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Greetings folks,

GotPvP is undergoing a network-wide revamp releasing on June 22nd! This means that Factions, Survival, Creative, OP Prison, and Skyblock will be resetting on this revamp! We’re excited to introduce the following updates!

Global -

  • Brand new server hub! Equipt with NPC’s an updated server transporter (Leaks:
  • Updated rank system merging the previous ranks and permissions
  • Redone kits for each server to match the economy and rank value
  • A network-wide theme of mythological gods; Roman, Egyptian, Norse, and Greek
  • New server art and an updated website
  • Updated server broadcasts and automatic announcements
  • Reworked scoreboard on all servers
  • Updated voting platform with improved rewards
  • Gcash and the adshop has been removed and replaced with an updated version
  • Redone crates and key system, One key unlocks one crate
  • Addition of pouches (Which give a randomized amount of Money, XP, McMMo, or Spawners) for all applicable servers
  • Sell wands have been added which sell all of the items in a chest when used
  • Introduction of a /customtitle which allows users to customize their [Title] in game
  • Serverwide rule changes and updates on individual servers (Relaxed chat rules on Facs/Pris)
Factions -

  • Updated server spawn with a Norse Mythology theme (Leaks: )
  • Improved server economy and server shop
  • We will be doing a $2500 FTOP Paypal payout for the top 3 factions. It will be a 6 week season with the 1st week being building and the following 5 weeks being TNT enabled.
  • 1. $1250 - $250 a week. 2. $750 - $150 a week. 3. $500 - $100 a week.
  • New lottery system with a well-dressed banker and bartender
  • Introduction of...
We are planning for a global revamp to release on June 22nd, we do not have a time yet and the leadership and I will be posting content leaks closer to the revamp date. We will be deleting the entire network and you will keep your donor ranks global/legacy. District will be merged into GotPvP and their ranks turned into legacy ranks. The new network will be launching with the following: Skyblock/Factions/OPPrison/Creative/Survival. And we will be doing a $2500 Paypal total with weekly payouts f top reward on Factions as well as a $500 Paypal prestige top reward on Prison. I am still deciding on doing an island top reward of $500.

District to GotPvP ranks will be done as follows:

Iron -> Noble
Gold -> Baron
Diamond -> King
Platinum -> Emperor
Emerald -> Deity

I have not made a decision yet about those that have ranks on both servers.

We will be doing a beta test of the new revamped network/servers come June 10th or so and trusted players will be given access to it.

A lot of players are concerned about KitPvP, I am planning to make a new one roughly one month after release, we just need time to perfect the core gamemodes before we move into doing less popular gamemodes.

If you have any content suggestions please get in touch with leadership or a staff member so they can bring it up, thanks!

I will be updating this post with new information as time goes on. We will be making a new post with all the new content and the new builds that we'll be doing on the new revamped network.

Keep in mind that this post is just a quick information post for those that are curious as to what's going on and what's happening.
Hello guys, I'm Serayne92 and I'm going to be taking over ownership of GotPvP.
A lot of you are concerned about what this entails so I'll explain a bit.

Nobody will be losing any ranks or permanent kits they have bought on the network.

Currently the plan is to get all new builds, new artwork, a full on new development team, new features and stuff implemented and tons of cool stuff.

Things can change so be sure to stay active in the Discord so you're aware of things,

I have no staff changes currently planned, things will operate the way Saito had things operating. I will only be improving things.

I will announce any changes weeks in advance, currently I am making plans for a full global revamp so GotPvP 3.0.

Love Serayne92​