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GotPvP Prison Siege Map 1.0 | Old School Prison

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Oct 3, 2019.

By Jelly on Oct 3, 2019 at 2:57 PM
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    Main Release - 12th October 2pm EST

    Beta Map - Saturday, 5th - 11th October 2pm EST

    This map of Prison has no set end date, so it will simply play on till we feel it needs a reset. All items purchased on the beta will be given to you on the main map too.

    Flo Auction
    This will be used as the new way we do auctions to put something up for auction you type /auc (the amount in your hand) (the amount of money the bid starts at) for example: say I want to auction a grass block I’ll type /auc 1 1 while holding the grass block. In order to bid you type /bid (amount of money) example: If I was going to bid on the grass block I would type /bid 2. You can bid an endless amount of times until someone wins the auction.


    Gangs - This will be a new addition to Prison kind of like how there were parties on Prison. You can create a gang up to 5 members, you cannot hurt people who are in your gang, there will be a set of achievements for you and your gang to complete. Gangs will have their own chat to use to talk to every member that is in your gang.


    Return of Free World
    After ranking up from A-Z you reach the free rank which grants access to the free world. This is where you will be able to roam freely around a random generated world so you can find all the building materials you desire.


    Every 1,000 blocks mined you will now receive one token, just like the old days you can use tokens to purchase personal boosters from /shop

    Pretty basic plugin, you can obtain drugs through the black market or through buying the drugs kit on the store

    We have revamped the quests and made them as close to the old ones as possible, over 100 quests to complete for awesome rewards!

    With many more features you will just have to wait and see, hope to see you all on this Saturday for the beta map so we can eliminate all issues and bugs!​


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Oct 3, 2019.