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Discussion in 'Creative' started by Orintario, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. Orintario

    Orintario New Member

    Discord ID:
    Now that the server is being revamped again, we have a chance to make Creative what we want it to be. There is a Creative discord, but idk if I’m allowed to post the invite here. So you can put your suggestions in the Network Discord’s suggestions channel. Or you could make a list of any ideas and improvements you want to see made to Creative and either DM them to me on Discord (Orin#0284) and I’ll put them in the Creative discord (please don’t DM them to Olly, as he is quite busy handling multiple resets), or you could join the Creative discord and put them there.
    Now that Saito is back, we have a chance to be heard and let our server shine like it used to! But we can’t do this alone, so we need help from all of you.
    If you want an invite to the Creative discord, DM me on Discord (Orin#0284).
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  2. MrKirbychu

    MrKirbychu New Member

    I'm not sure if saving or loading schematics is allowed on GotPVP (idek if they allowed it in classic GotPVP 1.0), but it would be nice to load in schematics after staff reset Creative, or save builds to schematics before a reset so they don't just get deleted like they always do.
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