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11/15/2016 Change Log and Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Nov 15, 2016.

By Saito on Nov 15, 2016 at 1:30 PM
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    Pay attention and read this entire post because it's going to contain a lot of information regarding resets and updates for the next couple of weeks. I will also be including a small explanation about the upcoming rank changes for Legacy Ranks that I know a lot of players have been requesting, so again, make sure you read the entire document.


    As polled and confirmed by the community the Prison 1 and Prison 2 servers will merge, and an OP Prison server will be created to replace P2. This will be happening in approximately two to three weeks, and we aim to have Prison fully updated and reset by December 1st. Many factors will be dependent on how soon the new map is finished, but it should definitely be done by the first week of December and in time for your holiday breaks. I don't want to release much information on the update yet, but rest assured changes are coming as well as some new content. OP Prison will be quite different from our Classic Prison and we expect a new player base to emerge on this game mode separate from the original, and it should be launched on the same date.


    Now this is where things get interesting. I've had an idea for a while now to recruit more competitive Factions players, and the best way I can think of is to hold a tournament with cash prizes. That being said we will be adopting the 'Season' based resets that have become popular on Factions. The season will last for 90 days and the goal will be to raid, get rich, and get on top of the Factions leader board as fast as you can. This reset will mark the beginning of Season 1, and the prizes at the end of the first season will be for the top 5 Factions to receive cash rewards. This means that if your Faction is in the top 5 on /f top at the end of the season you will receive a tournament prize in real money, not a store coupon, paid out via PayPal or Bitcoin.

    As I'm sure many of you are wondering what the prizes will be, here they are:

    Season 1: $3000 Prize Pool + Crowd Funding Bonus
    • 1st place - $1000
    • 2nd place - $750
    • 3rd place - $600
    • 4th place - $400
    • 5th place - $250
    The crowd funding bonus works similarly to games like League of Legends and DOTA. This means that a percentage of all sales for our Factions server will go towards increasing the prize pool. For example Premium and Legendary keys sold will create an increase in the rewards for the top 5 Faction teams at the end of the season, and you will end up with even larger prizes than what are listed above. These are purely the base amounts and can increase drastically depending on how much players spend in game.

    We aim to have the Factions reset completed with updates and a new map by December 1st as well. Spread the word and we hope to have the most competitive version of Factions we've ever had here on GotPvP.


    It has been quite some time since our last GTA reset, and this one has been in the making for a while. It is now completely finished and ready to launch this Friday, November 18th. The reset includes updates and balances to the guns, improvements to the gang system, a new spawn, new apartments, adjusted pricing in game, and more.

    Legacy Ranks:

    To put it quite simply Legacy Ranks are receiving a hefty buff, and this includes better items, instant mcMMO credits, and instant XP. The new system for giving players mcmMO and XP will be a one time redeemable package per server reset, so that if you receive them once, you can receive them again the next time a server resets. This was a highly requested feature for years and we are finally able to add it. The instant mcMMO and XP perks are ones we've had for years and we had to remove them for compliance, but we feel the time has come to add them back, and we hope you're all as excited as we are. Legacy Ranks from Noble to Deity will be receiving buffs across all servers, and the prices may be subject change as well. Legacy Ranks will also now be instantly given to the player instead of doing a rank quest, so it will be added to your account automatically just like we've done in years past. We will be running an even larger sale once this happens towards the end of the month to celebrate the updates and for Black Friday.

    Thank you all for continuing to support us, and I hope some of you have noticed the increased player count this past week as we began aggressive advertising again. We will continue to do so and hope to get back over 1000 players for the holidays if all goes well!

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Nov 15, 2016.

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    1. BeasT
      Yes,saito said the mcmmo and xp levels reset every reset.
    2. XxCatKunxX
      Saito, My friend bought a plot for prison 2 and we share it. So I was wondering if she will still have it? Also will it be in Regular Prison or OPPrison?
    3. Reijo1247
      I'm sure all prisons are resetting so players can have a fresh start to choose regular and op prison
    4. Pontic_Valley
      whats wrong with skyblock tho? I'm dying pls
    5. Kat
      @Saito with Factions, seems a faction consists of many people who would get the cash prize? As wouldn't it be unfair of the leader was inactive and didn't do anything for the faction and end up getting paid
    6. DeaconHo
      Dangit, The reset crashed the first exams... I am not going to have a good start for facs...
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      What he meant is: will his plot transfer to prison 1 or will it become a plot on OP prison (assuming that there are plots on OP prison).
    8. JGFLars
      i nhave a question why servers does resets
    9. _CommanderTan_
      Omg!!! I'm so hyped for OP Prison!!! I can't wait!
    10. yoloswag58
      And what he said is tat Prison is resetting so neither.
    11. DoubleClickinq_
      Can i join a faction on Factions? im good at pvp and farming, and making sets and wow that's a lot of money that there giving out LMAO
    12. yoloswag58
      XDDDD I need some money
    13. DoubleClickinq_
      same, i want deity
    14. DeaconHo
      After I told my school's faction crew about the reset, they were like meh. When I told them about the prizes, they said, when is the restart?
      Then I said, it is planned on the 1st of December and everyone left because we all got exams XD
      Sad sorry :(
    15. DoubleClickinq_
      NO! i still want deity
    16. Adrien/Skimtar
      That's not his problem if your leader is inactive that's on you and your fac to decide what to do
    17. Bacon4Dayzz
      I basically just bought Deity :D
    18. DoubleClickinq_
      buy me it bae?
    19. Bacon4Dayzz
      No way lol. I spent 50 GBP and I am not doing that again
    20. DoubleClickinq_
      50? it's 150$ USD for me LOL
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