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Survival will be enduring a full reset within the next few weeks. An exact date has not been chosen but expect it to be around the end of July or the first week of August. We've put quite a bit of work into this reset, new builds, new plugins, and many changes to our current setup to bring you what we believe will be the best Survival reset we've ever had. See the changes and notes below to get a better understanding of what is to come.

  • New spawn area has been built including the majority of “official” survival builds
  • Introducing the AreaShop plugin, for renting/selling regions
    Introducing the AuctionHouse plugin, currently on Factions if you wish to check it out with /ah
  • Added /warp SpawnTown - Which is a medium sized community with some rental shops, streets, and other more
  • Added /warp marketplace - A player based market (similar to the old /warp market) located within the spawn region; it will be using AreaShop, and allow for the rent time to be extended along with auto-clearing after it expires
  • Introducing /warp job - This will be a large location in which all players will have access to multiple mines, farms, and locations to sell specific items
  • Introducing ‘Job Ranks’ - These are essentially in game ranks based off of the economy. There will be 10 ranks total. Your in game rank will determine which mines/farms you have access to utilize at the job area. However, all sell areas will be available to everyone without restriction, allowing all players to sell items to the server. This is by no means the only way to earn money, there are public markets, /rg tp’s, public exp farms, etc
  • Added “a road to the wilderness” located off of the west side of spawn in which players can walk on a short path to the wilderness. There is also /warp wild and /wilderness for your convenience.
  • The ‘/warp shop’ will only be for purchasing items, not for selling. Selling to the server will be done at /warp job (In which has a wide...

The change log for this week contains many server wide bug fixes and new information release on upcoming resets, as well as some time estimates for when these resets will occur. Please read through the entire log before posting questions below. Also I would appreciate some honest feedback from the community regarding their opinion of these weekly posts; the change logs take quite a bit of effort and time to compile, so if the members really appreciate them and want to keep seeing them that would encourage us to continue.

  • More optimizations for lag and fixed one of the main crash causes
  • Factions Restore plugin fixed; wilderness and unclaimed land now regenerates to original state
  • Auction House plugin fixed
  • Farm crop growth and radius issues fixed
  • Added 10 minute cool down to /fix command for Champions
  • The /sellall glitch with redstone has been patched and is now working
  • Slime balls added to /sellall
  • Fixed an issue with /f fly in unclaimed land giving no fall damage
  • /spawner command removed
  • Removed the 5 block World Border protection
  • /homecoords plugin added
  • Broadcast tips with useful information are now automatic
  • World borders are now visible and less glitchy
  • Reset is approximately 3 weeks away
  • Premium Key plot rewards fixed to give multiple plots if you already owned one
  • Some crashing / other issues on Prison 2 fixed
  • Pigmen spawners in vote chests have been replaced with Guardian spawners
  • Crafting spawners disabled as it was never supposed to work in the first place
  • Reset is approximately 4-5 weeks away, more information to come
Kitpvp / Oppvp
  • Resets are approximately 2-3 days away, news post coming tomorrow or Wednesday with more information
  • Premium Key Drops should now spawn closer to the player’s Y position instead of on...
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This week's change log focuses on smaller fixes across a few different servers as well as news updates on some major resets. The most important things to mention are that Rank Quests have been added to the store, meaning you can obtain our Legacy Ranks of Noble through Deity in a EULA compliant manner, and the upcoming resets for Kit and OP PvP. Please note there is also a 40% off summer sale occurring in our store, so check it out while the sale lasts!

  • Lag spikes and intermittent crashes fixed
  • Auction House plugin changed to a very similar plugin, has a few bugs but we are working on it
  • mcMMO axes have been nerfed moderately as they were overpowered
  • Veinminer custom enchantment removed due to bugs
  • Lava sponges no longer work in enemy land
  • Factions relations errors fixed
  • Major update coming in the next month or so. No details yet should be announced next week.
  • Fixed a ton of small permission errors with default and donor ranks regarding plots, etc
  • Buycraft description of Prison perks edited to be accurate
  • Plots are available via Premium Keys
  • Warlord and higher ranks can now claim a plot as part of their rank perks
  • Roleplay and Plot chat fixed
  • Titan rank and above can now create shops as part of their perks
  • Fly permission issues fixed with all ranks
Kitpvp / Oppvp
  • Reset / Updates are slightly delayed. Expecting to launch by the end of the week if there are no more issues.
  • New rank prefixes with colors added to Elite through Champion
  • Rank Quests are live and can be purchased in the webstore
  • Legacy Rank upgrades added to the webstore
  • Pet removal permission issues fixed in all servers
  • Titan rank and higher can now create colored signs...

I just wanted to take a moment to quickly announce that we are having a 40% off sale in our web store for the summer. I do not have a specific date for when the sale will end, and it could end early, but we want to give back to our community for supporting us through these difficult times and many users have requested a larger sale. Now that the Rank Quests are live and our new system is stable I believe it is an appropriate time to launch a huge sale for our players to enjoy.

Important: If you are attempting to upgrade any of your existing ranks and the store says you cannot purchase the item you must send me a PM with your IGN and current rank, and I will fix the issue for you manually.


Rank Quests are now live in our store which can be found here. This post is going to teach you about Rank Quests, how to use them, and what exactly they do. Please read the entire post before asking questions in the thread below. I will ignore you if you ask a question that was answered in this thread, and probably roast you as well.

What are Rank Quests?

Rank Quests are a EULA compliant way to obtain our old Legacy Ranks (Noble through Deity) that have all of the old perks and kits that were in the original ranks. Many large networks and EULA compliant servers have begun implementing this method of selling ranks once Mojang approved it, and due to the large demand for a way to obtain permanent Legacy Ranks, we have decided to add them as well.

How do I obtain a Rank Quest?

Rank Quests must be purchased via the webstore at http://buy.gotpvp.com -- You can select them by going into the Menu, then Ranks, then Legacy Ranks. You will then pick the server you wish to receive your Rank Quest on, and then you will choose which Rank Quest you want to purchase, and the price will change accordingly based on the rank you want.

What happens when I purchase a Rank Quest?

When you purchase a Rank Quest you must be online and you will receive a piece of paper in your inventory. You then have to survive for a specified amount of time. If you are holding the piece of paper when the timer runs out you will be given the appropriate rank for the Rank Quest that you purchased. However, be aware this is a global event in order for it to be EULA compliant, so there is a chance that someone could kill you and take the quest item from you. If someone is able to kill you and they have the paper when the timer runs out they will be the ones to receive the rank. If you drop the paper or exit the PVP zone you will have to restart the quest from the beginning.

How much do...

This week's change log contains mostly changes for Factions and global updates for all servers. We are making progress on the Kitpvp update and I would say we are approximately 75% complete. We will try our hardest to have the updated ready by the end of the month but as you all know programming is a whimsical trade, and delays often happen. That being said the change log is much smaller for this week compared to last week as that one contained a few weeks worth of changes for the month. I don't want you guys to think we are making less progress than usual simply because this list is smaller, as that is not the case.

  • Creeper spawners now get dropped when mining if you have the permission
  • Auction House temporarily disabled due to an exploit
  • TNT Minecarts no longer destroy blocks to patch easy portal raiding
  • /f top updated further with some fixes and optimizations
  • /f fly no longer randomly kills players
  • /tntfill is now working for all ranks
  • Runes and custom enchantments enabled. We picked 11 to add so far that aren't very gameplay impacting
  • Runes now drop from mob's -- they are quite rare though so they will be expensive and time consuming to obtain
  • 2000 x 2000 World Border added to the End

Kitpvp / Oppvp

  • Update is still in progress -- New map is ready and setup is approximately 75% complete


  • /nick and colored nicks added to Challenger+ ranks
  • /delhome permissions fixed across a few servers
  • Buycraft tab added for duels and miscellaneous updates to the information displayed
  • FatKid enabled and back online. Skywars and HG fixed as well
  • Voting page at http://vote.gotpvp.com/ is now fixed and shows the top leaders of each month

In addition to these changes I would like to mention that Rank Quests will be added to our store soon at http://buy.gotpvp.com/ -- rank quests are essentially a EULA...

In our efforts to better communicate with our players I have decided to start posting change logs on a weekly basis. A change log is basically a log of what has been fixed / changed on the server in terms of bugs, development, and other issues. I will also include information about upcoming changes such as resets / updates for new servers. If this is something you like please comment below in the thread so we can get a better feel for community feedback. We believe this will better show the progress we are making and keep more players informed about what is happening in the day to day behind the scenes of GotPvP.

The main focus the past week has been fixing Faction bugs since the reset occurred, so that will be the bulk of this change log. Future change logs will most likely focus one server at a time as that's how we tend to do things.

  • The nether now spawns fortresses
  • /pstack changed to /potionstack and is working properly
  • Mob drop issues from AntiLootSteal fixed
  • Multiple /sethome permission issues for ranks fixed
  • Enderpearling outside the worldborder now instantly kills players
  • Command delays for various ranks fixed
  • /sellall added with most items (still adding to it expect completion soon)
  • You can now enemy, ally, truce and neutral factions
  • Premium keys buffed slightly with a super rare drop added
  • Premium keys bug patched and Players/Factions that abused banned/wiped
  • /f top now gets spawners in claimed land, faction bank, and faction members personal balances
  • TNT now gets removed above block Y 256 to patch roof raiding
  • Trade plugin added use /trade command same as last reset
  • NPCs to show off the top factions have been added to spawn
  • Sponges now have been reverted to 1.7 and also absorb lava
  • Offline raiding has been updated and fixed
  • Sugarcane growth rate and radius fixed
  • Casino is now setup at spawn, right click villagers to buy a drink and gamble
  • Beheading...
Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

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Update 2: Going to try and launch around 6 PM EST. Everything is almost finished and configured except for the in-game shop, so we will launch with a partially completed shop and add on to it over the first day or two while everyone plays. We'll get the important items added first and the miscellaneous items afterwards.

Planning to release this Friday, June 3rd, sometime in the afternoon EST.

Also added these two things to the list:

  • Primed TNT forcibly loads chunks for cannon improvements and raiding
  • /near command capped at 50 block radius


The Factions reset has been in the works for a while now, and we're getting very close to release. Usually we don't give out any information on a reset until it's ready, but given the circumstances we wanted to keep the player base informed and let them know what is happening. Yesterday the Factions server had some severe issues after we tried uploading a patch, and while we could possibly fix it with a few days time, we believe it is best to just leave it down for the time being and focus on the reset so everyone can start fresh. The reset was planned to come in a couple of weeks anyway, so we are just moving it up on our schedule and focusing all our efforts here for now. We expect the reset to be ready within a week, but possibly sooner.

That being said here is a feature list and change log for fixes / updates in the upcoming Factions reset:

  • Cannons fixed. This includes the east / west cannon issue as well.
  • /f fly - Command to allow players to fly in their own Faction territory. Will only work in claimed chunks.
  • /f fly - Will automatically be disabled if an enemy comes within 50 blocks of your claim.
  • /f top - Custom Factions Top command. Will show the wealthiest Factions leader as an NPC at spawn too.
  • /f playerpower - Allows you to sort Faction members and see who has what power levels.
  • /tpa- Now shows the original name, not...