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By Jelly on May 12, 2020 at 1:36 PM
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    Ohhhhhhhh baby! Lets get this shit going... Back again with Factions! Countless hours of testing, ridiculousness amounts of cannon testing and hours of drinking we are finally ready to bring you this banger.

    RELEASE: Saturday, 16th May 3pm est

    #1 $450 paypal 200$ BuyCraft
    #2 $100 paypal 120$ BuyCraft
    #3 $50 paypal 80$ BuyCraft

    Overworld: 5,000 x 5,000
    End: 5,000 x 5,000
    Nether: 5,000 x 5,000

    Grace: 5 days, 2 weeks total.
    Power per player: 100
    Players per faction: 15
    Shield Time: 10 hours
    Buffer size: 20 chunks
    Cannon speed: 3 seconds

    10 hour Shield
    We have made some improvements to the shield this map yet again, just some minor bug fixes and config changed. Remember to apply your shield you MUST set you base region /f setbaseregion

    Cannon jar
    Countless hours of testing and multiple edits to the jar we have finally got everything working as it should with fully stable 20tps and every type of cannon working. Below are some vids on cannons!

    With some amazing new builds for the koth we have also gone along and put the koth in its very own world, this way there wont be any running away into traps etc. Koth will be every 6 hours and you will receive one Koth key.

    Battle Pass
    With another map comes an all new battle pass with better rewards than ever, for only $15 it's definitely worth!

    We have added 4 new enchants this season, wither 1-2 and poison 1-2. Very simple, depending on the level you have a chance to to attack your enemy with the effect for x amount of seconds.

    This map we spent countless hours going over our Knockback system and pvp in general, finally getting it to near perfection. Obviously there may still need some minor adjustments but it's definitely 100% better than any map before.

    Harvester Hoes
    Moving away from the old token system we have revamped the harvester hoes to break a radius of sugar cane rather than the upgrade making the sell price more. You can use in game money to upgrade the hoe, or purchase them from the store.

    Printer has been completely revamped, we have made an entirely new plugin for it. We have remove the feature that will auto buy the items from shop due to dupes and people abusing them.

    Other changes
    1. Removed tokens
    2. mcmmo boosters removed.
    3. Token pouches removed.
    4. Revamped crates.
    5. money rewards doubled in crates.
    6. Spawners no longer act as sponge
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, May 12, 2020.