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7/25/2016 Change Log and Updates

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By Saito on Jul 27, 2016 at 9:32 PM
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    Store Sale Extended to 50% Off - Rank Quests for Legacy Ranks will be removed on August 4th as Mojang has decided they are no longer EULA compliant, so this is your last chance to get them! Remember if you cannot upgrade your rank you simply need to PM me with your IGN and current rank in order to have it fixed.

    This week's change log focuses on information regarding the Survival reset this Friday and some major adjustments to the Faction's shop in order to better stimulate raids and economic growth. We have also continued to fix bugs and polish the Kitpvp and Oppvp resets.

    • New ClaimLevels plugin
    • Veinminer enchantment kicks fixed
    • Spawner drop chance increased from 75% to 85%
    • Iron Golem spawner price reduced from $7m to $2.5m
    • Added Creeper & Enderman spawners to the in-game shop
    • Blazerods now sell for $11 each instead of $2
    • Iron now sells for $13 each instead of $11
    • Cactus and Sugar cane now sell for $2 each
    • Piston prices decreased massively
    • Price of all raiding supplies decreased massively (TNT, redstone, gunpowder, levers)
    • Primed TNT no longer deleted by lag clears
    • /spawner has a longer cooldown for Emperors and Deities
    • /crafttnt added, $10 per TNT without sand and $2 with sand in your inventory
    • Very good progress completed on the reset. Should be ready for Friday :)
    Kitpvp / Oppvp
    • Guild points now work correctly
    • /guild top added
    • Top guilds now display at spawn
    • You can now upgrade your guild for 5000 coins for an extra 5 slots
    • Fixed a bug where fire wasn’t applied to players
    • Fixed a bug with guild points removing too many
    • /back command removed from all players
    • Fixed a dupe glitch with mob drop booster
    • Fixed an issue with people buying rankups in the /rankshop not being able to do commands
    • /paycoins has been added to send coins to people
    • /paycoins exploit fixed

    The other thing I wanted to mention is the new anti cheat we've been working on; it's finally in beta testing on the network and has been deployed for over a week now. We are busy collecting data and fine tuning it before we really have it start pushing work load and kicking / banning players automatically. So far the anti cheat has banned a few dozen players who were confirmed hacking and we believe that with further improvement it can rival the best anti cheat's in the world. Keep in mind this was custom made and designed to have no lag, no hit detection issues, and as few false positives as possible. We won't be releasing many details on how the anti cheat actually works as we don't want to reveal our methods, but be aware that we are now cracking down on hackers like we never have before.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jul 27, 2016.