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7/18/2016 Change Log and Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jul 18, 2016.

By Saito on Jul 18, 2016 at 7:14 PM
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    We missed last week's change log update so this one will contain two weeks worth of updates and fixes. Most are centered around Kitpvp and Oppvp as those were the servers reset and updated during this time period. Many changes were made after the initial launch to better improve gameplay, fix bugs, and balance the kits. We are still accepting suggestions and ideas for these servers so if you have any feel free to make a thread or post below.

    • Fixed an issue with players being able to stack potions more than the limit
    • Bank Notes maximum withdrawal increased to 5 million
    • Faction member limit is now set to 25
    • Fixed an issue with /f fly when leaving claimed land
    • Added many useful pet related commands
    • Legendary Chests now available
    • Reset is approximately 10-14 days away. We are aiming to have everything live by August 1st, but as you are aware delays can occur
    Kitpvp / Oppvp

    • Experience bottles price reduced
    • Kit changes and balances to make the game more fair
    • Old donor ranks converted to new ranks
    • /pstack added
    • Potion prices in /shop reduced
    • /chest added to /shop for 5000 coins
    • Top Guild NPCs added to spawn
    • Fixed a bug of gaining coins from killing yourself
    • Fixed people combat logging by jumping out of the map
    • /feed added to Titan rank and above
    • Vote rewards buffed
    • Coins added to vote rewards - 100 coins per key + items
    • Guild points system live
    • Removed /fix command from donor ranks as they were never supposed to have it
    • Added /repairhand command, costs 500 coins per use and is available to everyone
    • You can now stack potions up to 64
    • Added Legendary Chests
    • Added Legendary Chests

    The focus over the next few weeks will be finishing the Survival reset, fixing any bugs and appropriate changes after it is live, and then getting straight to work on Skyblock. We know Skyblock was originally supposed to come first and we apologize for the delays, but I promise it is coming, and I promise it will be great. Other than these we will still be focusing Kit and Op as well to finish polishing the game modes.

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jul 18, 2016.

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    1. Mystified305
      Nice update
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    2. Firestrike1
      So I'm assuming that FactionsTax is not going to be added, right?
    3. DonutHole48
      Wait, u removed /potionstack, and we can now stack to 64 with /pstack again? I HOPE, PLEASE SAY YES! OR ATLEASELET US STACK TO 64, BUT DAMAGE POTS KEEP THE 12 LIMIT!
    4. Lagunas
      Survival hype
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    5. Frank_Da_Snipa
      Hope I can get back to the server soon!
    6. Firestrike1
      U banned?
    7. Frank_Da_Snipa
      Not for something bad, read my sotry at the ban appeals
    8. BeasT
      Factions: You need to
      fix that bug with cannoning not going to mention it in public
      Add /craft to make crafting tnt easier.
      Decrease the iron golem price to 2 million from 7 million
      Stop players from taking knockback from tnt explosions (they get you kicked in certain cases or send you flying)
      Still need to disable /spawner from working in non friendly territory(your admins said they did)
      Increase the hopper take In limit to maybe 16 items at a time to stop farm items from building up on the hoppers and causing lag.
      Ensure faction banks work.

      If this can be done by next update you have yourself a functioning factions server which would be more fun to play on.
    9. AsianYoshii
      Wait if /potionstack removed and /pstack was re added no ranks cant stack pots anymore?
    10. BeasT
    11. EmmetDash
      Yay!!!! I don't have to relog to avoid death when leaving my claim!!! 2 deaths to late, but yay!
    12. DonutHole48
      OMFG saito! u said u added pstack back! u LIED BRO
      its not back! all we have is that CRAPY /potionstack command!
    13. Frank_Da_Snipa
      @DonutHole48 it takes a long time for @Saito to make changes and updates to your guys' wants and complaints, especially when updates need to be made to all game modes on the server. Give the owner time to make hanges, you would rather have an update that fixes everything even if it takes a while than rather having multiple changes including bugs that need to be fix. Be patient for the future updates... Do not worry, your request of /pstack will come.
    14. DoubleClickinq_
      wait, can you stack over 12 potions on kitpvp and oppvp? i hope, because everyone wants that to be fixed
    15. Josh
      Yeah, no.
      The higher ups had been promising the reset for skyblock since before I became staff in January. The truth is, is that you don't care about skyblock, and you never did. We had everything ready for the reset since March time. Your replies to our consistent pleas to reset the server was "Duels and Kit are first", which is fine, but then factions came out of nowhere, and then a further 3 / 4 months down the line, you still have no reset date planned for skyblock. Skyblock is dead, we needed the reset before the EULA blacklisted GotPvP, but again, you didn't care for our pleas.
      If skyblock gets reset within the next 6 months, which is unlikely due to how slow you actually work and get around to resetting things, then it'll be around for 6 months, and die completely. Look at the current playerbase, there's about half a dozen regular players, and then the rest usually come online once, realise how laggy it is, and leave.
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    16. EmmetDash
      A general rule is "always take care of your money makers first".
    17. Cocanutty
      /wbench m8
    18. EmmetDash
      He means /tnt to automatically craft the tnt.
    19. Poppy
      Do you have to buy legendary keys?
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