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Hey everyone!
Myself and the team are hyped as fuck to bring you guys another awesome map of prison. We have worked so hard for Season two to fix all the issues and bring you guys all the classic features you guys want. I really think you guys will enjoy this map.


(Please note Features added after this post was made will be marked in green)

We have added a new command that being ''/rankup (number)' using this command you're now able to rank up instantly to your chosen rank rather than typing the command 20+ times. For example, if you’re a do /rankup 10 it will add up the prices from a-j and make you rank J.

New anti looter plugin has been added, this will now mean when you kill a player ONLY you will be able to collect the dropped loot for 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds the loot will be free grabs for any other players.

On death players will now have a 70% chance on dropping there head, mobs will now also have a 3% chance of dropping a head.

Spawners have now been enabled, with this you can now mine spawners if you're a donor rank with a silk pick as well as also being able to now craft spawners by simply placing a mob egg in the middle surrounded by iron bars. Igs and creepers and zp will be disabled.

A new Global Event has been added! Introducing the Christmas tree, at spawn there will now be a christmas tree that you guys need to feed items in order to upgrade it. There are 4 levels of the tree each one making the tree grow bigger. Upgrading the tree is simple, when left clicking the tree you will see a message in chat with the items...
Hey everyone, we are back again with another awesome og style server this time with Survival. Myself and the other gay kid named James (oceanmotion) have been working super hard on this map to make sure it's as close to the old days as possible. Map 1.0 will open on...

Saturday, 16th November 2pm est

Change log

Region claiming
We know you guys hated that crappy gold shovel system that was done last reset so we have scrapped that idea and gone back to the old WorldGuard system. Each claim having a max volume of 3,000,000 blocks roughly 108x108x256. Players will have a long list of flags they can enable/disable in there own regions.

Default: 2
Freeman: 4

artisan: 5
merchant: 6
soldier: 8
aristocrat: 10
equestrian: 15
senator: 20
Caesar: 25

Region Flags

/region claim <region name>
/region addowner <regionname > :<username>
/region addmember <regionname > :<username>
/region removeowner <regionname > :<username>
/region removemember <regionname > :<username>
/region setpriority
/region teleport
/region flag <regionname> <flagname>...

Hey everyone, as you all know we have been hard at work with Prison so we haven had much time for the skyblock fans. So we have decided to reset the old realm and bring it out to you guys for...

this Saturday, 19th of october at 2pm est

We havent done much work from last map other than fix some bugs, as a reminder we are going to be working on the amazing new skyblock ice realm vary soon! This will feature an all new setup that is much more modern and on the 'op'' side of things.

Basic information

Island size 100x100 (350x350 with upgrades)
4 man islands (6 with upgrades)
30 of each spawner max (More each island)
250 hoppers max (1000 with upgrades)
2500 Pistons max (20000 with upgrades)
$200 Buycraft end of the map payout for 1st place.​

Main Release - 12th October 2pm EST

Beta Map - Saturday, 5th - 11th October 2pm EST

This map of Prison has no set end date, so it will simply play on till we feel it needs a reset. All items purchased on the beta will be given to you on the main map too.

Flo Auction
This will be used as the new way we do auctions to put something up for auction you type /auc (the amount in your hand) (the amount of money the bid starts at) for example: say I want to auction a grass block I’ll type /auc 1 1 while holding the grass block. In order to bid you type /bid (amount of money) example: If I was going to bid on the grass block I would type /bid 2. You can bid an endless amount of times until someone wins the auction.


Gangs - This will be a new addition to Prison kind of like how there were parties on Prison. You can create a gang up to 5 members, you cannot hurt people who are in your gang, there will be a set of achievements for you and your gang to complete. Gangs will have their own chat to use to talk to every member that is in your gang.


Return of Free World
After ranking up from A-Z you reach the free rank which grants access to the free world. This is where you will be able to roam freely around a random generated world so you can find all the building materials you desire.


As promised, below is a list of all the re-balanced kits. Anvils and enchant tables will no longer be available after the release so enchants higher than those found in kits will only be obtainable through events!

All kits have a 1 hr cooldown unless otherwise specified.
Anyone with rank Equestrian or higher will have every kit except Brute+, Brute, and Shadow.
If you’ve already bought these kits on KitPvP or OpPvP then you will still have them.
If you bought the same kit on both KitPvP and OpPvP then you will need to contact Wallisj10 (Discord Name: Wallisj10#1556) to receive a buycraft voucher equal to the ranks value.


Strength 1 Potion (3 Mins) - Amount 1

Speed 2 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 4

Protection 2 Diamond Armor (Unbreaking 2)

Sharpness 2 Diamond Sword (Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 2)

Golden Apple - Amount 10

Enchanted Golden Apple - Amount 1


Strength 1 (3 Mins) - Amount 1

Speed 2 (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 3

Protection 1 Diamond Armor (Unbreaking 1)

Sharpness 1 Diamond Sword

Golden Apple - Amount 5

Enchanted Golden Apple - Amount 1


Speed 2 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 3

Protection 1 Diamond Armor

Sharpness 1 Diamond Sword

Splash Poison 1 - Amount 8

Splash Instant Damage 1 - Amount 8

Golden Apples - Amount 5

3 Ender Pearls


Strength 1 (3 Mins) - Amount 1

Speed 2 (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 3

Regen 1 (45 Sec) - Amount 3

Invis 1 (8 Mins) - Amount 1

Splash Poison 1 - Amount 8

Splash Health 1 - Amount 3

Golden Apples - Amount 5


Speed 2 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 2

Invis 2 Potion (3 Mins) - Amount 2

Protection 2 Chainmail Armor (Unbreaking 1)

Sharpness 1 Diamond Sword (Unbreaking 1)

Ender Pearls - Amount 2

Golden Apples - Amount 10


Speed 1 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 1

Protection 3 Iron Armor (Unbreaking 1)

Sharpness 1 Diamond Sword

Golden Apples - Amount 5...​

Right boys and girls. As I’m sure you’re all aware the player count for KitPvP and OpPvP have both plumitted. We understand that this is due to a lack of players for both game modes and a rushed release of KitPvP. For this reason we have decided to close OpPvP for the moment and just focus on a full revamp of KitPvP releasing..​

This Saturday at 4pm Est.

Change Log
  1. New and improved rebalanced kits. These kits won’t be too distant from the current kits; our main focus has been on reducing the enchant levels available so a donator cannot 1 shot a non donator with 1 kit (we will create a post with what is in each kit nearer to the time).
  2. We are getting a custom map made by smiles17 (Discord name: (ಥ﹏ಥ)#4588) who has also created the arcade wars factions outpost.
  3. Clans will now have friendly fire enabled so that they are not as overpowered.
  4. Potions that drop in a stack will remain in a stack.
  5. We will be adding an automated KoTH system so events can happen 24/7.
  6. Any ranks purchased on OpPvP will be transferred to KitPvP. If you have purchased the same rank in both game modes then you will need to message me with the proof of both purchases to receive a buycraft voucher.

I know we got it wrong the first time but we have listened to the community and are bringing what we believe to be the best KitPvP GotPvP has had so far!​

After the successful release of OP KitPvP and the overwhelming demand from the community we have decided to bring back Regular KitPvP! And will open..

This Wednesday 28th at 2pm Est

Change Log

New Clans system
The new clans system is very simple to use, it's pretty much like having your own faction. there will be buycraft rewards every week for the clan with the most kills. Use /clan to see all the information about them.

New /pstack system
The new /pstack will allow you to stack every potion up to 64 like normal excluding health potions. This way you guys will still have nice long fights but without the need to waste 6+ spaces on speed etc/

Player vaults
Lots of people complained about not having enough space on OpKitPvP so we have decided to add player vaults to the store, you can purchase a total of 3 player vaults. oMg sOoo pAy ToO wIn!

Fix hand and fix all
Many of you also wanted /fixhand and /fixall you can now also purchase that on the buycraft. Both playervaults and commands purchased you will have every single map reset.


All kits 1 hr cooldown unless specified otherwise.
Anyone with rank Equestrian or higher will have every kit except Brute+, Brute, and Shadow.

Strength 2 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 3
Speed 2 Potion (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 3
Protection 3 Diamond Armor (Unbreaking 2)
Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword (Fire Aspect 1, Unbreaking 3)
Enchanted Golden Apple - Amount 2

Strength 2 (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 2
Speed 2 (1 Min 30 Sec) - Amount 2
Protection 2 Diamond Armor (Unbreaking 2)
Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword
Enchanted Golden Apple - Amount 1

Strength 2 Potion (1 Min 30...​

Ladies and gentleman... I'm extremely hyped to announce our first map of Factions Lite will be releasing

this Saturday, 24th August at 3pm est

What's factions lite you ask? Well. Factions for a long time has been very dead, not just on gotpvp but most servers. The classic 3-4 week maps just do not last. We have decided to make a map that will only last ONE week with a ONE day grace period. This way, there is an entire week of non stop fun with just one end of the map payout.

End of week payout:
Ftop 1: 200 Paypal + 125 Buycraft
FTop 2: 125 Paypal + 75 Buycraft
FTop 3: 75 Paypal + 50 Buycraft

World Sizes + important info
Overworld: 3,000 x 3,000
End: 1,000 x 1,000
Nether: 1,000 x 1,000
Power per player: 50
Players per faction: 30
Buffer size: 20 chunks
Cannon speed: 2 seconds
During the 24h grace peroid the following will be disabled.
Spawner tax
Creeper Eggs
Creepers will drop x3 tnt.
After grace spawners will cost 2x the original value to mine.




Full Change Log
Mosty the same as normal factions

Printer Mode
We now allowed you to break blocks up to 5 seconds after them being placed in printer mode.

We have revamped the rewards and chances of mob coins this season to make them more balanced and give better rewards for the hard work.

PvP broadcast help
If you need help in pvp, you can now do /f tl or /tl and it will announce your cords in factions chat.

For those who don't have a very good pc and don't have the best FPS, we have...​

Hey everyone! After some thinking we have decided to bring you guys a double trouble weekend and release Factions And skyblock! This weekend we will be resetting them both and bringing you guys some hot sexy new content.

Skyblock will be Next Saturday, 27th July at 2pm est
Factions will be Next Saturday, 27th July at 3pm est

--------------------SKYBLOCK CHANGE LOG--------------------

Basic information

Map will last 4 weeks.
Island size 100x100 (350x350 with upgrades)
6 man islands (9 with upgrades)
30 of each spawner max (More each island)
250 hoppers max (1000 with upgrades)
2500 Pistons max (20000 with upgrades)

End of map payout
IsTop 1: 100 paypal + 100 Buycraft
IsTop 2: 50 Paypal + 50 Buycraft
IsTop 3: 25 paypal + 25 Buycraft

As you can see the change log really isnt all that big, we don't have many good suggestions so if you guys have ANY now is your chance to have your voice heard. Leave all your ideas, suggestions and feedback in the comment section!

Last maps economy was completely new, and for the most part pretty good. With the exception of a few issues that was down to config errors screwing with it a little. We have looked over the entire eco and changed a few things around and made some minor edits. Hopefully we have hit the sweet spot.

We have gone and added a bunch more items to the...​

HOLY FUCK! Op KitPvP is making a return to GotPvP! Get your tits ready it's going to be a good one, we taken all the suggestions into consideration and it's clear to see you guys want an old style map. So here you have it. Op KitPvP will open...

This Saturday 13th at 2pm Est

We got some sexy content lined up for you guys and some HUGE throwbacks from years ago.

Change Log
There isnt much to add here as it's an old style and we wanted to make it as og as possible so it's back to basics. We will be adding new features as the map goes on.

All armor and swords are diamond. All kits 1 hr cooldown unless specified otherwise.

Strength 2 Potion (4 Min) Amount 6)​
Protection 8 Armor (Unbreaking 6)
Sharpness 8 Sword (Unbreaking 8)
Enchanted Golden Apple - 3

Regen 2 Potion (22 Sec) - Amount 3
Strength 2 (4 Min) Amount 2
Protection 8 Armor (Unbreaking 4)
Sharpness 5 Sword (Unbreaking 4)
Enchanted Golden Apple

Splash Damage - Amount 8
Splash Poison - Amount 8
Splash Slowness - Amount 8
Splash Health - Amount 8
Protection 7 Armor (Unbreaking 3)
Sharpness 5 Sword (Unbreaking 3)
Ender Pearls - Amount 3

Speed 2 Potion (4 Min) - Amount 2
Invis 2 Potion (2 Min) - Amount 3
Protection 5 Armor (Unbreaking 4)
Sharpness 7 Sword (Unbreaking 4)
Enchanted Golden Apple
Ender Pearls - Amount 5

Speed 3 Potion (1:30 Min) - Amount 3
Protection 7 Armor (Unbreaking 4)
Sharpness 7 Sword (Unbreaking 3)
Golden Apples - Amount 5

Protection 5 Armor (Unbreaking 3)
Bow (Infinity, Flame 2, Unbreaking 3, Power 4)
Speed 2 Potion (1.5 min) - Amount 1
Golden Apples - Amount 2
Ender Pearls - Amount 3
1 Arrow

Protection 6 Armor (Unbreaking...​