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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, May 22, 2016.

By Saito on May 22, 2016 at 7:28 PM
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    We are releasing the new ranks available on the store in the next couple of days. The new ranks will be the following in order from lowest to highest:


    These ranks will be completely global, meaning they cover all of our classic servers, as well as our mini games and hub. The rank perks and command access have not been completely finalized yet so what you see on the store is subject to change. We currently have the rank prices all set to a test amount so no one buys them until they are ready. I would also like to inform you that our rank prices will be significantly cheaper than they were previously, ranging from $5 up to $125 for our highest rank, which is much cheaper than our old system.

    If you had an old rank, now called a Legacy Rank, you will not lose any of your perks or commands. We have made the Legacy Ranks available in game via the /rankshop command and you will be able to rent them in two week intervals with in game money. The amount cost for the ranks will vary by server as each game has a different economy, but they will be proportionately equal. If you rent one of the Legacy Ranks it will apply everywhere it used to apply for two weeks at a time.

    You will also find some new options on our store: Boosters, Key Drops, and Supply Drops

    These new purchase options have been implemented by a few other popular networks that are also complying to the EULA. These will be global events in each server that you can initiate with a purchase via our web store, and you can find more details about them by viewing the packages on our store.



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, May 22, 2016.

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    1. BlakPrism
      Saito, great job coming up with this new system. I know you and the devs work very hard so that we can all play a game. I hope that the support from donations continues to drive you to continue to support this community. My .02$, I think you would get a lot more support if Legacy ranks were buffed a little in some way or perks given to prior donors. I can see a bit of backlash as those who've spent upwards of $400+ already, see their perks watered down by the new system. Maybe there is more to come that is not listed. I understand and appreciate your compliance with the EULA and am happy to still have GotPvp to play on but I do see that as "subject of concern". Wish you the best, hope you understand what I'm trying to say.
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    2. SlayTheMan
      I have a question. I have Elite rn and that is 25 bucks and the new elite is 5 bucks. Is that a ripoff lol?
    3. Saito
      It really won't be watered down at all, trust me. Previous donors have nothing to worry about in terms of their ranks losing value.
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    4. SlayTheMan
      ok thx
    5. DeaconHo
      Saito, will the 50% off sale continue for this month? I am so hyped to get a rank.
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    6. CookiesAreEvil
      no rankshop in duels ;-;
      You should make it so you can trade elo for a temp rank in duels, that would be something that makes this server unique (the extra kb doesn't count)
    7. Mr_Huck_Me
    8. IIJordanC4II
      Announces /rankshop before adding it, nice.
    9. xZydon11
      @Saito so what about the three ranks currently on the hub. what happens to them? will people who have them get the new ranks equivalent?
    10. Aussify
      Thank you Saito. I like how Gotpvp is now improving.
    11. Lagunas
      Am confused am king but now i need to rent king to be king?
    12. killermankey
      no you will have it on all servers you had it for free. You wont need to rent.
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    13. Aussify
      If you buy the rank with real life money, you keep the rank for perm. If you buy it for in-game money, then you will have the rank for temporarily (2 weeks).
    14. Saito
      No...it's basically just a rank swap for those that already had it. Anyone who had a $25 mini game/hub rank before will get the new one that costs $25 in our store, so the name for their rank will change but the cost will stay the same, and they'll get a ton of new perks as well.

      Yes they will get an equivalent rank.

      No....you will have it permanently.
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    15. IrishSerpent
      Just wondering if having the "legacy" ranks obtainable in game via a soft currency Ella complaint then surely buying them on the shop with irk cash is now allowed considering you can obtain it in the game....?
    16. Funnytom118
      @Saito I'm currently Knight. When /rankshop comes out, what happens if I buy Deity from it. After the 2 weeks, will I get my original Knight rank back, or will that be wiped?
    17. _iMixxx
      By global, does that include GTA?
      Last edited: May 23, 2016
    18. Saito
      It is not allowed unfortunately.

      Yes after the two weeks are up you will be reverted to your original rank.
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    19. Swissmoney
      I have a legacy Earl Rank (permanent) and now I wanna buy an upgrade for king (for 2 weeks).
      Do I have to pay as much as someone who didn't had any rank at all?
      Or do I just have to pay for the difference?

      Kind regards

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