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8/29/2016 Change Log and Updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Aug 30, 2016.

By Saito on Aug 30, 2016 at 2:16 PM
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    This week's change log covers two weeks worth of updates and the main focus was the Duels server in this interval. We have quite a few fixes / updates across our network but you will notice that Duels has been fully reset with many new features. I would also like to mention that our final summer sale has ended, and a big thank you to all of our lovely members that have continued to support us. We will be introducing a new developer to our network that will be working behind the scenes and having a high presence on the forums, his username is @JamieSinn and you can contact him directly regarding any bugs / issues across the server via PM on the forums.

    • Hoppers are now $150 for 64 in the shop
    • Full inventory of iron now sells for $50k
    • Added /seen to elite and noble
    • Server rules updated
    • Truces and Allies no longer disable /f fly
    • Modified f top plugin, still working on it for best results
    • Lag spikes have been patched
    • Added a resource world at /warp resource (more to come on this soon)
    • Fixed a bug where players could forcibly tp other players
    • Island reset is now a 7 day cooldown
    • Disabled the mini shop
    • Disabled mob head drops
    • Breeding is now capped at 35 per island
    • Fixed a bug with the workbench reward from keys
    Kitpvp / Oppvp
    • Fixed an issue with chat not showing ranks
    • Fixed an issue with people dying when leaving arena
    • Guilds are now global (same guild for each server)
    • Fixed the kit rooms on each server
    • Changed the arena system so admins can now build
    • Global Elo system implemented (Avg of all current elos)
    • Current Elo rankings reset
    • Players no longer regenerate health in hardcore
    • New spawn
    • 15 new maps
    • Added Kit Axe
    • Added Kit BuildUHC
    • Added Kit Soup
    • Soup now instant heals health
    • Fixed a bug with potions
    • Added feather falling 4 to nodebuff
    • Leaderboards coming back (soon)
    • Shows the health of the winner at the end of the duel
    • New system for ranks - if still missing a rank please PM @hihihih565 directly
    • Purchasing ranks and not receiving them has been fixed
    • Legendary Keys added to all servers
    • Changed Keys to support UUID so players will always get their keys

    Overall this has been a pretty hefty update for the past two weeks with some great progress. I expect we will start moving even faster, with more updates and fixes at a better rate, now that we have @JamieSinn on board. Please feel free to say hi to Jamie as he will try to get to know the community and be active on the forums starting tomorrow. If you have found any bugs / issues with the Duels update please PM myself or @hihihih565 directly to report the issue with details.



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Aug 30, 2016.