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Update 2: Going to try and launch around 6 PM EST. Everything is almost finished and configured except for the in-game shop, so we will launch with a partially completed shop and add on to it over the first day or two while everyone plays. We'll get the important items added first and the miscellaneous items afterwards.

Planning to release this Friday, June 3rd, sometime in the afternoon EST.

Also added these two things to the list:

  • Primed TNT forcibly loads chunks for cannon improvements and raiding
  • /near command capped at 50 block radius


The Factions reset has been in the works for a while now, and we're getting very close to release. Usually we don't give out any information on a reset until it's ready, but given the circumstances we wanted to keep the player base informed and let them know what is happening. Yesterday the Factions server had some severe issues after we tried uploading a patch, and while we could possibly fix it with a few days time, we believe it is best to just leave it down for the time being and focus on the reset so everyone can start fresh. The reset was planned to come in a couple of weeks anyway, so we are just moving it up on our schedule and focusing all our efforts here for now. We expect the reset to be ready within a week, but possibly sooner.

That being said here is a feature list and change log for fixes / updates in the upcoming Factions reset:

  • Cannons fixed. This includes the east / west cannon issue as well.
  • /f fly - Command to allow players to fly in their own Faction territory. Will only work in claimed chunks.
  • /f fly - Will automatically be disabled if an enemy comes within 50 blocks of your claim.
  • /f top - Custom Factions Top command. Will show the wealthiest Factions leader as an NPC at spawn too.
  • /f playerpower - Allows you to sort Faction members and see who has what power levels.
  • /tpa- Now shows the original name, not...

We are releasing the new ranks available on the store in the next couple of days. The new ranks will be the following in order from lowest to highest:


These ranks will be completely global, meaning they cover all of our classic servers, as well as our mini games and hub. The rank perks and command access have not been completely finalized yet so what you see on the store is subject to change. We currently have the rank prices all set to a test amount so no one buys them until they are ready. I would also like to inform you that our rank prices will be significantly cheaper than they were previously, ranging from $5 up to $125 for our highest rank, which is much cheaper than our old system.

If you had an old rank, now called a Legacy Rank, you will not lose any of your perks or commands. We have made the Legacy Ranks available in game via the /rankshop command and you will be able to rent them in two week intervals with in game money. The amount cost for the ranks will vary by server as each game has a different economy, but they will be proportionately equal. If you rent one of the Legacy Ranks it will apply everywhere it used to apply for two weeks at a time.

You will also find some new options on our store: Boosters, Key Drops, and Supply Drops

These new purchase options have been implemented by a few other popular networks that are also complying to the EULA. These will be global events in each server that you can initiate with a purchase via our web store, and you can find more details about them by viewing the packages on our store.

Update 4: We have now got confirmation that the server will be unblocked within the next couple of hours or days!

Update 3:
In accordance with Mojang's EULA we have made all previous donor ranks (now called Legacy Ranks) available via in game money purchase. You can now rent each Legacy Rank (Noble through Deity) for two weeks at a time with in game cash. You can purchase these in game via the /rankshop command and it will look like the following: http://imgur.com/a/zG9wb

Update 2:
We have received a response from Mojang and are cooperating to our full ability. We hope to be removed from the blacklist soon.

Mojang has not responded to us so far and we are patiently waiting to hear back. Unfortunately at this time we do not know what will happen and the network will remain blacklisted and unavailable for an unknown amount of time. We are trying everything we can to get this resolved and let them know that we are compliant.


We are in the process of updating the network to be entirely compliant with Mojang's EULA. We see this as the only option for our future and given the circumstances have decided to comply instead of any alternatives. The web store for purchasing anything in game will be taken offline temporarily as we convert our in game ranks and perks to be EULA compliant.

Please note those that have already purchased ranks from our store will keep them. We will simply make the Legacy Ranks (as the old ranks will be called) available in game via some sort of soft currency, meaning they're available to all players, just not via purchase directly. The new ranks that will be released and any other purchase options on our store will be compliant with the guide lines Mojang has set for us. We are currently in communication with Mojang and are working to resolve the situation.

Congratulations to all winners! Your coupons will be sent via PM on the forums.

Please make sure your username is the same as your forums name or you won't receive a coupon!

[​IMG] 1st Place: Deaconho - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 2nd Place: Mcthill - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 3rd Place: Rekt_dc - $75 Coupon

[​IMG] 4th Place: Marniefs44 - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 5th Place: WeeScott82 - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 6th Place: Diamond2Powered - $50 Coupon

[​IMG] 7th Place: Pvp_wessel_b_ - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 8th Place: Bailey6000 - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 9th Place: Theflyinryan - $25 Coupon

[​IMG] 10th Place: Thederpilicous - $25 Coupon​

I've been pretty sick and tired of hearing the non stop whining and uninformed nonsense coming out of player's mouths these past few days. I'm not going to defend EULA or say otherwise against it, but I am going to defend myself. Many players have been speaking out with hatred towards me and the decisions I'm making. While I understand you're entirely ignorant and have no idea what you're talking about I still feel the need to write an explanation for everyone else.

GotPvP is a business. It always has been, and always will be. The tiny amount of enjoyment I used to get from running this server was obliterated long ago by the cancerous and disgustingly hate filled players that have nothing better to do with their lives than be angry at someone else's success. I've never pretended that I run GotPvP for enjoyment or love of the game, and I never will, because that's not my primary motivation.

"Saito is a money hog! He's greedy and just wants to take your money!"

Call it what you want. I run this network to make a profit, and me doing so allows us to keep updating, bringing you new content, and making the network enjoyable to play on. I won't call out any names, but let me go ahead and tell you that all of the large network owners are friends, and if you go down the list of any voting website and read the server names I know the owners of each of those networks, and we communicate on a regular basis. We are all the exact same way, and we are all in this to make a profit. If you want to play on a network that is run by someone who just loves running a server and wants to be part of the community I would recommend you look for a small server with a couple dozen players. If you want to play on a professional grade network that can afford to employee developers and bring you new content then you might want to be here or on another large server.

I've seen too many posts saying the sale I'm running is a money grab before the server shuts down. That's...

Edit: Too much drama regarding the EULA and changes. We will see what happens in time and make decisions accordingly. All I can promise you is that GotPvP will do our best to stay online. I don't agree with any of this and I hate the fact that we have to deal with it, but in the light of recent events I am willing to do whatever I can to keep this community alive for the players. I owe you that much.


GotPvP is officially opening our public Discord Server to all players!

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication application for gamers. It is a combination of Curse, Skype and Teamspeak. It's quite nice and is moderated by our own staff team, so you can interact with staff and ask questions.

How do I join?

Download the discord application here.

Once downloaded join our server by copying this link - https://discord.gg/txtqaGh - and pasting it into the "Join Server" tab on the left side of the application.

No spam or extreme immaturity will be tolerated on the Discord. Follow the same basic rules as our TeamSpeak server. Hope to see you all join :)

I just wanted to announce a couple updates in our staff team that are important. Over the past couple months @OregonDuckHawk has been performing as a Global Admin / Head of Staff / something position and it was never quite defined. Recently we have agreed that he will be taking on a new role in our staff team as community manager. Community Managers are responsible for being the bridge between the staff team and the community. As such our new CM will be seeking out players and staff alike for opinions, ideas, suggestions, and more. If you're a player and you feel there's something important to be shared with the staff team, be it a new idea or something else, OregonDuckHawk will be the one to contact.

Also in staff updates I am happy to announce that @jschrods17 will be returning to the team in a new position as well. The staff team is always happy to have more leadership and direction, and we believe jschrods17 will be able to fulfill the new role of staff adviser. He will be spending the next week meeting all of our new staff members that he does not already know, familiarizing himself with the current inner workings, and do his best to help lead and organize the staff team to be the best it can be.

We are excited about these additions and role changes, and hope you are too!
Welcome to our new website.

Back when we first released GotPvP in 2013 the only popular platform was Enjin. Naturally we used Enjin as well, but unfortunately it's just not very well made, and due to the structure of their platform it is very hard to find developers willing to work on it. We spent the past three years building a community of over thirty six thousand members on our Enjin website, which is one of the largest for any Minecraft network, and while we are proud of this accomplishment we believe it is time to move on. We believe that this new website will allow us to better communicate with our players in a cleaner and more organized environment.

I hope you all enjoy this move and understand that it is for the better. Our old website will still be accessible via the domain http://oldgotpvp.enjin.com until it expires in a few months. Please register on here with your in game username or whatever permanent username you use and encourage your friends in game to register as well. The sooner we get our player base moved over to the new website the better things will be :)

Thanks and enjoy the new site!