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Future of GotPvP

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jun 25, 2019.

By Jelly on Jun 25, 2019 at 4:31 PM
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    Well... Our first map on GotPvP Factions 1.0 didn't go to plan at all. Issues with the jar, anti-cheat, memory leak and much more.

    This isn't ok, and defiantly not what you guys deserve. To start off, i wanna personally apologise.. This entire ''revamp'' really decided what GotPvP can become, and it's down to me to make it as close to perfect as I can.

    What's changing?

    Factions itself wasn't just the issue it's been the entire server. I have completely reworked the staff team in hope to get active and helpful staff on the server. It's one of the main things we need. All staff will also now have a selected server or ''servers'' they wish to work on. Factions will have it's own personal team as not everyone is fit for Factions and that's fair enough. (Staff applications are open)


    One of the main things I have found on the short time I have been here is I find myself doing all the jobs. Trying to manage staff, factions, skyblock, punishments, buycraft, and more. It's not very well structured and simply means I'm spending too much time trying to fix little things that others can do and not enough time on the server side of things. Admins will now have a set role that they will take care off rather than me trying to do it all.

    Server Rules
    I have looked over all server rules and polished them up. Removed some and added some, the was very outdated and had no real structure. It was a bad call removing a few of the rules on Factions regardless of how toxic it can be. If I have missed any that you think should be added or removed be sure to lmk.

    Factions (Some changes wont be till next map)

    The first complaints we got on the server was the custom enchants, the poison, curse and wither to be exact. It's not MY choice what enchants are on the server it's yours.. So we have completely removed the 3 enchants from the game.We have also added 3 new enchants.

    Health Boost I (Gives you 1 extra heart)
    Health Boos II Gives you 2 extra hearts)
    Pearl Blocker I (Gives a chance to block your enemy from using a perl for 4 seconds)
    Pearl Blocker II (Gives a chance to block your enemy from using a perl for 6 seconds)
    Rage I (Gives you strength 3, health boost 4, Resistance 3 and speed 3 for 5 seconds after you get a kill)

    The void chests was very good for TnT, but I understand that the 50% tax on all sold items was too much and made them next to pointless. I have gone and reduced the tax to 25% this way they are still worse than selling the items by hand but will still gain you the needed value. More work you put in the better.

    Where do I start, the anti-cheat this map defiantly wasn't good enough. The entire issue with phasing into bases was one of the main issues. We have gone ahead and added a patch for Vcliping and Phasing we have tested this with multiple clients and it's worked pretty much perfectly.

    Insiding Protection
    Another huge issue with Factions in general not just on GotPvP but all servers is insiding. I have come up with many ideas for how to prevent insiding all with pros and cons. So.. we have added a new feature called ''Spawner Access'' in game you will now be able to type ''/f spawner access'' A gui will pop up will all the players names in your faction, all players by default will be set to ''Disallow' this will mean they cannot break or place spawners in any of your land. The faction owner is the only person who can change this by simply right clicking the name they want to allow in the gui.

    Faction Rules
    We will be going over every faction rule, including the punishments. Some loved the rules some hated them. Lots are missing and many easy bypasses.

    Sell wands/Mob hoppers
    We have blocked being able to use sell wands in enemy land. You will now only be able to use them in your own land. We are also making it so you can only edit mob hoppers in your own land.

    Mob coins
    The mob coins was very rushed, not much in the shop and it's really not worth the grinding. We will be adding a shit ton more items into it and balancing the prices.

    The economy this map was a complete fail. Nothing was balanced, the entire eco was completely wrong. For example if you placed down a silverfish spawner it would take 6-8 days to buy another one. It shouldn't take any longer than 3-5 days max. We will be completely re doing the eco and working out the math behind it, not just putting in some random numbers hoping it will work. Some goes for keys and gkits.

    To my surprise koth was used much much more than I thought it would, hence I only had one koth this map every I think 8 hours. We will now be changing that to every 6 hours this map. And next map every 3 hours having 3 different Koths rather than just one.

    This map, i personally wast happy with the warzone and how it blends into the wilderness, lots of people also complained about it for pvp. Next map I have got a fully custom 5k-5k map. The entire warzone will be completely flat with just random structures, trees and a few other bits. This should help with pvp and also derps/traps.

    Cannon jar
    For those that first map of playmc when Lukes jar was active you would know it was perfect, there was no issues and it worked a treat, same for arcade. Really not sure what happened this map. When tested before the map opened it could handle everything we tested with no issues. Unfortunately there are other issues on the server that has impacted the performance, the issues are not with the jar itself.


    We have already started work on the new skyblock map for GotPvP, this entire map is down to you guys as a community. Everything we do is going to be based of the suggestions from the past year. We will be voting on pretty much everything to ensure you guys get the map you want. And not just another crappy skyblock the same as every other server.

    To start, the entire theme of this map is going to be Retro Skyblock. Old school systems with old school features and making sure you can't just spend mommy and daddy's money to get yourself to the top.

    We are looking at around a 2 week ETA if that for skyblock, like Factions we will have a change log with everything you guys need to know along with a dope trailer.

    Looking forward to the Future of GotPvP, I'm positive myself and the team will pull through and get this server back on it's feet.

    Any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a Dm on Discord Jelly#2002​
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jun 25, 2019.

    1. xGavinScottx
      I miss prison :'(
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    2. nathan12268
      thanks for the changes but they are still a bit late..
    3. ironick78
      Mannnnn i fee you
      i want to old classic prison.I talked to a ,lot of ogs and they all want to come back to play prison but now theres always soooo many costum enchant.
      we need the prison from 2014
      i whilling to try to help jelly to work on prison and everything and some other old admin too.
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    4. Hampto
      Can we apply for a server that isn't out yet?
    5. morthal
      excited to be apart of this reformed staff team! :D
    6. Superman_
      none of us really care about factions or skyblock were all waiting on prison
    7. DryBones
      For the past few years we have all been waiting for a good prison. Never mind even a half descent but instead they keep shitting out this kind of garbage I mean who cares about factions and skyblock. They have been the centre of your attention for years. Yet for some reason prison (the game mode that made gotpvp big) has been neglected FOR YEARS!! and that's why this server is shit and will probably always be shit because you waited for to long to create a good prison and even if you did make one now you wouldn't have the player base you would have had had you actually used your brain
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    8. ironick78
      I AGREE
    9. Aussie
      Factions and Skyblock make the most money. GotPvP is a business.
      i agree with those who want prison back, i remember playing that when i got back from school at 2014, like those good old days were good. Now it's hard as hell to find a prison server that was as good as gotpvp, they had classic for those who like to suffer and op for those who liked having it faster pace.
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    11. Madara_
      Looking forward to all the new changes.
    12. Superman_
      Skyblock didnt beat Prison in money? 600 Players vs 200
    13. Superman_
      i recently found one close to gotpvp in some fashion