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GotPvP Factions Map 1.0 | $1,250 FTOP

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By Jelly on Jun 5, 2019 at 9:08 AM
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    Well well well... Ladies and gentleman after all the weeks we have put into creating the best Factions experience we can, we are finally happy to announce we will be openings the official Factions 1.0 Map on the 15th, June, at 2pm EST.

    Thank you all for waiting patiently, we know this has taken some time and we are sorry for that. We hope you guys love the changes and enjoy our first factions map! Please make sure you have read the rules for this factions map, you can find them HERE

    If you want to get a great idea of what our first season Factions 1.0 is about
    please check out our trailer below!

    Week 2:
    Ftop 1: 150 Paypal
    FTop 2: 100 Paypal
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal

    Week 3:
    Ftop 1: 150 Paypal
    FTop 2: 100 Paypal
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal

    Week 4:
    Week 4: Ftop 1: 165 Paypal + 125 Buycraft
    FTop 2: 110 Paypal + 75 Buycraft
    FTop 3: 75 Paypal + 50 Buycraft

    Week 4 Prize Increases for ftop 1 and 2

    World Sizes + important info
    Overworld: 5,000 x 5,000
    Desert: 3,000 x 3,000
    Nether: 3,000 x 3,000
    End: 3,000 x 3,000

    Power per player: 100
    Players per faction: 50
    Buffer size: 20 chunks

    Full Change Log

    Global blacklist and bans reset
    Yes you heard it, we have reset ALL blacklists and bans, I warn you now there will most likely never be another bans reset and defiantly not another blacklist unabn again, if you're banned your only option is to appeal it if denied you must buy an unban.

    Printer Mode
    We have revamp the printer mode making it faster and more efficient than ever.

    Sell Wands
    Can be used to sell anything in chests.

    Craft Wands
    Can be used to block anything ingots in chests.

    Sand Wands
    This item can be used to clear them annoying sand stacks left by cannons instantly.

    Printable genbuckets
    This Allows you to place the gen buckets with schematic (Does not work in printermode)

    Crop and mob hoppers
    Automatically collects all crop and mob drops in the chunk, making the need for huge hopper systems useless.

    Lightning Wand
    Smite Creepers using this item to gain a electric charge and blow up a much bigger radius.

    Tray Pickaxe
    This item will break the netherack trays left from creating your base.

    Trench Pickaxe
    Destroy a 7X7X7 area of blocks at once.

    Harvester Hoe
    Automatically collects all crop drops and puts them into your inventory so you never lose any cane.

    When you place this item, it will clear the entire chunk you place it in faster than you can blink.

    New Crate System
    There is a new GUI for crates making it much easier to open and keep track of them, we have also completely revamped the rewards giving you a greater chance for some sexy loot!

    You can no longer Cegg cobwebs, however you can TnT them.

    Harvester Hoe Sell Automatic
    Automatically collects all crop drops and sells them saving you time.

    Waterproof Redstone.
    Redstone wont be broken by water, this is to help you kids who can't cannon (;.

    Throwable Ceggs
    When thrown it will be like an egg, on impact it will spawn a charged creeper and explode making it much easier to get them hard to reach places.

    We have revamp all the pouches making them much more worth the price. You can now also get a spawner pouch.

    We have added boosters to the shop and crates. There are sell, mcmmo and xp boosters lasting x amount of time and gains you from x2 up to x5 booster.

    Spawner mining fee.
    You will now be charged 50% of the spawners original value when mining. Note this will only apply after grace period, you will also have one minute before it charges you in case you simply misplace a spawner.

    Ftop announcements.
    Anytime someone in the top 3 overtakes one another it will announce it globally in chat.

    Faction vault
    Lots of people have asked for a /f pv (Faction vault) so I have also got this custom made, this will allow all members of the faction that has the permission to enter the faction vault and take/place items it. This is also upgradable up too 54 slots through /f vault upgrade

    We have completely revamped kits and Gkits, making them much more worth the price and balanced. The top gear this map is p5 unb5 only in 2 of the gkits and caesar.

    Aswell as normal kits I have gone and revamped all the Gkits. Mostly everyone hated the old ones so I have changed them all up and made them much better.

    We have completely scrapped all old enchants and made completely new ones. Do not panic they are no op or anything like cosmic style. Mostly all the enchants are with in game mechanics like Wither and Poison. You can only get them through the buycraft, gkits, mobcoins or through the Enchant crate key.

    We have thought long and hard about the best captcha system for the server. When you join the hub a number will pop up in the air, you will either have to type the number in chat or do /bypasscaptcha If you bypass the captcha you will still be able to join Faction.. But you will not be able to talk in chat or move, only use the simple commands like tp, fjoin and a few others. If you do the captcha you will simply join factions with no issues.

    Tnt/cegg logs
    I have also added a system that will allow staff to check all tntlogs and cegg logs to help with insiding/hacking issues.

    Factions gui.
    This gui will have everything you need for your Faction customisation. From player rankings to warps, homes, claims, perms and more making is much easier to customise your Faction by simply doing /f.

    When killing x amount of mobs, you will now revive mob coins as another way to grind for items and also get items normally exclusive to buycraft and rare admin items. /mobcoins

    TnT/Cegg in own land
    You can no longer use tnt or creeper eggs to blow things up in your own land, yes you can still use dispensers obviously. This is to help prevent taking down spawners during raids.

    /fset paypal
    When creating a faction you will now need to set your paypal email. This is so there is no confusion when it comes to payout day and no excuses. Only I can see the emails don't worry.

    VoidChest & Wrench
    We have updated the old voidchest plugin. To make them less op it will now Tax you 50% of whatever is sold with it, meaning if steak was to sell for 10 on the shop it would only sell for 5 through the voidchest. We have also added an item called the Wrench. This is the ONLY item that can break the voidchest you can win this in crates, votes or buy it on the store.

    PvP broadcast help
    If you need help in pvp, you can now do /f tl or /tl and it will announce your cords in factions chat.

    Faction points logs
    With this new system it's much easire to keep track of yours and any other factions faction points. You can now do /f points (Faction name) you will be able to see the total points the faction has, why they got the points and when.

    For those who don't have a very good pc and don't have the best FPS, we have made it so you can disable lots of the features that will lower your fps. Like tnt, particles and entities.
    Thank you all for your support, if you have any question please leave them below or dm me on Discord Jelly#2002
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jun 5, 2019.