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Elsa's story

Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by xElsa_, May 14, 2016.

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    So I did one of these earlier a while ago but I didn't do it very seriously haha so I thought I would do a proper one.

    Man I remember the first day I started GotPvp, I was the biggest noob ever haha, I had played a few minecraft factions servers before but I never found a faction who didn't kill me straight away for my stuff. When I joined, I asked in chat if there were any factions I could join and I remember a fellow by the name of orgfhghg invited me to his faction "OrgArmy". At that stage, it was just me and him and I remember we made a cool base together hidden inside a mountain. As time went on, we gradually got more and more members in our faction, all awesome people and very nice. Not gonna lie, I think one of the guys was a bit dodgy and xrayed haha and he also made a rail duping machine haha those were the days :') anyway life was looking good at that stage.

    Eventually we moved on from that base in the hill and made a base on top of a hill. It was possibly the most awful base of all time haha. I remember logging on one time and seeing a donor with king rank outside our house. Myself and the other factions member online at the time were so scared of him and he raided us well and truly and took all of our stuff. I was a bit sad and after that I moved on from that faction.

    I kinda went solo for a bit and faction hopping a little also until one day a donor by the name of Obitozfan invited me to his faction. He was an Earl rank and I thought he was the most OP person ever because he had a rank haha. He was friends with all the top dogs on factions [all the people I was scared of :')] and we did quite nicely for ourselves.

    Around January of the next year I bought my first rank which was baron. I was so excited because now I wasn't a default nub haha but it was at that stage that I really began to start actually becoming ok at factions. I made friends with a few high ranked people and began to make my way in the factions world. I remember the day I transitioned from being a noob to the "best factions player in the world". I don't know why but a Deity by the name of TheHarbinger invited me to his faction with CreeperKing82 (Now known as Levity the factions admin). I remember building a base and them coming to check on me and give me a few tips as I built it. They gave me so much good advice on raiding and building and I am so happy that I did join their faction otherwise I would still be a noob haha.

    Now I remember we got up to a lot of stuff in that faction, but I remember one specific raid we did. I was margrave at this point and myself and Harb and a few others from the faction were all in this one big base. There was also about 6 other factions all in the same base. We were all loosely allied to each other but we didn't really trust each other all that much. Then somehow DarthTyrant who was a mod and also a great pvper got into that base and it got absolutely crazy. Everyone was killing each other and running away and I absolutely freaked out haha. I managed to get quite a bit of good loot but I died a few times in the process.

    Shortly after that, Harb got banned for something and the faction kinda fell apart. A short while after that, I joined the faction "Soviets" which was possibly one of the most fun factions I have ever been in. They all trusted each other so much and built massive bases which everyone was allowed to be a part of. We did quite a few good raids and good builds and those were some of my favourite factions days. I made a very good base in the end which never ended up getting raided.

    One day, however, some people were raiding a vault owned by my faction. I was an officer at that point and I had claiming/ unclaiming power. One of my friends InsertUser was there also and he asked if I could unclaim the vault. The vault was already blown wide open and there was only gravel and dirt in the chests so I unclaimed it, thinking that it would be good to have a bit of extra power in the bank, but what I didn't know was that our massive /f home was directly underneath it, which had almost everyone's stuff in it. I got kicked from the faction, as the owners thought I purposely unclaimed it so people could raid it. I tried explaining but it didn't work and everyone in the faction hated me except achilles (thanks achilles :p). Eventually though they must have realised that I was just stupid haha because I was able to join the faction again later.

    After I had left that faction, I created my own faction - SubSpace - which I still use the name of when I create a faction today. We had some great times but I got betrayed a few times by some close friends which kinda hurt. It was around this time that I met Lenkin, ethanbian, angelface2 and her cousin jack(lots of numbers) who were all really cool and great at factions. We had a big end base right in the corner of the explorable world which did not get raided for a very long time and we became quite rich.

    Anyways after a while I started to get a bit bored of factions and I decided it was time to leave and give skyblock a try. I gave angelface most of my stuff and left to join the world of skyblock.

    Joining skyblock was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made haha I was so bad at it and I had no idea what I was doing. I don't have much to say about my time there, except that it was there that I discovered my love for building. I do remember meeting ConnorWM there (now a mod) who says I was nice to him (although I don't remember what I did haha). Eventually I realised that Skyblock just wasn't for me so I went back to factions :')

    This time around on factions, I was a lot more cautious and didn't try to have the massive factions that I had the first time around. I remember doing a few really good raids with some friends and quietly getting quite powerful.

    One day, as I was raiding, I did /vault and grabbed out some gops and then closed my vault. Then I realised that I didn't have an axe on me, so I went back into my /vault to grab an axe and discovered that my gops were still in the /vault, but they were also in my inventory. I thought it was just lag so I relogged and then checked again, but there they were in my vault and inventory, so I did what any honest person would do and told an admin who then fixed it. JUST KIDDING! I totally abused it sooooo much to the point where I had a double chest of blaze spawners, creeper eggs and god apples. In other words, I completely ruined the economy :') and that's how I got my first and only perm ban. My friend Lenkin bought me an unban after that but for about a week after that happened, Oregon (who was a mod at the time) was following me around in /v to check if I had any more duped gear hidden around the place, but eventually I think he realised that I didn't :') anyway my advice is DON'T DUPE KIDS YOU CAN'T GET BANNED IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES!

    Anyway after a while again I started to get a bit bored of factions. I had my own faction for a while of people I trusted a lot, but one day one of them raided me who to this day I still don't know which one it was, but they stole about a stack of bedrock and all of my other stuff (there was a /chest reset coming so we were told to store our items in chests). I started to be bored of all the raiding and destroying stuff and I started just building nice looking things around the place, which inevitably got griefed. It was this that made me decide to give survival a go, so I said bye to factions and hello to survival!

    As soon as I joined survival, I realised that I had no idea what I was doing. I would have quit then and there had it not been for a very kind player who came and taught me how to claim and gave me a few materials to start my first build. I built a very interesting base with a few farms and a storage room.

    As time went on, I met a few cool players, one being WhErEtHeMuNy. He helped me out by filling in the gaps in my knowledge about survival and flags to the point where I could start helping people with it as well. We built lots of crazy things and may or may not have abused the spawnmob command once haha. Eventually I became more well known on survival and I was constantly doing lots of different builds.

    I remember one day Muny got helper and I was so excited for him and also because it meant I had a staff member friend so I could get anyone I didn't like banned! (just kidding haha) but it made me start thinking about becoming staff as well. As time went on, Muny started coming on less and less and eventually he got demoted for inactivity. One of the friends I made through Muny was jimmy8786 (now xJimmy_) who is a really funny guy. We had some great banter - I always said "dammit jimmy" to him until the day that I found out that dammit is a bypass the hard way :')

    At this time, I was probably one of the poorest deity's on survival, until one day an Earl by the name of Kha0s gave me his entire pigmen farm and ghast farm. There were quite a few spawners there and I sold some of them and created a farm which I made quite a bit of money off of.

    I remember that around about this time I met one of the coolest people I know to this day, Trebby123. She was a default rank at this stage, but she was so awesome haha. Me and her created an McMMO grinding region, where I eventually made it to number 1 in woodcutting (which took a long, long time haha) and a Pigmen McMMO grinder, which worked quite well.

    I also had started a big museum project where I displayed a number of heads and made some cool little easter eggs. I remember getting help from SeaKnight and Jimmy and a few others. I also got a ton of heads from a bunch of people and I had quite the expensive collection.

    Around about this time is when I first watched frozen and fell in love with the movie haha best movie ever! As a result, I decided to change my IGN from IrishNinja02 to xElsa_.

    Eventually I decided to apply for helper. I spent about an hour writing out my application and spell checking it (good tip for you guys who want to apply for staff - bad grammar = almost instant rejection) and then I sent it, slightly sceptical that I would have any chance of becoming a staff member, but shortly after the reset happened I got a pm back from Dmg saying that I had been accepted. I don't think I had ever been that excited while playing minecraft. I became helper and muted a few nubs, fun times!

    One day when I logged on, I was chatting and then all of a sudden I noticed my helper tag had become a mod tag and there was a broadcast saying "Please congratulate xElsa_ on her promotion to mod!" I was again ridiculously happy and I really enjoyed testing out my new mod perms hehe.

    Anyway I could go on about the rest of my story but honestly I think I've said enough :') Basically I resigned as mod in early January of 2016 and recently reapplied for staff and became a helper once more on survival.

    Thank you for reading my boring story lol and if you managed to get through the whole thing I will give you 1 free cobel in game on survival!!!

    - xElsa_
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    <3 COBEL! i love this!
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    AMZNNN just no mention of me sooo sad :(
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    Hey hey excuse me. We met in 2015 summer, not 2014. I was not even a default at GotPvP in 2014 summer.
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    Woops sorry @SeaKnight I am not great at remembering the dates hehe and @xZydon11 i didnt get one from you either :p
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    OI its not the same thing :p xD
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    Hahah Elsa love THE story
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    @xElsa_ its 0rgArmy not OrgArmy
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