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Updated Post #2

Hey everyone! It's that time of week again for a little update. First up, as most of you have seen we got some new artwork.. Hope you guys like it.

Over the past week I have been updating the forums a little, cleaning up the perms and channels. You may have also seen everyone now has access to view staff applications. This is NOT a bug.. This is to allows everyone to comment feedback and give there opinions. You may have also noticed I have completely changed the applications Format, the old one was outdated and to many questions that can be asked in an interview. You can apply now, but applications wont be looked at for a couple weeks.

Discord has also gotten a few changes. The ''Memes'' room has been removed and combined with ''Banter'' I have also added Support Rooms, Simply join the ''Support Waiting Room'' and a staff member will move you into one of the 3 channels and help you with whatever you need. Xp has also been reset! The ranks are now the following Active 10, Discord Dweller 25, No Life 40.
GG to the 3 no life Virgins above ^ :)

Creative and Survival?
Lots of you guys have been asking about the 2 game modes as I didn't mention them last week, There was some confusion within the head management about if we would reset Creative or not, we decided not to.. and we will simply just be releasing the map the same day as Factions, Skyblock and Prison. As for Survival we will be opening that around a week after the Revamp sorry to all the Survival nerds.

And as always, if you guys have ANY questions regarding the server or anything else be sure to dm me on discord!

Weekly Update #1

Hey everyone!

So instead of tagging the discord every day to give you guys updates, it's easier and better to start using the forums more. From now on every week I will make an update post with all the progress we have made towards the revamp, along with any news.

First up, what is going on with the revamp? Well.. as you all know the server was left alone for a good few months, and it's not really in the best way. So me and Chris decided the best thing for it would be a total revamp of the entire network. This includes resetting every server.

The hub is getting a total makeover with sexy new builds and some dope hub features. Skyblock will also be getting a total makeover, we have listened to your opinions so be ready for a blast from the past. Mostly everyone hated OP Prison so you will be pleased to know we have completely scrapped it and we will be going back to the OG Prison days. Creative and Survival will be making a return! More updates on that soon.

QNA I will answer some of the main questions here.

How long will this all take?
Currently there is no ETA on the revamp, due to the vast amount there is to do we're looking at a minimum of 3 weeks.

Will bans reset?
You hacking losers will be pleased to know they will! All bans, mutes and warnings will reset. This does not include chargebacks.

Whats going on with the staff team? You will see a drastic change within the team over the next few weeks. To start with, All staff ranks apart from helpers will be global. All staff managers will be in charge of a section of the server. Eg skyblock, factions, prison, creative and survival.

Who tf are you? My names James, most people call me Jelly. I've...