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GotPvP Faction Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by Jelly, May 8, 2019.

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    GotPvP Factions Rules

    These are the basic faction rules and are subject to change at any time without being notified. They will also be updated if any changes are made.

    Strike System
    Each faction will begin the reset at 0/25 points. Each of the following rules have point values associated with them and each time your faction breaks a rule you get those points assigned to your faction. If you reach 25/25 points your faction will be disbanded.

    Disband: Faction disbanded, base world edited out and all known spawners removed from faction players pvs. They are prevented from winning that reset.

    Raid Starts: When tnt is fired from a cannon and hits the base. The tnt does not have to break a wall but it must be able to reach the base. Or if damage is done to any part of the base with ceggs, this does not include damage to the WALLS only the main base itself.

    Raid Ends: 15 minutes after the most recent “Begin” trigger. I.e. 15 minutes after the last shot was fired on the base.

    General Faction Rules

    (a) Whenever your faction has been issued a warning you will be expected to immediately stop and not to repeat whatever rule you’re breaking or the punishment may escalate.

    (b) You may not use allies, alts or players to attempt to bypass these rules.

    (c) Any forms of ddosing/doxing will be dealt by the discretion of an admin.

    (d) ANY Form of abusing the Shield plugin will result in a a severe punishment, that be a faction disband, removed from payout etc etc.

    1. Insiding Factions

    Insiding will result in a PERMANENT ban. This is described as betraying your faction by unclaiming all, stealing spawners, mining spawners and/or stealing/removing F Top value, insiding is not limited to just these actions. Spawners that you have purchased or gained before joining a faction, once placed cannot be taken back and will count as insiding. Note: You will NOT be refunded the spawners unless they can be traced and found.

    (a) Insides do not count when you mistrust another faction with faction permissions and they abuse this trust or when chest loot is stolen.

    (b) If you are insided while being raided you will NOT be compensated.

    (c) It will be at the discretion of Jelly to reimburse the value depending on the circumstances where proof is VALID.

    Punishment: The player who insided will be banned permanently

    2. Allying/Teaming/Leaching
    Your faction is permitted to have one allied OR one alternate faction. If you have an alternate faction it will be considered your allied faction. Alt factions however CANNOT claim a payout (one payout per faction).

    (a) You are not allowed to raid with more than one allied faction.

    Punishment: +3 faction points if there is evidence of willing cooperation

    3. Corners
    You are allowed a maximum of 1 corner, this includes different worlds.

    Punishment: Admin will ask what corner you would like to unclaim and forcefully do it.

    4. B - Claiming
    Any claim that interferes with a faction claiming their full buffer is not allowed.

    Punishment: 1 point + forcibly removed (Points are not assigned if the offence happens in the first 24 hours)

    5. Excessively Cheating/Ban Evading
    Any players caught CHEATING will receive a PERMANENT ban.

    Punishment: 3 point per player or 5 points per player if during a raid

    (a) If a substantial amount of players from a raiding faction are caught cheating during a raid, the raid claims will be removed and the defending base will be rolled back. However, instances involving both raiding and defending factions being caught with multiple players cheating, it will be at the discretion of an admin to handle the issue based on evidence provided.

    (b) Evidence must be submitted within 1 hour of the incident otherwise the roll back clause does not apply.

    6. Afk Grinding

    Afk grinding of any sort is not allowed, using autoclickers, macros or anything else to afk grind will result in a perm ban.
    Punishment: 3 point + Permanent ban.

    Faction Base Rules

    6. Patching Walls With Printer / GenBuckets
    You are only allowed to gen patch your walls 15 minutes after the last shot from the raiding faction has been fired.

    (a) Wilderness patching (This includes patching an enemy's float)

    (b) Using gen buckets to patch

    (c) Printer patching

    Punishment: 4 points + 3d ban for player(s)

    7. Claiming
    Maximum buffer length is 20 chunks starting from the base wall.

    Punishment: Illegal portions of base will be removed

    Buffers Between bases:
    There must be a minimum of 100 chunks between the outer walls of two bases.

    Punishment: Any base claims interfering with the 100 chunk distance of the pre existing base will be removed. (2 points)

    8. Regen Walls
    Regen walls are not allowed

    Punishment: Forcibly removed

    9. TNT Detectors, Raid Alerts and Checkboxes.
    Check walls with Redstone are not permitted under any circumstances. TNT/Redstone client updates (aka detectors) are not tolerated.

    Automated wall checking bots/scripts are not allowed: 10 points.
    Redstone check wall: 10 points + removed.
    Raid alerts/tnt detectors: 25 points.

    10. Base Defences
    • The following things are not allowed as base defences:
    • Fences
    • Cactus
    • Enderchests
    • Enchantment Tables
    • Chests
    • Banners
    • Anvils
    • Cobwebs
    • Stone walls

    (a) Just because a defence isn't listed here doesn’t mean it is allowed, however, you will be given a warning before being given 1 strike. Check with admins if you’re unsure about a defence.

    (b) Gap/Unreachable bases/unreachable cannon boxes are NOT allowed.
    (a roof will be world edited on)

    Punishment: Forcibly removed by staff member: 2 points
    If used to stop a raid: 10 points

    11. Spawners (Mining/Removing/Blocking Spawners)
    A spawner is a cube with 6 sides, 4 of those sides must be touching air or touching another spawner at all times.

    Punishment: 3 points as well as illegal blocks removed.

    During a raid, you, your faction, or your allies are not allowed to remove any spawners this includes mining/trenching, TNTing or creeper egging. IF THE PLUGIN THAT IS SET IN PLACE PREVENTS YOU FROM MINING SPAWNERS. THE SPAWNERS ARE NOT TO BE REMOVED UNLESS THE PLUGIN STOPS PREVENTING YOU FROM MINING, OR THE RAIDING PARTY BREACHES AND REMOVED THEM WITH TNT/CEEGS.

    Punishment: Any attempt to do so will result in 5 points as well as a 3d ban to participants. Mined value will be taken. Any fake raids will be dealt with by the discretion of an admin.

    Cannon and Raiding Rules

    12. Cannon Speed:
    Cannons that have sand entities leave the barrel and travel above Y:10 are not allowed to shoot faster than 3 seconds. (If you need sand to travel above y:10 you must slow the cannon down)

    Cannons that shoot at y:10 and under are not allowed to shoot faster than 1 second per shot. (One stackers etc)

    Punishment: 4 faction points added and the cannon removed.

    Evidence must be provided within 3 hours of such incident otherwise the roll back clause is invalid.

    13. Clocks
    Clocks are not allowed on cannons that have sand entities fly above y:10

    You are also not allowed to use a lever on your button spammer.
    Punishment: 4 points added and cannon removed as well as damage rolled back. Evidence must be provided within 3 hours of the incident otherwise roll back clause is invalid. Plus 3d ban for the player who printer/used the lever.

    14. Left shooting/right shooting:

    Sand is only allowed to be redirected left or right in claims owned by your faction or the wilderness. (inside the border)

    Redirecting TNT left or right is allowed as long as it is not accompanied by sand.

    Sand and tnt are not allowed to go above 255 (roof cannons).

    Sand and tnt are not allowed to go outside the border and back inside the border.

    Punishment: 4 points and cannon removed as well as damage rolled back.

    Evidence must be provided within 3 hours of an incident otherwise roll back clause is invalid. Factions points will still be assigned accordingly.

    15. Cannons Per Raid

    You are allowed only ONE raid claim per base per side that you are raiding, any further claims will be removed by staff. (Small misc. claims such as anti trap/cannon claims are allowed. As long as they are removed 6 hours after.

    You are only allowed to use one cannon concurrently, this means only one cannon firing at any one time.

    If you wish to raid on the other side, after you have already shot on the opposite side, you must wait 15 mins before doing so.

    Cannons that shoot multiple walls with one button press are NOT allowed (2 wall one-shots etc).

    Punishment: 4 points and cannon removed as well as damage rolled back.

    Evidence must be provided within 3 hours of an incident otherwise roll back clause is invalid. Factions points will still be assigned accordingly.

    16. Cobble Monstering
    Cobble monstering in any situation will not be tolerated and will be removed as well as the players will be punished, depending on severity.

    Punishment: Cobble monster removed and players involved banned for 3 days.

    17. Raiding cool off period.
    If a faction has been attempted where the raiding faction are unsuccessful in breaching/stop raiding, the defending faction will receive a 1 hour grace period where they cannot be attempted. Note: The raiding faction can still carry on after fail, it's only other factions that must wait one hour after the last shot of tnt to stat raiding.

    Punishment: 4 faction points added to the faction attempting before the 1 hour has passed and the raid claims forcibly removed.

    18. Raid Claims
    The maximum raid claim size is 11x11. Please note you are allowed a total of 24 walls.

    Punishment: Forcibly removed. If used to raid punishment down to admin discretion.

    19. Anti-raid claims
    You are not allowed to have claims that impede a faction from raiding, such as claiming that disallows the raiding faction from having a 10x10 raid claim. Countering cannon boxes from behind is NOT allowed, as well as creating counter cannons in front of raid claims that are not inside the defending buffer.

    You are allowed to claim in front of your buffer as long as it is not in line with your base plus 5 chunks. If your base is a 5x5, then you’re not allowed to claim within the first 10 chunks of the border on that side. You are not allowed to have these claims for longer than 6 hours after the most recent raid.

    You're not allowed to shoot from wilderness claims.

    You're not allowed to counter from behind. This includes floating a barrel in wilderness behind.

    Punishment: Claims will be removed with 4 points added to the faction. The rest will be at the admins discretion.

    Miscellaneous Faction Rules

    20. Eco Glitches / Duping
    Any form of glitches/dupes will not be tolirated, no matter the effect it has on the server and eco.

    Punishment: Player(s) 5-25 points Management Discretion

    21. Auto Farms
    Any farm that uses Redstone to automate farming of any crop is banned.

    Punishment: Forcibly removed +3 faction points to the faction involved.

    22. Scripting/Bots


    Any player caught scripting will receive a permanent ban.
    Punishment: 10 points per player.

    The only botting allowed is to control alts or to afk spawners and farms.
    Bots that run to koth or afk to claim it / do anything other than afk farms and spawners are not allowed. (This is subject to the discretion of an admin where rules may be altered through instances occurring). However, sand bots for cannons ARE allowed. Any script/application that allows bots to move in game other than to print sand are NOT allowed.
    Punishment: At the discretion of an admin.

    Payout Policies

    23. Faction Age
    In order to qualify for payouts, your faction must exceed an age of 5 days.

    Punishment: Disqualified from that weeks payout.

    24. Base Size
    In order to qualify for payouts, your faction must have AT LEAST 100 walls in all directions from the box that the spawners are placed in (except for corner bases).

    Punishment: Disqualified from that weeks payout

    25. FTop Value Location
    In order to qualify for payouts, your faction must have A MAJORITY of its value in the main base. (More than 85% of your value MUST be placed in your main base).

    Punishment: Disqualified from that weeks payout

    26. Weekly Payouts
    2 screenshots will be taken for payout, one on Friday 2pm est then another on saturday 2pm est. From Friday 2pm you are unable to gain value however you can lose value.
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