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April Updates and Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 17, 2018.

By Saito on Apr 17, 2018 at 2:53 PM
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    Happy Tax Day to all you folks old enough to pay them! If you aren't old enough be glad and thank your parents!

    April is an exciting month for us here at GotPvP as we begin planning all of our summer activities and releases. Fat Kid has recently launched and the community has been loving it! We've taken a lot of your suggestions and feedback to already improve and update the game since initial release last weekend. Thank you to everyone that has been playing and helping us make improvements!

    ~ Saito


    Mini Games have returned with the launch of Fat Kid this past weekend. We will also be adding Skywars and Hunger games to the game rotation before summer starts! I don't have exact dates for this yet but we can expect to see at least one new mini game added during April, and another coming in May! Maybe leave a vote in the comments for which one you would rather see added first.

    GotPvP Factions and OG District Factions will be merging and resetting together after the OG map ends this April 30th. Due to the awkward timing of this reset we will likely allow both maps to continue running for a few weeks until summer gets closer and players start getting out of school. We don't want to do the resets while everyone is wrapping up their last couple weeks of exams and are still too busy to play! An ideal launch date for the next Factions map would be towards the end of May.

    Prison and OP Prison will both be receiving updates / resets before the Summer. We will absolutely be using the same map as it cost us a huge amount of money and is still an incredibly under-used map with so much potential. We will make some improvements to the game features, massively change the economy to make the game much harder, and cap sell boosters much lower to restrict it. We've listened to "veteran players" far too long concerning Prison features when all they wanted was to be the richest players out there by having gimmick sell boost tricks that other players didn't know about. All of this will be changing in the next big Prison updates! I would expect the Prison update / reset by the beginning of June at the latest as opposed to our usual December resets for Prison. Hope this excites all of you that have been waiting on this news!

    District Hub will no longer be used starting in May, all players from District will be directed to the GotPvP Hub and encouraged to integrate with our lovely community. I know you guys see yourselves as a separate server sometimes, but we are all one big family, and I hope we can all enjoy the upcoming game releases together.

    Creative server will not be getting reset as the majority of players don't want to lose their plots, but we will be doing some updates this week to fix bugs and introduce some updated features. I'll post more on this when I have finalized information, but for now we are working off pure community feedback to bring you guys what you've been asking for.

    Kitpvp received another update this week to further balance the gameplay. We've introduced more free kits, pvp protection for players higher level than you, and several other game additions / features to make donors happy with their perks including a few more kits. Our goal is to have a thriving Kitpvp community of friendly players that want to play the game mode long term and not just grind a few kills here and there. Getting to the top of the website leaderboards should be a strong motive for all players!

    GTA is still on hiatus at this time. We really do want to bring it back eventually, but right now we don't have a developer capable of doing the game justice in a reasonable amount of time. The last developer we asked about this was quoting us a 4 month time schedule just to create a beta version of the new game, and we simply can't afford to commission that type of game development at this time with player counts and server revenue being so very low. I mentioned this on Discord, but I will say here too, that the server has not been making profits this year and we have been paying costs out of ownership pockets. Once the server starts making a profit again we will happily invest in getting GTA the update it deserves.

    Skyblock is still our most popular server in game at the moment and has been doing great since its relatively recent reset and updates. We will most likely not focus major updates on Skyblock again until mid way through the summer. Of course if there are bugs or small features you want added we can always make those happen in between resets, so send me a PM on Discord with your requests!

    Thanks for reading our April announcement, stay tuned for more!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Apr 17, 2018.