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GotPVP Factions 5.0 | 1st February 2019

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Hijacking, Jan 19, 2019.

By Hijacking on Jan 19, 2019 at 8:44 PM
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the announcement thread for this Faction reset!

    I will be going over everything that's being added/changed in this thread.
    But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for the reset is..

    Friday, 1st February at 10PM GMT // 5PM EST

    Faction Top Information

    We have decided to follow up the same Factions Top system we did last map due to how much you guys have enjoyed it! Because I deem it as a major success we have decided to up the antics this map to bring over more competitive factions for a better season.

    The following prizes are going to be paid throughout the season:
    Week 1:
    No prize, Grace period.
    Week 2:
    1st) $60 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
    2nd) $50 Buycraft
    3rd) $30 Buycraft
    Week 3:
    1st) $100 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
    2nd) $60 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
    3rd) $50 Buycraft
    Week 4:
    1st) $140 PayPal & $125 Buycraft
    2nd) $80 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
    3rd) $30 PayPal & $70 Buycraft
    Week 5:
    1st) $200 PayPal & $150 Buycraft
    2nd) $100 PayPal & $125 Buycraft
    3rd) $60 PayPal & $100 Buycraft
    Week 6:
    1st) $80 PayPal & $185 Buycraft
    2nd) $25 PayPal & $150 Buycraft
    3rd) $15 PayPal & $125 Buycraft
    Week 7:
    No prize, off season.
    So that means after the 7 week map is over, the total amounts paid out will be $1000 PayPal and $1,500 Store Giftcard.

    Rule Changes

    • Hiding faction wealth, this has been a huge huge issue around this map and has now became illegal from the start of this season. If your faction is caught with alt factions claiming wealth to keep it there temporarily or even having random claims within the wilderness is also illegal. All faction wealth must be placed within active bases.
    • Mining spawners whilst being raided is now a 60 day ban and a Faction warning.

    • With this being an necessity we will bring you a newly styled map with an exciting new spawn to look forwards to.
    Temporary Claims
    • This is a new feature that a few players have suggested to me. This is when you claim a bit of land within a 2 chunk buffer of a neutral / enemy faction. This will create something called a 'Temporary Claim'. This will show up on /f map as a yellow claim, no matter your alliance.
      • These claims will last for 12 hours
    • Due to popular demand of mcmmo notes, this will be added this season. This will allow you to withdraw your credits and sell them on auctions, gift them to faction and so much more!
    Money & Hoarding
    • Due to the amount of wealth withheld this season and amount of money some players were keeping money on the side and buying wealth at the last. This means that there will be limits on what you are allowed to keep. This value will be 1 billion.
      • This will remove bank notes.
    • These will be added back to showcase our latest features on the server. To allow people who don't look at posts on our forums.
    Bug Fixes / Small Changes
    • Fixed f inspect not showing broken spawners
    • Fixed Enderborn Enchantment glitch giving pearls.
    • Fixed setting home in neutral territory.
    • Fixed SpawnerTax not working.
    • Removed Thor.
    • Added Scoots 3 (Speed 3)
    • God apples are obsolete.
    • Added PearlBlock Enchantment - Chance to reset enderpearl timer for opponent
    Economy Changes
    • Disabled bank notes.
    • Cactus (Buy: 5, Sell 0.5)
    • Sugar Cane (Buy: 5, Sell 0.5)
    • Cocoa Beans (Buy: 100, Sell: 25)
    • Emerald (Buy: 480, Sell: 160)
    • Gold Ingot (Buy: 165, Sell: 55)
    • Emerald Block (Buy: 4,320, Sell: 1440)
    • Gold Block (Buy: 1,485, Sell: 495)
    • Creeper Egg (Buy: 300,000, Unsellable)
    This thread will get updated throughout the week.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Hijacking, Jan 19, 2019.

    1. SimKos
      remove /f pv in combat, so easy to do and will help the pvp community out @Hijacking
    2. Hijacking
      Will add this to my bug list
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    3. Perceptionn_
      Increase Blessing proc percentage and fix the reinforced enchant, also buff the guard enchant (If it even works). It will make players rely on enchants more than pots and make God PvP more exciting and fun.
    4. SimKos
      tbh i want all the enchants removed and cuz the basic vanilla enchants added like fire res, water breathing, strength, speed ect.

      its so fucking cancer fighting with lighting all over the place and yuo being blinded while being poisoned its kinda disgusting
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    5. Purposelessness
      Yo, when I redeem crate keys or do boss eggs, guess what happens? The first one in BOOM and stuff is flying EVERYWHERE because I got a 2x Caesar Kit! Then I spend a lot of time emptying out inv and trying again, and three times later BAM I got a kit again. It’s really annoying so maybe add the kit notes that we were promised.
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    6. DeaconHo
    7. Kral
      If you’re going to payout after the seasons over, forget it. A proper server would payout as soon as each week is done. GotPvP has struggled financially for a while now, so what makes you think anyone in their right mind would play and believe that full payouts (which are the biggest promised in a while) will be made?
    8. iMab
      hey its mab bitches whats good in the cut Minecraft left my life for a lil bit but yk u we back
    9. Hijacking
      @Kral Since I've been here every single payout has been made. I wouldn't make a promise to the community if I cannot keep it. That's a way to tarnish reputation and I'm not willing to do that. :)

      EDIT: Payouts are also weekly (given on Monday)