 2 Faction's map and the upcoming Skyblock revamp as well.

Note: No alternative Faction or Faction member that used another Faction's land, items, money, etc will be eligible for top rewards. You will not bypass this and you will not be able to argue that you obtained that wealth on your own. So if that is your plan to sneak into the top 5 or to create an alternate Faction I suggest you abandon that idea now as we have been keeping track the entire season.

This thread will be a simple guide on how to use the new advertisement platform to earn tokens and keys. Tokens can be spent on everything that is in our web store, so you can earn all types of ranks, keys, and more from the in game store. Watch videos, earn tokens and keys, spend tokens in game for free ranks and more!

If you can't ever seem to get ad videos please read these two explanations --

  • If you are inside the USA -
  • Ad campaigns (the companies that pay to have videos displayed to users) are not paid to run in all countries, and even in the USA they are not ran in all regions. For example if a company based out of Florida wants to market their product and they generally only sell to people in Florida, then they certainly aren't going to pay to have the advertisement displayed to every state in the USA, and especially not rural states like the mid west region. This means that just because a campaign is active in one area of the USA does not mean it is active in all areas, and if you are located outside of the active region you will not receive the advertisement for it. In this scenario you are treated the same as any other user outside of an active campaign range and I would recommend that you use a VPN from a popular city in the USA in order to watch your videos daily.

  • If you are outside the USA -
  • Ad campaigns (the companies that pay to have videos displayed to users) are not paid to run in all countries. If a company wants to promote a product that they have only ever sold in the USA they have to know their market, and chances are they don't want to pay for views from users all around Europe, Asia, and Australia. This means that even though there are active campaigns at all times they probably will not be available in your country. I would estimate that 95% or more of all campaigns purchased are only ran in the USA. It can be worth investing a few dollars into a good USA VPN so you...
Update: System is being rolled live today. You can read more about it by clicking here.


Quite recently it has become popular to offer players free ranks, keys, and other items via token purchase on many server networks. Tokens are obtained by watching short advertisement videos, and are a great system for players that cannot afford to purchase with real money. Essentially we have partnered with an advertising company called Playwire that is now popular among some of the top networks, and we will soon have a system in place for you to purchase anything on our web store via tokens, for free, just by watching some advertisement videos.

Would you guys be interested in this system? We plan to implement it in the next couple of days and run some beta tests. There will be a few simple steps to how this works:
  • Use a command in game to receive your personalized advertisement link
  • Open the link in your web browser and view the advertisement
  • Once the advertisement is complete your account will receive 1 token per video
  • You can then open the in game shop and spend your tokens on the desired items
There will also be a fairly sophisticated web panel where you can track your statistics for the system. So you will be able to view how many advertisements you've watched, how many tokens you've earned, how many tokens you've spent, and a complete transaction history for everything purchased through the token system.

As I currently understand it the platform has some limits in place to prevent user abuse, and each account is limited to approximately 100-150 views per day. Note that I said account, not IP, as the system is based off of UUID for Minecraft accounts. This means that if you have alternate accounts you can view more advertisements per day by using multiple UUID links. There is also a 60 second cool down timer between...

The Creative server update went pretty smoothly so far, but we still have a few bugs to iron out with permissions settings and a few things that are missing. As a whole though the server is up and running well. Note that we still have the /oldcreative server online which you can access via the Hub, and a thread has been posted showing you exactly how to move your plot from the old server to the new one, which you can read here. Just follow those instructions step by step and you will have your plot on the new server!

A few features of the new server include the following:

  • New spawn
  • Fancy new roads
  • Updated Spigot to 1.11
  • Updated all plugins to latest versions
  • Updated and fixed /disguise plugin
  • Updated PlotSquared and added /plot download
  • Updated /trails and /emotes plugin as well as other cosmetics
  • Plots are now 200 x 200, double the size of the previous map
  • Plot merge command should now be working properly for all players
As previously stated there are still a few bugs to iron out, but please just report them to moderators or admins in game and we will get them taken care of over the next couple of days.

Thanks and enjoy!

This change log just contains the miscellaneous bug fixes and updates that we've completed since the last one was posted. No real focus here as we accomplished a lot of server updates in this time period so they are spread out over the whole network. You can find all changes below and any questions just post and I will do my best to answer them.

  • Patched main sources of lag, now running optimally
  • Lag clears now clear zombies and skeletons
  • Fixed /f top not updating factions
  • Fixed Kill Top signs not updating
  • Emperor can now use /vault
  • Added /vault 2
  • Wilderness restore is now working
  • Pork and grilled pork added to /sellall
  • CombatTag is now working in the end
  • Limited lottery tickets to 20
  • /staff plugin removed by staff request
  • Blocked various commands that needed patching
  • Disable minecarts
  • WorldGuard disable minecarts to be placed/interacted with
  • /help command given permission for all players
  • Created kit starter for all to use with 1 hr cooldown
  • Updated emotes with new version hiding staff members
  • Added /chatcolor
  • /spawnentity now has a cooldown
  • Emperor can now use /vault
  • Added /vault 2
  • Fixed donor mines not working on OP Prison
  • Updated emotes with new version hiding staff members
  • Baron now has essentials.workbench permission
  • Added the nether and the end worlds for Free
  • Worldborders set to 5k in the nether and 2.5k in the end
  • Added /chatcolor
  • Pet internal error patched
  • Emperor can now use /vault
  • Can now type /plot remove
  • Permissions for worldedit should now be fixed.
  • WorldEdit is now fixed on plots
  • Votechests moved to new spawn
  • Fixed SilkSpawners
  • Helper+ can use /realname
  • Limited lottery tickets to 20
  • Added island expansions to the store
  • King+ now 100% drop spawners
  • Updated emotes with new...

This is a reminder to all players and staff regarding bug reports and issues. If there is a game breaking bug or serious issue in game please PM me directly with as much detail as possible and I will do my best to get it resolved quickly. This is the best way to get bugs fixed as it doesn't have to go through a chain of command, and I do not mind when people PM me bugs directly, so please do not be afraid to contact me regarding this. To send me a PM you can click here and start the conversation. Any screenshots, videos, or detailed explanations of the bug as well as the server it is occurring in are very helpful.