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Skyblock Reset Announcement

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Urbanajlucas, Feb 3, 2018.

By Urbanajlucas on Feb 3, 2018 at 3:49 PM
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    Hey folks, As we near the end of our skyblock reset we would like to show everyone what this update will be made of. In short, we’ve fixed the old while revamping and introducing the new! We hope that y’all are excited as we are, here’s a list of the changes implemented.

    New Features:

      • We’ve introduced a second economy based off of emeralds. So, What can this be used for? The emerald economy will be the currency for upgrading trees. It will function like cash in the sense they can be deposited being held in one hand, withdrawn, and show up on the scoreboard. Our anticipation is that emeralds will be very valuable! So start saving!

      • Commands: /eshop <balance/deposit/withdraw>
      • Customized trees have been introduced to the game. They’ve been implemented as an alternative way of farming and spawn items around them! They can be bought with emeralds, and must be planted on grass. Careful, their roots run deep and once planted, can not be removed without being destroyed!
      • Wait what? Minions? No, Not the ones from despicable me but close. They’re essentially mini-versions of you designed to do three tasks: mining, farming, and hunting. Minions are only obtainable through crates but will be extremely common. Per island, only the island owner can access them, and they disappear until you return.

      • For each of the three categories there are 5 upgrades. You can change jobs anytime and not lose these upgrades. Their inventory by default has 18 slots, but likewise to most things with the minion, it can be upgraded!

      • Mining Upgrade: So, Place your minion adjacent or in the vicinity of a generator and let it get to work! Things like efficiency, fortune and the amount of different blocks he can mine is upgradable!

      • Farming Upgrade: Not into mining? Totally cool. Minions can be placed near crops and automatically farm them. There are abilities like the range, time between harvests, and crop yield percentage can be upgraded.

      • Hunting Upgrade: Want steak but don’t wanna get your hands dirty? Minions can also be used to hunt animals and or kill mobs within a certain area. Minions have a nifty sword with upgrades including sharpness, looting, and gained xp.
      • The traveling merchant, visits the spawn every 4 hours, and has various shop deals. But there’s a catch! Since he’s constantly on the run he can only stay for fifteen minutes each time!

      • The merchant has 3 deal categories. Economy buy/sell, emerald buy/sell, and a special deal!
      • This is a new command which will open a GUI with all the essential commands and functions needed.

      • Here you have quick access to the island commands, eshop, daily challenges, fishing, and island upgrades!
      • Each day you’ll have an objective to complete. Rewards for completing these objectives, at various difficulties will include cash, emeralds, items, and gcash!
      • Is that a fish?! Yes, yes it is. We’ve implemented a fully custom fishing plugin as a new way to get emeralds. This will be the most plentiful way to get emeralds, through fishing at docks which are found throughout spawn.

      • Catch and sell your fish to Fisherman Fred! The fish will fight back and have various strengths and difficulties.

      • As you catch more fish, your level increases unlocking better and more powerful fish
      • We’ve completely updated the skyblock spawn, throughout it there are various locations. Information boards are posted, perks, pvp areas, traveling merchant, shop buildings, and so much more!

      • Buildings at spawn will contain shop villagers in order to purchase items.

      • Spawn will also be welcoming a full time casino villager, straight from Las Vegas.

    Updated Features:

      • Our updated ore generator features 15 levels for customization. It will start with 100% cobblestone but is totally upgradable from there. Emeralds have been removed in place of lapis and diamonds.
      • What compliments 20 crushers per island best? 20 levels for upgrading, of course. To max out all of the crushers, it’s a mind boggling 4 billion dollars. But fear not! The lower upgrades aren’t so costly. By default, it will break one block every 25 seconds, but it can be upgraded to breaking one block every five seconds. This change was made to reduce hopper buildup and increase the design potential therefore.
      • To view the full limit changes, Go to /warp limits at spawn. The main change will be a piston limit of 250 to reduce massive redstone farms and encourage our other farming methods.
      • We’ve updated our starter islands, there are 5, each with a custom build. The five are: classic, snow, desert, nether, and dual!
      • Greenhouses have been fixed and will be fully functioning!
      • Kits and perks have been redone, all changes and updates are visible at /warp perks.
      • The economy has been redone, in general most things sell for a bit less yet cost more to purchase. Take advantage of the traveling merchant, the auction house, and player shops.
      • The auction house has an increased fee of $250. This will prevent spam of useless items and encourage valuable items to be put up for auction! After all, auctioning up items in the real world ain’t free.

      • Blocks in chests no longer count towards the island level.

      • Spawners now have a limit of 50 per island, non-upgradable, and iron golem + pigman spawners have been removed.

    Removed Features:

      • The command /shop has been removed, throughout spawn there are numerous individual shop vendors around spawn 24/7 selling the same items.
      • Unfortunately these guys have been removed. We’re aware that this may be upsetting to some of ya’ folks, but we’re trying to move away from auto selling and afking and move towards player shops and really working for your cash! And fear not! You can still warp to shops!
      • Challenges have been replaced with daily objectives.

    Our hope is that everyone will enjoy this skyblock update! Here’s all the information you guys need to know in a rundown. Please remember if you have any questions to reach out to a staff member! Thanks guys! :)


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Urbanajlucas, Feb 3, 2018.