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Factions & Prison Reset

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Nov 28, 2016.

By Saito on Nov 28, 2016 at 6:26 PM
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    On this thread you will find information regarding the upcoming resets for both Factions and Prison. Please read the entire thread before commenting or asking questions below as it may already be answered.


    The reset is set to go live on December 2nd, approximately 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT), but time is of course subject to change and is not guaranteed based on many variable factors. We will be having a Live Beta for the Factions reset from November 30th to December 1st lasting approximately 48 hours for players to get on the server, see what it's going to be like, and report any initial bugs / glitches / issues that they encounter. Note that the live beta is just a preview and will not count towards the full reset at all, and everything will be wiped after the beta period. We will then use the next day before the final reset to fix any of these issues and fully reset on December 2nd.

    Here you can find a list of changes and important features for this reset:
    • Factions Tournament, $3000 Prize Pool, more information can be found here
    • 20 Chunk Wall Buffer rule has gone into effect; any rule breaking will get your base wiped
    • 30 players per Factions, 30 power per player
    • Overworld border set to 15k, End set to 4k, and Nether set to 4k
    • End world has flat bedrock at Y0 and end stone from Y1 to Y60
    • Entities passing the world border become void to prevent some glitch based raiding
    • Anti freecam protection added so players cannot freecam cegg easily
    • Top 5 Kills NPCs located at spawn
    • /f sell chest (new command that enables you to sell the contents of a chest while looking at it)
    • Bedrock durability set to 250
    • Voting, Premium, and Legendary keys have all been buffed appropriately
    • Lava now explodes to prevent wall regeneration defenses
    • Minecarts disabled
    • Nether portals disabled
    • Death tax removed
    • Alt accounts allowed
    • 15 minute afk kicker removed (from all servers, not just Factions)
    • New custom enchantments plugin, check it out with /ce
    • New BossFights plugin, players can spawn in monster bosses to kill as a team and receive rewards
    • Fall damage completely disabled and fixed when exiting fly mode
    • Withers are only enabled in the Nether


    The Prison reset has been delayed about a week as we've had issues with both the build team creating the map and time to devote while simultaneously handling the Factions reset. I am now aiming to launch the Prison reset on December 9th at approximately 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT), but as always the exact time is subject to change.

    Here are a few of the expected changes in the Prison reset. I will list more of them in another announcement before Prison resets:
    • New and fully customized spawn, mines, free world, and individual donor mines for all 9 Legacy Ranks
    • New plugins that will increase the quality and speed of mining, as well as selling (hint: automated selling)
    • Raised sell booster limits
    • Tokens earned at a faster rate
    • Free world with resources, a permanent free world, and Nether / End world added as well
    • Increased cell sizes
    • Increased plot sizes
    • Improved prestige rewards
    • Improved voting rewards
    • New custom enchantments plugin (the same one that will be on Factions)
    • New BossFights plugin (the same one that will be on Factions)

    I hope this clears up some information regarding the upcoming resets. If you have any questions or comments please list them below and I will do my best to answer!



Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Nov 28, 2016.

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    1. DeaconHo
      Finally, Thanks Saito :D
      Is there an alt limit for a player?
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    2. RemzyBoyz
      Finally we can use alts
    3. Mechy


      I'm dumbfounded...but I love it!
    4. BrickDaddy321
      What about op prison?
    5. Tunsta
      It sucks that prison is pushed back a week, but it looks cool so I guess we can wait Satio [AUTO SELL :);)]
    6. Choragus
      Finally things that needed to be added back in to prison are back what about plot merge
    7. MSBeats13
      Wait we can sell chests now?!?!?!? Onfg hypeeerr
    8. Jookystryker
      Will regular prison prestiging give you 0.10x extra booster per prestige, with OP prison giving it 0.25x?
      And how big will these new plots be, the current ones are 33x33
      Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
    9. DrPvper
      Quick question, I'm emperor and warlord and I have not bought a plot, but when I did /plot auto a month ago I got a plot. So the moral is, will a certain rank get a free plot?
    10. BladeOfDoom1444
      What are the new sell booster limits? Is there both a higher multiplier max and a longer token booster time? What are the improved prestige rewards?
    11. Thecoolseed Playz
      Thecoolseed Playz
      Great new announcements! I can't wait for the update on Prison!!!!! But the thing hat sucks is that when I typed ./redeemrank Deity,(And this is now currently on prison 1,2) it did not work unfortunately :( :( :( And yes I have submitted a support ticket and nothing still. It's been a week I think. :( :( I just want the things That I payed for. It's kind of in fair.
    12. Bacon4Dayzz
      NOOOOOOOOO! I am gonna miss the prison reset
    13. BeasT
    14. Bacon4Dayzz
    15. TheStar244
      Alts allowed .-. pls unban my alt .-. : Shopper69

      (don't juj the name)
    16. DeaconHo
      Gonna ask my friend for alts :p
    17. Quezillion Official
      Quezillion Official
      Alt accounts allowed.
      Does this mean that more alts in the clan = more $$ for you?
      And; is this globally applicable? Or just factions? What happens to the ones banned for alting, will the alts be unbanned if they show proof via bans.gotpvp.com alting screenshot?
      Thanks :D
      EDIT: I'm retarded; for those asking the same question, refer here:
      Last edited: Nov 29, 2016
    18. DeaconHo
      It doesn't affact the amount of money you get if there are more alts or not as the leader is the one who distriputes the money.
    19. Quezillion Official
      Quezillion Official
      Will it affect how much *he* gets if he alts? It could have an effect; as he should be working 3x harder to make the alts good as well; you'd be wasting spots if your alts weren't doing anything, right?
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