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GotPvP Prison Siege Map 2.0 | The Redemption

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Nov 23, 2019.

By Jelly on Nov 23, 2019 at 12:54 PM
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    Hey everyone!
    Myself and the team are hyped as fuck to bring you guys another awesome map of prison. We have worked so hard for Season two to fix all the issues and bring you guys all the classic features you guys want. I really think you guys will enjoy this map.


    (Please note Features added after this post was made will be marked in green)

    We have added a new command that being ''/rankup (number)' using this command you're now able to rank up instantly to your chosen rank rather than typing the command 20+ times. For example, if you’re a do /rankup 10 it will add up the prices from a-j and make you rank J.

    New anti looter plugin has been added, this will now mean when you kill a player ONLY you will be able to collect the dropped loot for 10 seconds, after the 10 seconds the loot will be free grabs for any other players.

    On death players will now have a 70% chance on dropping there head, mobs will now also have a 3% chance of dropping a head.

    Spawners have now been enabled, with this you can now mine spawners if you're a donor rank with a silk pick as well as also being able to now craft spawners by simply placing a mob egg in the middle surrounded by iron bars. Igs and creepers and zp will be disabled.

    A new Global Event has been added! Introducing the Christmas tree, at spawn there will now be a christmas tree that you guys need to feed items in order to upgrade it. There are 4 levels of the tree each one making the tree grow bigger. Upgrading the tree is simple, when left clicking the tree you will see a message in chat with the items the tree requires to be be upgraded It will look something like this

    The best part is, once the tree is fully upgraded we will be doing a HUGE drop party and giving away lots of cool items and even buycraft vouchers! You have till the 25th of December to upgrade the tree, if you fail YOU GET NOTHING!

    New updated plots plugin has been added, after legit spending hours testing we figured out the issue that was causing the plugin to crash the server. The new plugin is the one you all know and love ''PlotSquared'' the same on on creative.

    Player mines have now been added! I know this was a highly wanted feature for map one unfortunately we didn't have it done in time.

    What is a player mine?
    A player mine is a personal mine but you can only get one after you have prestiged 3 times, it is a private mine for you to mine in and even players can rent and mine it too. To get a player mine when you are prestige 3 do /mine create. Player mines also can only have a maximum to 5 players renting the mine, Keep in mind that it will cost 30 million to buy a mine.

    How to change the contents of your mine?
    To be able to add blocks to your mine, first you will need points. 10 points will be rewarded for every 1000 blocks mined. do /Mine contents to choose what you would want to see added in your mine. There will be a menu for you to add the blocks. every block will cost some points depending on its value. All points will not be wasted, you can reuse the points after if you want to change it to a different content.

    What Blocks are there?
    They are arranged in order based on the amount of points that will be used. dirt being the least and chests being the most.

    Snow Block
    Ender Stone
    Coal Ore
    Iron Ore
    Gold Ore
    Redstone Ore
    Lapis Ore
    Diamond Ore
    Emerald Ore
    Coal Block
    Iron Block
    Gold Block
    Redstone Block
    Lapis Block
    Diamond Block
    Emerald Block

    How often does a mine reset?
    The reset time will depend on the level the mine is, Level 1 will reset every 10 hours and a Level 10 mine will reset every hour.

    How much would a mine upgrade cost?
    It will cost about 2.7 billion in total. here are the estimates of the prices.

    Level 1 = 30mill [the price to create a mine]
    Level 2 = 270k
    Level 3 = 800k
    Level 4 = 2.4mill
    Level 5 = 7.4mill
    Level 6 = 22mill
    Level 7 = 66mill
    Level 8 = 200mill
    Level 9 = 600mill
    Level 10 = 1.9683bil

    How do you rent out your mine?
    do /mine lease <price>
    For example do /mine lease 1, this will allow people to rent your mine for $1 To stop letting people rent your mine do /mine lease 0 and it will not allow people to rent your mine.

    How to rent a mine?
    Rent a mine by doing /mine rent <name>. To find out what mine are available for rent do /mine market. Do note that you will only rent the mine for 5 hours to get to someone's mine who you are renting do /mine tp <username> This will teleport you to the mine that you are renting.

    How do you check what mines you have rented?
    If you wish to find out what mines you have rented, simply do /mine rentals

    What is in the mine?
    To check what type of contents are in the mines, do /mine info <Name> to see the percentage of blocks that are added in the mine"

    You are now able to purchase /sell all on the server store or win the perk in game, it will have a cooldown of 10 seconds.


    We have changed the rankup costs from a-free after each prestige to be 30% more each time rather than the original 20%.

    The duration for jump boost with the drug molly has been reduced from 45 seconds to 10 seconds, we have also reduced it from speed 4 to speed 2. The drug

    The ''counter attack'' ability for swords in McMMo has been revamped, not only is the chances to be granted the ability been nerfed a bunch but also the damage dealt.

    The command /prestige will now be free, the costs of the prestige will be accumulated from the process of ranking up from a-free.

    The amount of McMMo gained per block broken will now depend on the type of block broken rather than the amount. For example mining an emerald ore will give more than from mining diamond.

    We have slightly changed kits, senator armour has been changed from protection 3 unbreaking 3 to protection 4 unbreaking 2. We have also changed Equestrian gear from protection 3 unbreaking 2 to protection 4 unbreaking 1.

    Donor mines have now been doubled in size, we have also increased the pvp mine by 4 blocks on each side while also making it almost doubled in depth. The contents of pvp mine have been buffed as well.

    We have updated the boosters system in game with a new visually improved gui along with some new additions. You can now also purchase xp and McMMo boosters on the store.

    We have added a few additions to buycraft, the ‘’boosters’’ category will now feature all 3 types of boosters xp, mcmmo and money. You are able to purchase a 30m, 60m and 120m of each. Aslo, boosters on the store are no longer Global rather per player.

    /reclaim has been fixed, each rank will now only be able to /reclaim once to gain mcmmo credits.

    Gkits will have have a 30 day cooldown.

    Crates have been revamped better fitting the eco and adding more items


    All plot issues fixed.
    Enabled fall damage in pvp mine.
    Fixed being able to jump boost into a non pvp region in pvp mine.
    Added a mobs cap to plot world.
    Fixed the issues with the /warp gui not working.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Nov 23, 2019.