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GotPvP Appeal Generator

GotPvP Appeal Generator

I was banned when I shouldn't have been! Now what?

Oh no! If you were banned and you believe you were not doing anything wrong, you're in the right place. You can use the form below to auto-format a Ban Appeal. Once generated, simply copy the BB Code into the body of a new post in the Ban Appeals section of our forum. Using the generator helps ensure that our staff can review your appeal with haste! Best to get unbanned sooner rather than later, right?

Your appeal will automatically be rejected if...

  • submit an appeal later than 1 month after you were banned. You will need to purchase an unban from the store.
  • add a poll to your appeal. Server rules are not based on popular opinion.
  • ...your appeal contains profanity, disrespect, or swearing.
  • ...any rule is broken within the appeal.

Tips for Appealing a Ban

  • If you have screenshots or other non-text proof, you can add this to the forum post after using this tool.
  • Act professional when making an appeal. Addressing your appeal will be much easier on our staff this way.
  • The minimum punishment you can appeal is a 1 hour punishment.
  • You can make unmute appeals here too.

What is your in-game name?
Which staff member banned you?
What were you banned for?
When were you banned?
Do you understand and acknowledge what you were punished for?
Have you read the server rules?
Proof against ban

Ban Appeal Post Content

Paste this code into the body of a new Ban Appeals thread to submit your appeal.