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GotPvP Factions Map 3.0 | $950 FTOP

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Dec 24, 2019.

By Jelly on Dec 24, 2019 at 1:52 PM
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    Well fuck has this been a long time coming, finally proud to announce the release of Factions Season Three!
    Myself, joseph and the team have worked around the clock to make sure this factions map is the best it can be. Release will be..

    RELEASE: Saturday the 28th at 2pm Est.

    Payout weekly
    #1 - $150 PayPal + $100 Voucher
    #2 - $100 PayPal + $50 Voucher
    #3 - $50 PayPal + $25 Voucher
    600 paypal 350 buycraft
    World Sizes + important info
    Overworld: 5,000 x 5,000
    End: 5,000 x 5,000
    Nether: 5,000 x 5,000
    Grace: 5 days, 3 weeks total.
    Power per player: 50
    Players per faction: 20
    Buffer size: 20 chunks
    Cannon speed: 3 seconds

    Factions core
    We have an all new factions core this season! To put it into perspective last map the core had a total of just 5 pages. This map... 11! This core includes some new dope af features never seen before on gotpvp. I have listed all the commands below.
    Upgradable tools
    Our new tools system will be based off a tokens system, more about that below. When you first log in you will revive the following tools. ShockWave pickaxe, sell wand, and a Harvester hoe. Using tokens you are able to upgrade the tools.

    Sell wand
    Deafult - 50% sell buff
    Level 2 - 75% sell buff
    Level 3 - 100% sell buff
    Level 4 - 125% sell buff
    Level 5 - 150% sell buff

    Shockwave Pickaxe
    Deafult - 3x3
    Level 2 - 5x5
    Level 3 - 7x7
    Level 3 10x10

    Harvester Hoe
    Default - $???
    Level - 2 $???
    Level - 3 $???
    Level - 4 $???
    Level - 5 $???

    Token shop
    Token shop will allow players to spend the tokens collected from grinding mobs or purchasing pouches to purchase normally buycraft items only from the shop. Shop will include items like crates, keys, spawners and much more.

    12 hour Factions Shield
    Factions shield is an awesome new feature that will allow factions to put up what essentially is a shield that will blocks other factions from being able to raid them for a period of time. But.. This will also mean while your factions shield is on you wont be able to raid other factions. You can change the time your shield is active but you will need to do this a minimum of one day in advance.

    Faction Missions
    Every 24 hours a factions will be able to complete a mission, the missions vary from placing cactus to killing an amount players. Completing the missions will reward you with tokens.

    Faction Upgrades
    Dope new faction upgrades that come with the new core, Spawner rates, crop rates, tnt bank size, amount of warps and more. You can use tokens to get the upgrades nothing else.

    Sand bot
    The new sand now means you will no longer need sand alts, the sand bots will place the sand for you. Place the sand bot down and place brick where you would like the sand to spawn.

    The new crates system has been added, yes the same one from Skyblock and Prison. For those who don't know what system that is. Everyone with rank Merchant+ will have the ability to re roll a crate if the first reward isnt what they want. Crate rewards have also been changed to better fit the economy.

    New Roam feature is like a server side Free cam, this will allow you to roam around through bases etc to help with raids, traps and other stuff. However this has many limits for obvious reasons. Any abuse of this will result in a Blacklist.

    Custom Enchants
    All new custom enchants have been added this map, they should better fit the economy.

    Ignition I: Chance to set anyone who attacks you on fire for 5 seconds.
    Grievous Wounds I: Provides a chance arrows will pierce deeper and cause severe bleeding.
    Angler I - III: Provides a small chance of getting a bite as soon as the hook hits the water.
    Antidote I: All harmful effects given to wearer have their duration reduced by half.
    Obliterate I: Instantly destroy glass, obsidian and sponge.
    Rejuvenation I: Provides a small chance wearer’s armor will gain durability on hit.
    Grind I - III: Multiply XP level on mob death
    Sharpshooter I: Fully charged arrows deal more damage across longer distances (up to 100% bonus)
    Last Stand I: The lower your current health the more damage you will deal.
    Health Boost I: Provides 1 extra max heart of health per tier per piece.
    Granite I – III: Reduces all incoming damage from arrows by 2.5% per tier per piece.
    Fatty I: Grants you permanent full hunger when worn.
    Jelly I: Negate all fall damage.
    Visionary I: Will grant you permanent night vision when worn.
    Aquifer I: grants you permanent Water breathing when worn.
    Steroid I – II: Grants you permanent Strength when worn.
    Nether Skin I: Grants you permanent fire resistance when worn.
    Agility I – II: Grants you permanent speed when worn.
    Haste I – II: Grants you permanent Haste when the item is held.
    Springs I – II: Grants you permanent Jump when worn.
    Blessed Spirit I: All valuable blocks affected by creeper explosion damage radius will be sent to players inventory.

    New outpost plugin, this plugin is much more stable than the last. Also offering better rewards for capping it. Outpost will now also log the top factions who have held the outpost for the longest. Top faction will buycraft at the end of the map.

    Outpost Rewards
    1.5x Sell Boost
    2x Spawner rare boost
    2x Crop growth boost
    1.5x Chance to get Tokens.

    Server Jackpot
    Players will now be able to enter a server wide jackpot, you can enter as little or as much as you wish to enter. However the more money you enter the higher chance you have at winning. For example if the current jackpot is 200k and you enter 50k you have a 25% chance to win.

    New /printer
    New printer this map is perfect unlike last map where it would fuck up and place the wrong blocks with big builds such as cannons.

    Tnt bank
    Scrapped the old tnt paper shit and made a new tnt bank, this system is 100x easier to use. You can deposit, withdraw and fill with the new tnt bank.

    Collectors are pretty much a combination of mob and crop hoppers. The mobs and crops will be auto collected and put into the collector gui. This means you do not need a full grinder for mobs. However you will when it comes to blazes. TnT will also be collected.

    /f stats
    The new /f stats system is a dope feature that allows you to view exactly how many blocks places, broken, amount of deaths, mobs killed, players kill and much more!

    Battle pass
    The new battle pass will be on the store before release, this will allow you to complete challenges each day to win dope rewards the top reward being something exclusive to only the battle pass!

    Item Filter
    Item filter does exactly what it says, this will allow you to filter items you do and don't want to pick up.

    Other Misc Features & additions
    New gen buckets
    New spawn
    New koth system


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Dec 24, 2019.