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Upgrades, Future Plans, and 70% Off Sale

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 3, 2017.

By Saito on Apr 3, 2017 at 9:42 PM
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    This will be a fairly long post outlining our recent upgrades and my plans for the GotPvP Network as a whole over the next couple of months. I promised a while ago that we would do our best to increase transparency with the community for future plans, so hopefully this announcement will provide satisfactory information for all. I ask that if you are a veteran or long term player you read this post in its entirety and do not skip sections. There are multiple aspects of important information listed below.


    GotPvP is currently undergoing one of the largest upgrades it has ever seen on a network wide level. We are changing the entire infrastructure to be fully integrated, seamless, and professionally manageable from top to bottom. The main changes that you will see as a user are interface updates, so that every command and plugin you use in game is more user friendly, aesthetic, and some will even have increased functionality as well. Approximately 90% of the changes and upgrades will be things you can't easily see as a player though, so keep that in mind when considering the time and effort that went into this upgrade. I expect this particular system to drastically improve time of development and updates to existing servers in the future.

    In this desire to improve you will also notice we have changed the website design. We are still working on it, but I think most of the community agrees it is a positive change.

    This is also the reason for extended downtime the past two days. We have been moving to another data center in a new city in order to provide an even higher tier of service to our players. The new data center should allow better global ping / latency for the majority of our players, and it also gives us a chance to reorganize and improve some of our network infrastructure on a hardware level.

    I expect the new infrastructure update to be fully live on at least one server in the next couple of weeks. It is designed as a core system and it will require a tremendous amount of time to refine, but once there it will be perfected, and we will have an awesome platform to build on for the future.

    Future Plans

    I want to maintain our position of focusing on classic game modes and refining them to perfection. I personally feel and I am certain the community as a whole agrees that the most recent Factions and Skyblock resets have been the best we've ever had. This is due to a tremendous amount of time and resources being poured into those updates, and we worked very hard to make them quality over quantity in terms of feature changes / additions. I want to continue this trend and make sure that each future server reset builds off of and improves from the previous version in a purely positive way.

    I will be pursuing aggressive advertising leading up to the summer months. I am in talks with some YouTuber's right now as well, and though an initial deal fell through for a potential Faction server series I am still seeing what can be done. Ideally by the summer I would like to be consistently back above 1000 players, and perhaps if we can strike a good YouTube deal we can get much higher than that. I firmly believe that GotPvP is at the best point it ever has been in terms of server quality and code behind everything. Following that I believe that a few solid advertisement opportunities combined with this upgraded core system will make everything better.

    If we do get a YouTuber recording some videos I may focus partial attention back to our own versions of Skywars / Survival Games / FatKid. Please note that the only condition I will pursue more mini game development under is if we have a YouTuber to record on them directly. It is just not a feasible market anymore for servers our size to grow mini games organically, and the time / resources are generally better spent elsewhere.

    70% Off Sale

    To apologize for the inconvenient downtime these past two days I will be adding a 70% off sale to the web store for about a week. All ranks, keys, items and more will be on available at 70% off starting just a few minutes after this post goes up.

    Thank you all for continuing to support GotPvP as I plan these upgrades and improvements. I know that once everything is complete and refined we will have something truly great to work with.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 3, 2017.

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    1. Aussie
      I'll apply for staff again if Skywars gets opened up. I wanna go back to my old skywars staff roots ;)

      Also.. please have an Australian server host. (My ping has been aids for 3 years)
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    2. Saito
      Adding an Australian proxy won't do anything but give you false hope unfortunately. You'd see your ping drop down to a tiny number, but in reality you'd still be connecting to our back end network in the United States.
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    3. Tuckda
      Sounds great Mr. Saito I would love to see a return of mini game culture, advertise away! The youtubing segment also seems like a very smart route too.
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    4. fliptom
      Alrighty Saito told people to respond even if its short

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    5. itsBware
      All looks great. Excited to see how things go!
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    6. Henryownsu
      Thank's for this information Saito. Thanks for the major upgrades and efforts staff team put into this transition! This will for sure benefit the staff team and the community positively and get the server more out there :D
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    7. DialticoPvP
      Personally, I really like the New Updates such as the website design and much more ! Hopefully , we will continue to see more Positive changes and make this a better place to be on! Keep up the good Work :p

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    8. Aubrey // Arcee ☀
      Aubrey // Arcee ☀
      ooooo, very excited, ps the wine is coming in 2 days
    9. Aussie
      yeah he's gonna give me staff when he's drunk again he told me
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    10. Tuckda
      What is this all it takes is some cheap beer and an ego smh
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    11. DeaconHo
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    12. oliver
    13. Nose_Pimple_

      I have to agree fully with all of the information that was posted in this thread! I am looking forward to seeing what staff will do to the other servers such as Survival, KitPvP ECT. ❤ Also thanks for the 75% off sale again!

      Survival and Skyblock Nub
    14. Stun_
      Nice job
    15. blakemake8
      Sounds great, looks great, is great. Thumbs up!
    16. EmmetDash
      Thank you and the staff for all the hard work you are doing! Keep it up!

      Also need to inject more player into survival. I think we could if there is an easier way to claim and still protects your claim (I don't think there is).
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    17. JonahDavidsonS
      Been Great to see the Server grow over the past 4 years. Good job Saito on your limitless efforts to make this server grow. Has been a really fun experience playing this server and hope it will continue to be even more fun in the future.
    18. xBloomy
      Pleaseeeeeeeee do it pleaseeeee, Us Aussies can't play :(
      :D :D :D
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    19. Bacon4Dayzz
      When Saito says no it's a no, seeing as he is in charge of the a server.

      Sound awesome, I cant wait for these upgrades to be fully completed!! :D
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