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GotPvP Factions Map 2 | $7,500 FTOP

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Jul 24, 2018.

By Amazing on Jul 24, 2018 at 3:35 AM
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for GotPvP Factions Map 2!

    I will be going over everything that's being added/changed in this thread.
    But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for Map 2 is..

    Friday, July 27th at 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)

    Important Information

    • The Overworld world border will be 10,000 x 10,000
    • The End world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The Nether world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The Stoneage world border will be 5,000 x 5,000
    • The grace period will last for 1 week.
    • There are 16 corners.
    • The faction member limit is 75.
    • Each member in a faction gets a maximum of 40 power.
    • Left shooting is disabled, insiding is not allowed, spawners are not invincible under water.
    • This map will end on September 7th at 4 PM EST. (6 week map)

    FTOP Information

    • The total ftop prize will be sectioned out & distributed every week.
    • TOTAL FTOP PRIZE: $5,000 PayPal + $2,500 Store Giftcard
    • The following prizes will be paid out every Friday at 4 PM EST (first payout is August 10th)
      • 1st. $600 PayPal
      • 2nd. $250 PayPal
      • 3rd. $150 PayPal
    • So a total of $1,000 PayPal will be paid out each week, for a total of 5 weeks. 1000 * 5 = $5,000.
    • The top 3 factions on the last friday of the map will be awarded the extra following prizes:
      • 1st. $1,250 Store Giftcard
      • 2nd. $750 Store Giftcard
      • 3rd. $500 Store Gifcard
    • If you are the leader of your faction, use the command /f setpaypal in-game so we know what PayPal email to send your money to. FTOP payments will be sent within 24 hours of the values being saved.

    The Economy
    Here's a list of all the important aspects of the economy for this map:

    • Zombie Spawner - $20k
    • Spider Spawner - $50k
    • Cow Spawner - $75k
    • Skeleton Spawner - $350k
    • Blaze Spawner - $500k
    • Creeper Spawner - $750k
    • Zombie Pigman Spawner - $1m
    • Enderman Spawner - $1.5m
    • Iron Golem Spawner - $2.5m
    • Villager Spawner - $4m
    • Silverfish Spawner - $10m
    • Bones sell for $5.75 each
    • Arrows sell for $3 each
    • Rotten Flesh sells for $0.5 each
    • Gunpowder sells for $4 each
    • Blaze Rods sell for $5 each
    • Enderpearls sell for $25 each
    • Spider Eyes sell for $1.5 each
    • String sells for $2 each
    • Slime Balls sell for $5 each
    • Leather sells for $0.7 each
    • Feathers sell for $2 each
    • Eggs sell for $2 each
    • Ink Sacks sell for $5 each
    • Golden Nuggets sell for $4 each
    • Cactus has been removed
    • Sugar Cane sells for $5 each
    • TNT sells for $1 each
    • Iron Ingot sells for $20 each
    • Gold Ingot sells for $30 each
    • Emerald sells for $35 each
    • Diamond sells for $90 each

    Change Log

    Custom Enchant Changes
    • Moved Molten from Rare to Uncommon
    • Moved Plagued from Mythic to Uncommon
    • Moved Smelting from Rare to Uncommon
    • Moved Cupid from Rare to Uncommon
    • Moved Haunted from Uncommon to Rare
    • Moved Magnet from Uncommon to Rare
    • Moved Rejuvenation from Mythic to Rare
    • Moved Comrades from Mythic to Rare
    • Moved Experience from Mythic to Rare
    • Moved Tank from Uncommon to Mythic
    • Moved Molten Shield from Uncommon to Mythic
    • Moved Sonic from Uncommon to Mythic
    • Nerfed HeadHunter to 2x damage from 3x
    • Nerfed Restoration regen effect from regen 2 to regen 1
    • Nerfed Commander max level from 5 to 3
    • Nerfed Rage effect from 15 seconds to 5 seconds
    • Nerfed Tank amount of hearts from 2 per level to 1 per level
    • Nerfed Obliterate max level to 3 (33%, 66% and 100% chance to instantly break obsidian)
    • Removed Rockets, Lightning, Bloodthirst, Confusion, Sedate, Phase, Aftershock, Snare, Hellfire, Enlightenment, Nullify, Frosty, Icicles
    • Added Pull -- Mythic Bow Enchant. Chance to pull target towards you.
    • Added Inquisitive -- Mythic Sword Enchant. Gain extra EXP drops from mobs.
    • Added Battlecry -- Mythic Axe Enchant. Chance to remove all debuffs.
    • Added Drunk -- Mythic Leggings Enchant. Gives permanent strength and slowness (unless equipped with Battlecry).
    • Added Stealth -- Mythic Chestplate Enchant. Gives permanent invisibility.
    • Added Shift -- Mythic Bow Enchant. Ability to shoot teammates to teleport to them.
    • Added Grounding -- Mythic Bow Enchant. Ability to shoot players and put their ender pearl on cooldown.
    • Added Longbow -- Rare Bow Enchant. Deal extra damage to players wielding a bow.
    • Added Skill Swipe -- Rare Weapon Enchant. Chance to steal EXP from opponent.
    • Added Focused -- Uncommon Weapon Enchant. Gain extra mcMMO XP.
    • Added Slayer -- Mythic Weapon Enchant. Chance to kill 2 stacked mobs at once.
    • Added Silent -- Uncommon Armor Enchant. Invisibility on /f near.
    • Added Double Catch -- Uncommon Fishing Rod Enchant. Catch 2 fish at once.

    Black Scrolls Added
    This scroll will extract a random enchant from an item and convert it into a 95% success rate book.

    Outpost Added
    We have finally added a fully functional Outpost system to this map! Check out the build:

    The faction that has the outpost captured will receive the following rewards:
    • 2x Sell Buff
    • 2x EXP
    • 2x mcMMO EXP
    • $25,000 every 5 minutes captured
    • +10% Book Success
    • -25% Book Destroy

    Factions Plugin Update
    The outdated Factions plugin on the server has been replaced with a new version that includes many new and updated commands and features, such as a new Recruit rank that all faction members receive by default and a new /f money feature that allows your faction to hold money.

    TNT Paper

    We have added TNT paper to the server which can hold an unlimited amount amount of tnt. You can left-click the paper on a container to add TNT. Then simply right click the paper in the air to tntfill in a 50x50 radius with the contents of the paper, or right click a container to fill it with TNT from the paper.

    Gen Blocks

    Gen Buckets have been replaced with Gen Blocks to allow you to use printer to gen walls. They work the same way as the old Gen Buckets, however they are unlimited use and charge you per use when you place the block. You can obtain them in the /shop for free.


    Trench Pickaxe

    Trench Pickaxes will now automatically change tool type between Pickaxes, Axes and Shovels depending on the type of block being mined.


    Tray Pickaxe

    We will also be adding Tray Pickaxes to the server. Tray pickaxes allow you to break the top block of any wall to remove all tray materials (dirt and netherrack) in a large radius.


    Craft Wands

    Similarly, we have also added Craft Wands to the server. A Craft Wand is a tool that allows you to right click any chest to instantly convert all ingots to blocks.


    Mining Rewards
    We will be adding mining rewards that you will have a chance to receive when you mine naturally generated ore. These rewards will vary from tokens to pouches.

    Printer mode has been drastically refined.
    Firstly, all payment messages will now be sent in the action bar for clients that support it to avoid spamming your chat when printing larger builds.


    Likewise, we have added some missing items to the shop that have been highly requested, such as trapdoors and ladders.

    You will also now not be able to use printer mode when enemies are nearby (within 3 chunks), similar to the restriction on /fly.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Jul 24, 2018.