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Announcements and Updates [OG Reset] [PvP Revamps]

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Feb 16, 2018.

By Saito on Feb 16, 2018 at 4:34 PM
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    A late Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I come bringing news of updates, development progress, and advertising campaigns.

    I believe this is an important time of year for Minecraft as a whole, and especially for GotPvP. February is usually a low player count month so we are ramping up our development and advertisement spending to carry us through Spring and into a strong Summer season. Please read all of the information below as I have personally prepared it to best summarize our current state of affairs here at GotPvP and District Networks.

    Thanks all!
    ~ Saito

    • Faction server OG District has a pending reset in progress. We have three YouTuber's that will be promoting this niche of our Factions community starting in March. The YouTuber's that will be promoting as our partners are F1NN5TER, xNestorio, and Tylarzz. All three content creators are looking to make a minimum of 2 videos per week, so expect very high Faction community involvement! The estimated reset date is early March, and we will be aiming for bigger factions and better rules to bolster the player count.
    • Website development progress has made leaps and bounds since @Xerotherm1c joined our team once again. We have released Player Stats, Leaderboards, a Ban Appeal Generator, and a Staff Page all within the last few weeks. We have continued plans for website development to improve our community in all aspects.
    • Advertisements have continued on GotPvP since December and are ramping up more this month. We currently have multiple sponsored listings on voting websites, increasing Google SEO, and have hired new YouTuber's for District as well. Currently these YouTuber's are only available to do Factions, but I hope that once there schedules allow it we will be able to get some popular series done on Skyblock, Survival, Prison and our PVP servers. Player counts are doing decent for February, which is a historically bad month for Minecraft, and are expected to climb in March with spring break and other catalysts.
    • Kitpvp and Oppvp are both actively being developed on by @Dmg_Pro, our ex head of staff from 2015 and currently one of our hired developers. He will be designing something classic for Kitpvp while still maintaining modern features and ideas incorporated into the game mode. This system will be carried over to Oppvp as expected and will receive additional changes to adhere to OP desires.
    • OP Prison has not been forgotten, but as it pains me to say I believe the first Prison release we did was good, but not quite up to my expectations. We had much bigger plans for it that time and development simply did not allow for with Redmancometh quitting on us last minute without notice. We didn't spend thousands of dollars on that amazingly made map just to launch it without our best ideas, so at some point we will be doing another major update, most likely before summer. For now OP Prison will remain in it's classic state until we have a more updated experience to provide you with.
    • Creative has been on my radar for a little while now, with a few veteran and older players asking me when it will receive an update. We are not opposed to doing a Creative update at all, and they generally only take a medium amount of time to create, but we need new ideas and fresh changes before I want to pursue a reset or major update on the Creative server. We need a comprehensive list of bugs to be reported by you, our community, that we might find and fix them all. Once that is done we can focus on new content for Creative.
    • Survival has a few outstanding bugs that we are aware of, and will be trying to get to soon once this backlog of work has been waded through. Overall I believe the server is in a pretty good shape codebase wise, but the economy needs some work. We may be focusing new in game content releases here soon to change things up and keep the community happy.

    Important News
    • GotPvP and District have been officially linked via their Hubs. Game server data has not been merged and both websites currently maintain a separate website and donation store online. The only changes the merge have brought are the good benefits of centralized advertising options and improved community image. The staff teams have been connected with one another to better serve our whole player base together.
    • Developers are currently being hired. For a while we've only had 1 to 2 developers at most, they are very hard to find with experience, but we've found another that we believe will do well and are currently in his trial period. We are attempting to speed up development as fast as possible before the strong Summer season comes and brings many players. Our goal is to be nearly bug free on all existing game modes before creating new content.
    • Ad Campaigns for G-Cash should have high inventory available right now. This means that you should be able to watch lots of ads per day until the inventory runs out. If you are not in the USA you might have issues using it, but there are ways to still watch them, just ask your fellow players.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Feb 16, 2018.