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Factions Reset Season 3

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jun 8, 2017.

By Saito on Jun 8, 2017 at 6:25 PM
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    Update 2: Launch planned for 2 PM EST tomorrow :)

    Unfortunately our developer is very sick right now and most likely will not be able to handle the launch today. We may be able to release later tonight, but if he's not able to get online we will need to push things back until tomorrow. I'm very sorry for this delay but sometimes health issues are just simply out of our control. The other bad news I have is that the build team we were relying on failed to produce the map we needed on time, so we will not have a new spawn for this map, and will have to use the same one from the previous reset :(

    Apologies, but I hope the new content in game will make up for these shortcomings.



    It's that time again! Factions will be resetting this Saturday at approximately 3 PM EST. We have a bundle of new changes mainly focused on improved game play mechanics, a new spawn, and some changes to the Faction size limits to increase competition. We will no longer be offering top faction rewards at the end of season for a multitude of reasons, but the main detractor would be the horrible competition and hatred it was bringing out in people. Players were literally DDOS'ing and Dox'ing each other over a competition in Minecraft and it's just not worth the drama. We hope to have an awesome reset with improved features and more automated content to keep things fresh and interesting without the toxicity of the last two resets.

    Edit: Decided to keep the prize pool but reduce it to $1000.

    Changes / Updates

    • $1000 Faction top prize pool
    • New Spawn
    • Decreased world size
    • Decreased Faction player limit
    • Decreased Faction power limit
    • Additional spawners to expand the economy
    • Advanced anti glitching plugin added
    • Stacked spawners plugin added
    • Automated KOTH (for real this time!)
    • Automated envoy drops in warzone
    • Updated custom enchantments
    • Updated Anti Cheat with less automated kicks
    • Updated Scoreboard with combat timers
    • Updated keys / crates system with better rewards
    • Updated Factions commands and features

    Faction Top Winners

    Winners can PM me on the forums with their PayPal email address in order to receive their payout. Faction leaders are in charge of distributing the funds they receive. Thank you to everyone that played on Season 2, and I look forward to seeing what Season 3 has in store for all of us. Let's make it fun, competitive, and as friendly as possible!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jun 8, 2017.

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    1. _crimsonn
      Will we get an explanation as to why we didn't win f top? I'd say good reset but it really isn't when the two most deserving factions by a mile get excluded... Ordinary dupes and they still get f top one but where are pajamas?
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    2. WebbyPlayz
      Congrats to all the winners
    3. Tunsta
      So excited for the reset! congratz to all the winners!
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    4. Hannan
      Ah, gg happy to have one first place with my man jhin <3. No prize money why :(. Why not alot of people played for the prize money ahh man. I don't think people want to play a season (3 months) without anything out of it. Waste of time in my opinion would be fun at first then just gonna get boring and less people are gonna play. Just my opinion :(. And it's way more competition with something to go after. The prize money, with drama it's sort of fun but, it could be shut down well i wish u add in prize money :(
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    5. NadN3rB
      Well done to all the winners. Bring on next season! Good luck everyone :p
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    6. SwordDusk
      Could people, like, grow up? Can you be anymore unproductive with your lives that you go around, DDOSing other people you'll probably never see in real life, over Minecraft, of all things?
    7. DeaconHo
      look forward to it!
      cya after exams :D
    9. Hannan
      DDosers the server always had ddoses. that's just bs right there
    10. Tunsta
      While I understand why you wouldn't want to have a prize pool for season 3 I think its mostly hurting the server for not having one [in my opinion]. Of course with or without a prize pool there will be DDOS'ing and Dox'ing [maybe not as large scale if there is no prize pool], but no prize pool will significantly hurt the player count... as hannan said for the first month or so it would be fun, but then there just wouldn't be any competition. I think even having a small prize pool [1000-2000$ instead of 3000$] would help the server player count [I'm pretty sure we offset the costs for the prize pool]. Looking forward to factions but I don't want it to die out after the first month or so.
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    11. Hannan
      yay someone agrees well said tuna <3 Prize money should be added in!
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    12. CWboy321
      keep price pool
    13. Kat
      Congrats all :p
    14. Tunsta
      also what is this decreased faction size... is it 10? 20 please elaborate
    15. Sydnnehh
      Congrats all, pretty sad to see that jhin made up some rumours about visionary not counting but look ;). Don't know why f top prize will be reduced as all servers have ddossers but that's saitos decision. I actually loved having f top prize be $3000 but rip ;(
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    16. chappell13
    17. chappell13
      Good reset guys, in all honesty Pajamas dominated. They attempted Java a total of 50+ times. Take out all the ddosing/doxing/salt they were a decent faction. GG.
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    18. DevonTheRealOne
      Wow! I really enjoyed this season :D I am hoping this next reset will be even better and improved. :D Thanks Saito!
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    19. DevonTheRealOne
      Im looking forward for Season 3! :)
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