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On this thread you will find information regarding the upcoming resets for both Factions and Prison. Please read the entire thread before commenting or asking questions below as it may already be answered.


The reset is set to go live on December 2nd, approximately 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT), but time is of course subject to change and is not guaranteed based on many variable factors. We will be having a Live Beta for the Factions reset from November 30th to December 1st lasting approximately 48 hours for players to get on the server, see what it's going to be like, and report any initial bugs / glitches / issues that they encounter. Note that the live beta is just a preview and will not count towards the full reset at all, and everything will be wiped after the beta period. We will then use the next day before the final reset to fix any of these issues and fully reset on December 2nd.

Here you can find a list of changes and important features for this reset:
  • Factions Tournament, $3000 Prize Pool, more information can be found here
  • 20 Chunk Wall Buffer rule has gone into effect; any rule breaking will get your base wiped
  • 30 players per Factions, 30 power per player
  • Overworld border set to 15k, End set to 4k, and Nether set to 4k
  • End world has flat bedrock at Y0 and end stone from Y1 to Y60
  • Entities passing the world border become void to prevent some glitch based raiding
  • Anti freecam protection added so players cannot freecam cegg easily
  • Top 5 Kills NPCs located at spawn
  • /f sell chest (new command that enables you to sell the contents of a chest while looking at it)
  • Bedrock durability set to 250
  • Voting, Premium, and Legendary keys have all been buffed appropriately
  • Lava now explodes to prevent wall regeneration defenses
  • Minecarts disabled
  • Nether portals disabled
  • Death tax removed
  • Alt accounts...

Legacy Ranks have received their previously announced buffs, and I want to quickly outline some of the most important changes. All of the rank information is now listed on Buycraft so you can see exactly what you get with each rank.
  • Armor across all kits have been drastically improved
  • Amount of blocks per kit have been increased for all ranks
  • Amount of potions / apples per kit have been increased for all ranks
  • Instant XP levels are now given to each rank (/redeemrank <rankname>)
  • Instant mcMMO credits are now given to each rank (/redeemrank <rankname>)
  • Each rank can claim the XP levels and mcMMO credits of the ranks before them
  • The mcMMO credits and XP levels carry over between server resets
  • Vault storage has been added to Emperor rank (/vault)
  • Secondary Vault storage has been added to Deity rank (/vault 2)
  • New perks, commands, and improvements for Creative
  • Prices for each rank have been reverted to original
  • Black Friday Sale 70% Off is now live, our largest sale ever, lasts until November 27th
As always thank you for continuing to support GotPvP and I hope these changes make the donor community happier and more content with what they receive as perks on our network. We certainly love all our players, but we are glad to recognize those of you that help us keep paying the bills.


Pay attention and read this entire post because it's going to contain a lot of information regarding resets and updates for the next couple of weeks. I will also be including a small explanation about the upcoming rank changes for Legacy Ranks that I know a lot of players have been requesting, so again, make sure you read the entire document.


As polled and confirmed by the community the Prison 1 and Prison 2 servers will merge, and an OP Prison server will be created to replace P2. This will be happening in approximately two to three weeks, and we aim to have Prison fully updated and reset by December 1st. Many factors will be dependent on how soon the new map is finished, but it should definitely be done by the first week of December and in time for your holiday breaks. I don't want to release much information on the update yet, but rest assured changes are coming as well as some new content. OP Prison will be quite different from our Classic Prison and we expect a new player base to emerge on this game mode separate from the original, and it should be launched on the same date.


Now this is where things get interesting. I've had an idea for a while now to recruit more competitive Factions players, and the best way I can think of is to hold a tournament with cash prizes. That being said we will be adopting the 'Season' based resets that have become popular on Factions. The season will last for 90 days and the goal will be to raid, get rich, and get on top of the Factions leader board as fast as you can. This reset will mark the beginning of Season 1, and the prizes at the end of the first season will be for the top 5 Factions to receive cash rewards. This means that if your Faction is in the top 5 on /f top at the end of the season you will receive a tournament prize in real money, not a store coupon, paid out via PayPal or Bitcoin.

As I'm...

I wanted to let everyone know that we have deployed an updated anti cheat configuration to Kitpvp, Oppvp, and Duels. It is currently being live tested in these servers as of two days ago and the feedback so far has been pretty great. We have had very few false positives and it's catching a good chunk of the hackers on these servers. We only have it set up to auto kick currently, no automated bans, but in the future this may be something we add. If you play these servers please leave your opinion on the updated anti cheat in the thread below.

Oh, and the only false positives we have been getting so far are for players with very high ping, meaning 300+ on their connection to our network. Unfortunately there's not much we can do to fix that as that's really just the way Minecraft is coded, and the worse your connection the worse the detection will be for you.

As long as the testing phase continues to go well and community feedback is positive we will deploy this version of the anti cheat to all servers over this next week.

Update: In addition to the anti cheat we will be blocking all VPN joins to the network starting tomorrow. This will drastically cut down on the amount of hackers and alternate accounts being used by ban evaders.


Today I want to poll the community on an important update to the Prison servers that I know the community will be split on, but I also know that will benefit us heavily in the long run. The idea is to essentially merge the Prison 1 and Prison 2 communities into a single server, and replace Prison 2 with an OP Prison. Now before you get upset and say that Prison 2 is your life please recognize that player counts are not what they used to be. Each Prison server used to individually peak at 100+ over the past year, and as player counts have declined they now peak around 50 on each server. I am fully confident that if we merge the existing Prisons into a single server it will give us a higher player count on the classic Prison that the GotPvP community has known and loved for years and enable us to bring you fresh new content in an OP style server that has been requested for just as long.

To summarize:
  • Merge Prison 1 and Prison 2 on the next major update
  • Replace Prison 2 with an OP Prison, will have unique new features and map
  • Will result in higher player count on classic Prison
  • Will result in new features and a new game play style for those that want OP Prison
Please vote on the poll and let me know what you think. If you vote yes, great, if you vote no, please leave your opinion below explaining with a well reasoned argument why you are against it. As I have stated I believe this would be a great change and I am all for it, but ultimately we will do what the community wants.


To start this change log off I'd like to announce that instead of weekly, which just wasn't working out, I've decided to start posting updates on the 1st and 15th of each month. I believe this posting schedule will be easier for us to work with and is still often enough to sufficiently inform our community of everything going on. Please read this entire post especially the sections at the bottom as I will be going over some major server update / reset information, as well as a few other comments on the general state of GotPvP and Minecraft.

  • Haste 3 enchant now works
  • Added raw and cooked chicken to /sellall
  • Added dark oak and acacia logs to /sellall
  • Fixed potatoes, carrots and chicken not working on /sellall
  • Removed /bounty locate
  • Removed /back for Warlords
  • Removed /ptp
  • Fixed an issue with treasure chests
  • Fixed an issue with Buycraft not loading
  • Added /f top with pages (up to 10)
  • Fixed a bug with /f fly when people left factions
  • Added /f requests
  • Fixed limit issues with core Factions plugin
  • Zombie spawners added to the /f top value
  • Adjusted world border to prevent passing through it
  • Veinminer will no longer kick players
  • Withers no longer get removed during lag clears
  • Haste 3 enchant now works
  • Added NoFlyZone (for events)
  • Fixed /enchant command
  • Fixed being able to fly in certain worlds
  • Veinminer no longer kicks players
  • Fixed donors not being able to enter donor mines
  • Fixed a prefix issue on Prison 2
  • Fixed an issue with Deity rank and /god command
  • Vote boosters fixed after an issue with double rewards
  • Helper+ can now tp to plots
  • /help re-enabled
  • Baron and Guardian can now use WorldEdit correctly
  • Added /plot set border <block id>
  • Potions are now disabled
  • New spawned added
  • Added safe fly
  • /removegod added for...
This Halloween we have decided to spice things up a bit! There is a new key which is only available from now until the end of Halloween that contains new rewards such as a witch pet and death animations. We also have released a Halloween bundle which includes 4 keys, Witch Magic trail, White Magic trail, 4 Halloween themed death animations and a legendary death animation. These perks are in the following servers: Factions, Prison, Survival and Skyblock.

Halloween Death Animation:

Grim Reaper Death Animation:

Halloween Zombie Death Animation:

Happy Halloween and thank you for all for continuing to support us!
Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: bailey6000 - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: dragoraider - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: ninjaapje - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: blondaay - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: masternoob1995 - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: miss_nips - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: legitcringe - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: pandawhirl - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: basicallyladd - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: sihat92 - $25 Coupon
Maintenance Complete! All servers are online

Please use /<servernamehere> to change servers for now.

We will be having a full systems downtime on September 30th, from 11pm EST onwards.
This is to update and upgrade all the servers that we have to make them more secure, as well as update our core bans plugin. The reason we have to do this with such a big downtime is that some of the servers have not received maintenance in quite some time, which can lead to security flaws.

Please be patient with this, as it could be several hours for us to upgrade the systems. I have been working for the last 2 days on making preparations to make sure that this upgrade will go without an issue.


Q: Will anything related to Minecraft change?
A: No, this is purely back end. Other than the downtime you will not notice anything.

Q: Will RAM increase on the servers?
A: Nope. This is purely software updates and hardware upgrades are completely unnecessary.

Feel free to ask questions, and I'll update them here as I can answer them.


The change log is ever growing and this week's announcement contains most of September. You'll notice many minor changes as well as the release of our new cannon server that players have been requesting for a long time. The changes mainly focus on bug fixes for existing servers before we start on any new resets or major revamps. One of the most important things you will note are the removal of some mini games from our Hub including FatKid, Hunger Games, and Skywars. I'm aware this may upset many of you but as you have noticed we simply don't have the player population to support these games right now. Minecraft servers across the board, not just GotPvP, have seen massive reductions in player counts in the second half of this year, and with lower counts we just don't have any players in those games, so we've decided to remove them for now. If we grow and have interest in these games again in the future we would be happy to add them back, but for now our efforts are better focused elsewhere.

  • Enabled tp safety
  • Seeds cannot be sold via /sell
  • /ftop added 10 pages
  • New /warp perks
  • Withdraw limit removed on bank notes
  • Added potatoes and carrots to /sell
  • Fixed armor being in the wrong position at /warp perks
  • Fixed an issue with max relations between Factions
  • Balances on the scoreboard now show a formatted number
  • Custom enchants for speed, jump, and strength have been fixed
  • Removed the extra plunder book
  • Tntfill radius is now 25
  • New prices: Blaze Rod $7, Leather $3, Potato $3, Carrots $3, Pumpkins $4, Cactus $1, Sugarcase $2, Steak $2, Raw Beef $2, Wheat $2
  • Lag clears should no longer remove gambling villagers
  • Lottery has been adjusted to use money instead of gold ingot
  • New /warp perks
  • Custom enchants for speed, jump, and strength have been fixed
  • /wilderness cool down reduced to 5 minutes
  • Removed the extra plunder book
  • /help command...