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By Jelly on Jan 13, 2020 at 3:20 PM
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    Alright boys and girls, It’s finally time to reset Prison, last reset promises where made that we didn't keep. Things simply wasnt good enough.. This map we have some great new features lined up and ready


    (Please note Features added after this post was made will be marked in green)

    Private Mines
    Private mines have finally been added! Yes, i know we said it the past two maps but really! They are done and ready. They will work exactly like they did before. You will unlock access to a private mine at Prestige 10 or you can buy access to the mine through the server store.

    Token Shop
    New and improved Token Shop. The token shop will now not only offer Boosters but it will have plenty of other items.

    Plots fly
    Plot fly has been added for this map, all donor ranks will have access to this perk. For non donors you may purchase this perk on the server store.

    Donor Mines
    We have revamped the contents of donor mines this map along with now having one mine per rank! Yes, each rank will now have it's own mine and a warp to the mine.

    Reclaim has been reverted back to the old system where you can now claim every rank below you, however the amount given per rank has been slightly nerfed.

    We have made lots of changes to the mcmmo for PvP along with making the damage per hit by default almost doubled what it was last map.

    Free World
    The new Free World has been revamped, this map it will now include things such as spawners, generated structures and caves. With this players will now be able to silktouch spawners from the free world and take them into there plot and using a spawn egg change them into something better.

    Server Jackpot
    Players will now be able to enter a server wide jackpot, you can enter as little or as much as you wish to enter. However the more money you enter the higher chance you have at winning. For example if the current jackpot is 200k and you enter 50k you have a 25% chance to win.

    This map our amazing Builder Dylan has made a dope new spawn and donor mines, the pvp mine this map has been made much larger too.

    Fixed bugs & small changes
    1. Glitch with some of the click warps not working fixed.
    2. Token pouches have been buffed to better suit the new system.
    3. Buffed the contents of crates.
    4. Added the bounty plugin.
    5. The /sell all cooldown has been removed we have also reduced the price of this perk on the store.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jan 13, 2020.