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Factions 1.0 Features and Info!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, May 13, 2019.

By Jelly on May 13, 2019 at 4:42 PM
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    Hey guys! So I know there has not been many updates recently, and you guys haven't seen really anything that we have done with the server I get most of you are pissed and I understand that. Unfortunately, shit happens... and it's taken much longer to get even just Factions together and nothing could have been done to change that. The main reason for this post is so you guys know what the plan is so far and can keep you all updated everyday with the new ideas and features, and so you guys know what to suggest. Anyway, here is some of the features so far for the upcoming Factions map! (Please don't ask me about an ETA I don't know yet)

    Week 2:
    Ftop 1: 150 Paypal
    FTop 2: 100 Paypal
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal

    Week 3:
    Ftop 1: 150 Paypal
    FTop 2: 100 Paypal
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal

    Week 4:
    Week 4: Ftop 1: 165 Paypal + 125 Buycraft
    FTop 2: 110 Paypal + 75 Buycraft
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal + 50 Buycraft

    Week 4 Prize Increases for ftop 1 and 2

    World Sizes + important info
    Overworld: 5,000 x 3,000
    Desert: 3,000 x 3,000
    Nether: 3,000 x 3,000
    End: 3,000 x 3,000

    Faction sizes: 50 Max (75 with fupgrade)
    Power Per Player: 100 per player

    Old but worth mentioning

    Printer Mode
    Puts you in creative and instantly buys the item that you place.

    Sell Wands
    Can be used to sell anything in chests

    Craft Wands
    Can be used to block anything ingots in chests

    Sand Wands
    Use this to clear a sand pillar to instantly break it

    Printable genbuckets
    This Allows you to place the gen buckets with schematic (Does not work in printermode)

    Crop and mob hoppers
    Automatically collects all crop and mob drops in the chunk.

    Lightning Wand
    Smite Creepers using this item to gain a electric charge

    Tray Pickaxe
    Break the top block of any wall and all tray materials will be instantly removed in a large radius!

    Trench Pickaxe
    Destroy a 7X7X7 area of blocks at once!

    Harvester Hoe
    Automatically collects all crop drops.

    Use this to clear an entire chunk

    New shit so far

    New Crate System
    There is a new GUI for crates making it much easier to open and keep track of them.

    You can no longer Cegg cobwebs, however you can TnT them.

    Harvester Hoe Sell Automatic
    Automatically collects all crop drops and sells them.

    Waterproof Redstone.
    Redstone wont be broken by water.

    Throwable Ceggs
    This item can be used to throw at unreachable loot.

    We have revamp all the pouches making them much more worth the price.

    Faction Upgrades
    As requested, we have created Faction Upgrades, This will allow you to change the following.

    Increase faction size up to 75 (Max lvl 3)
    Increase the /f pv vault size (Max lvl 3)
    (This is all so far, lmk what else you want to add)

    Spawner mining fee.
    You will now be charged 50% of the spawners original value when mining. Note this will only apply after grace period, you will also have one minute before it charges you in case you simply misplace a spawner.

    Ftop announcements.
    Anytime someone in the top 3 overtakes one another it will announce it globally in chat.

    Faction vault
    Lots of people have asked for a /f pv (Faction vault) so I have also got this custom made, this will allow all members of the faction that has the permission to enter the faction vault and take/place items it. This is also upgradable up too 54 slots through /f vault upgrade

    Changed the kits up, lots of them didn't work and they wasn't very balanced. Along with added the new enchants some of them.

    Psudo gen bucket
    Added a new type of vertical obsidian gen bucket that gens all the way from 256 down to bedrock going through water and any block in its path so it patches pseudo holes and makes it easier to repair your base.

    After talking with Lewis and going over some things we have decided to go with custom enchants. We will be using the same system as the old district ones if you guys remember them. I will have a full list of each one and what they do and how you get them in another post closer to the time, they wont be too op so don't panic.

    Every so often after doing something like grinding, mining of placing blocks it will ask you to complete a captcha, this should help prevent bots and people trying to afk grind.

    Tnt/cegg logs
    Made it so you can't tnt/cegg spawners in your own land. I have also added a system that will allow staff to check all tntlogs and cegg logs to help with insiding/hacking issues.

    Factions gui.
    This gui will have everything you need for your Faction customisation. From player rankings to warps, homes, claims, perms and more making is much easier to customize your Faction by simply doing /f.

    When killing x amount of mobs, you will now revive mob coins as another way to grind for items and also get items normally exclusive to buycraft and also rare admin items.

    The new voteshop will gain you greater rewards that are much more worth the effort of voting everyday, from spawners to ranks get them all by voting.

    TnT/Cegg in own land
    You can no longer use tnt or creeper eggs to blow things up in your own land, yes you can still use dispensers obviously. This is to help prevent taking down spawners during raids.

    /fset paypal
    When creating a faction you will now need to set your paypal email. This is so there is no confusion when it comes to payout day and no excuses. Only I can see the emails don't worry.

    VoidChest & Wrench
    We have updated the old voidchest plugin. To make them less op it will now Tax you 50% of whatever is sold with it, meaning if steak was to sell for 10 on the shop it would only sell for 5 through the voidchest. We have also added an item called the Wrench. This is the ONLY item that can break the voidchest you can win this in crates, votes or buy it on the store.

    Last updated 13/05/2019. Anything added after the post was made will be set in Green and anything we decide to remove will be marked in Red so you know.​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, May 13, 2019.