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8/08/2016 Change Log and Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Aug 9, 2016.

By Saito on Aug 9, 2016 at 6:43 PM
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    The change log post for today covers the past two weeks. The main focus of these two weeks has been polishing up Survival with tweaks and fixes, as well as launching the new Skyblock reset. Both resets have been well received by the community and we are continuing to develop on them and make changes to improve your game play experience. Please note that our Summer Sale at 50% Off is still running, but may be taken down without notice pending announcements from Mojang regarding future EULA changes.

    • Mob stacker poll on forums here
    • Falling blocks removed from lag clears
    • mcMMO was broken for a day, but got fixed quickly
    • Pumpkin prices reduced to $2 to match other crop prices
    • Removed the multiple sell signs in shop and made one single sell-all sign
    • Players no longer take knockback from explosions to improve raiding
    • Spawner drop chance from explosion increased from 10% to 50% to improve raiding
    • Disguises added
    • Kit balances to improve the economy
    • Keys buffed post launch, rewards are now much better
    • Removed auto crop replant
    • You can now craft spawners with eggs and iron bars
    • Added the AntiLag plugin from Factions to improve performance
    • Full reset has occurred with many changes that can be found here
    • Tweaks and changes continue to improve game play and performance
    Kitpvp / Oppvp
    • Fixed a bug when purchasing regen potions
    • Added fire resistance potions to shop
    • Fixed an issue with players not being able to use commands on the minigame servers
    • Added cool down to /fix for Champions to match the Deity rank

    The next server to get some love and attention will be Duels. We have a ton of new maps, some plugin updates, and quite a few other changes coming. Also keep in mind our new anti cheat is still running on the server and getting better every day. We are not automatically kicking or banning any players right now so it won't affect your game experience, but it will be there to collect data to further improve the plugin. Eventually we hope to get it to a point where it is accurate enough to automatically handle many moderation tasks.



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Aug 9, 2016.

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    1. Mystified305
      The only server that is never on here is creative xD
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    2. Asymmetrically
    3. DrPvper
      Thanks for workin hard
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    4. DonutHole48
      <33 duels needs luv and u gave it some
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    5. Danii
      Would have been nice to get notice for the skyblock reset 1-2 weeks even a couple days before hand like you do with every server. Kinda seems like you just wanted to get skyblock of your plate and not deal with the players anymore.
    6. Saito
      Skyblock reset was continuously announced in these change logs. Go back and look through them over the past month.
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    7. Adrien/Skimtar
      +1, factions taking a w
    8. Mechy
      The worst server ;^)
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    9. Deity
      When are you fixing leaderboards @Saito
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    10. Mystified305
    11. Danii
      Taken from 7/18 change log

      • Reset is approximately 10-14 days away. We are aiming to have everything live by August 1st, but as you are aware delays can occur

      Your only mention of skyblock no date, no time frame no notice just this

      The focus over the next few weeks will be finishing the Survival reset, fixing any bugs and appropriate changes after it is live, and then getting straight to work on Skyblock. We know Skyblock was originally supposed to come first and we apologize for the delays, but I promise it is coming, and I promise it will be great

      The following change log 7/25
      • Very good progress completed on the reset. Should be ready for Friday :)
      Skyblock has no section and is not mentioned

      Best part, not even the staff team knew you were updating the server so that they could test and find bugs. Out of the blue you reset the server, and left everyone in chaos.

      Doing things like this makes it seem that you don't have a care for the skyblock community that once again you rolled out the reset to shut us up.
    12. Saito

      From 7/18/2016 Change Log

      "The focus over the next few weeks will be finishing the Survival reset, fixing any bugs and appropriate changes after it is live, and then getting straight to work on Skyblock. We know Skyblock was originally supposed to come first and we apologize for the delays, but I promise it is coming, and I promise it will be great."

      From 7/04/2016 Change Log

      "As said above there are quite a few resets planned in the next month or so. We plan to fully reset Kitpvp, Oppvp, Skyblock, and Survival over the course of July and perhaps a week or two into August."

      When did we reset Skyblock again? Oh...right...the first week in August.

      From a thread regarding Skyblock


      It was said a dozen times or more that Skyblock will be reset a week or two after Survival. You're free to think whatever you want at this point it doesn't really matter. The reset is going well, the community enjoys it, and that's all I care about.
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    13. relic0110
    14. Danii
      My point is that for every server you reset you give constant updates, with skyblock it was kinda like bam k it's done. Like I said even the staff team wasn't aware. You should at least inform them, no?
    15. Deity

      I noticed you ignored my question about Duels Leaderboards, but I understand with all the posts it may have gotten lost in the fray and not registered on your radar.

      Nevertheless, I repeat: when will Duels Leaderboards be back up? It hardly makes sense to spend an inordinate amount of time/energy to revamp Duels, when (arguably) the PRIME motivation for playing that server is missing (getting your name up there, showing off stats, etc).

      Eagerly awaiting your reply.
      Thanks, as always.

    16. Saito
      Leaderboards will certainly return on the next Duels update.
    17. Deity
      Can't wait. Will we also have elo by our usernames without having to type "%"?
    18. Saito
    19. SonOfUrbana
      Saito ignore the cancerous posts and in game cancerous how do you handle all this stress just you need to like go abusive and ban the cancerous people lmfao
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