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How do I contact a staff member?
There are numerous ways to reach a staff member, below is a brief list of these ways.
  • Through /helpop in game, this is the fastest way to reach online staff members. This is an excellent method to ask general questions, report individuals, or speak to online staff.
  • Contact a staff member through the forums, the easiest way to contact someone here is through the "Mail" icon which is displayed when an account is created.
  • Private message a staff member through the server discord, ALL staff members are added to the "GotPvP Network" discord server.
The staff team's mission is to ensure that the server is a safe, enjoyable, and fun environment for our community. Staff are here to help!
What do I do if my purchase didn't go through?
Occasionally, purchases may not go through as intended. However, that is a key reason why we have a support team. If you ever have a purchase issue, concern, or anything along those lines. Please do not hesitate to create a support ticket. Now, when making a support ticket. Here are a few things that you MUST include.
  • Your in game name OR transaction ID. We need this to identify who you are.
  • What purchase you are having an issue with.
  • Any further information as to why it may not have worked.
Example Ticket: Hello GotPvP, My name is Josh. My in game name is "Urbanajlucas" and I recently purchased "King" rank. The transaction ID is XXXXXX under the email [email protected] Currently, I have not received the rank on the "Creative" server which I play. If this could be resolved in a timely manner, that would be ideal. Have a nice day, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

This is just one of many reasons that a support ticket could be made, general questions or concerns are also welcomed (However, please avoid making tickets for things that could be resolved through the forums or contacting an online staff member). Hopefully, this helps clear up any confusion here; as always if you need any assistance contact an online staff member through /helpop, discord, or the forums.
What are the forums and Discord?
The server forums as well as the official GotPvP discord are two ways aside from the main server in which the community as well as staff can interact.
  • Discord: Our discord server is run by a discord administrator and a separate team of discord staff. Similar to the main server, it too has an application system where players can apply. Unlike the forums, there are voice chats and it shares a similar function to "Team Speak" used on the previous enjin platform. Discord Link

    Note: Similar to "In game", discord has rules and it's own set of punishments. A good rule of thumb is, if it isn't allowed in game or on the forums chances are it's not allowed through our discord server!

  • Forums: The server forums has a variety of uses, Not just for reports and appeals. There are general discussions, server specific threads, profiles, etc... and many other uses. Additionally, most tutorials and staff information can be found here. Forums Link
Hopefully, this helps to clear up some of the confusion about the functionality and purposes behind these two extensions of GotPvP. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact any online staff members or let us know here! Thanks!
What are some other IP's to connect to the GotPvP Network?
Having a hard time connecting through our main IP? Being, Here are some additional IP's that you can try.
  • Additional IP #1: - Direction connection to our Prison server.
  • Additional IP #2: - Direction connection to our Factions server.
  • Additional IP #3: - Direction connection to our OpPvP server.
  • Additional IP #4: - Direction connection to our KitPvP server.
  • Additional IP #5: - Direction connection to our Skyblock server.
None of these IP's work? Feel free to create a support ticket or contact a staff member through discord or the forums for further guidance. Have an excellent day!
How do I report someone for breaking the rules?
To report a player, there are numerous ways of doing so. The three most effective ways are as followed.
  • Contact an online staff member through /helpop or /msg to report a player or an issue.
  • Make a report on the server forums under the appropriate section.
  • Join the server discord and post into the #reports channel in which staff check actively.
Reports do not only help keep the community safe, they also provide an effective way to communicate with staff and rack up the needed posts to apply for staff. If you ever have a question about a punishment, feel free to visit the server rules page which is found here - Server Rules. It is necessary that all members of the community abide by these rules, and players can be reported if they do not choose to follow them. If you have any concerns, comments, suggestions or questions in regards to this matter. Feel free to contact any online staff through /helpop, discord, or the forums. This, and or contact a member of the Forums reports team. Thanks!

For all other inquiries Please refer to the above support section of this document.
How do I vote for GotPvP? What do I get from voting?
Voting for the GotPvP network not only helps support our growing network, but helps enhance your in game experience. By providing free items in game, to shop coupons for our top voters. Each player can vote on two different vote links, for a minimum of 4 keys, and have a chance to win extra keys per vote. Vote Links Additionally, on a monthly basis as touched on above there are vote contests in which the top 10 voters receive shop coupons. To vote in game, follow the steps outlined below.
  • Issue the command /vote - For a Vote GUI to pop up. From here, select the icon which will display the vote links.
  • Click on the vote links directly in game, or posted above.
  • Once on either one of these links, Type in your IGN and fill out the "Security Check" to ensure you're not a robot.
  • Wait patiently in game for your vote to come through and keys to be issued.
Will you get a lucky vote? As always, if you have any concerns feel free to make a support ticket or bring it up with an in game staff member. Enjoy playing!
How do I purchase a rank or donate to the server?
Purchasing a rank on the GotPvP network is extremely simple, this is a brief step-by-step guide in doing so. Prior to purchasing a rank or item, it is important to understand what rank / donation item would best fit you. Hence, every rank / item details what commands, features, etc... the item / rank would come with. When purchasing a rank, follow the steps below.
  • Visit our Buycraft website.
  • On the website, Visit the "Navigation" section found to the left of the screen.
  • Select what tab of ranks / items you would want to purchase. For example, Select "Ranks", and then click on the sub-tab of "Global Ranks" to be shown a list of global ranks.
  • It will then ask you to enter your "In game name", at this point it is critical you enter your name or the person you want the item / rank to go to correctly.
  • Next, you will be shown a page where it displays the items / ranks under the tabs. Here is where any ongoing sales will first be posted with the old price along with the updated one.
  • To review the purchase information select "Buy" and it will display a pop-up of the purchases general information in regards to titles, commands, functions, etc...
  • If you are confident you would like to purchase the item, Select "Add to cart"
  • Finally, Fill out your purchase information and method of purchasing. If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns along the way feel free to let support or any online staff know.
Hopefully, this helped to clear up some of the questions, comments, or concerns one may have had in regards to purchasing ranks or items. Thank you, if you choose to donate to the server as it is your support that helps keep the server up and running!
How do I apply for staff?
To apply for staff, one must meet the following requirements.
  • 40+ meaning forums posts (Reports, Tutorials, etc..)
  • 2-3 months active on the server forums
  • 3+ months active in game
Additionally, you are expected to be helpful in chat, active in the community, as well as a friendly face prior to applying. Further information about the application process can be found below...
Application Thread
Application Form

If you have any further concerns please feel free to contact an online staff member directly or through the forums.