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By Jelly on Mar 25, 2020 at 12:20 PM
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    Well it's been some time since I have made a post like this.. For the first time in a long time i'm hyped af to bring you guys another awesome prison map. From start to finish the new developer has been working super hard on this map, and i can't wait to show you guys what we got!​

    RELEASE: Saturday, 28 March 2pm EST

    New Private Mines
    Last map we introduced the private mines system, but with very limited customization and features. This map we have gone and revamped them entirely to take you back to the basics like back in the day.

    1) Upgrades
    The new private mines system allows complete customization on everything inside the mine, you can add a % of a block and remove a %! When you create your private mine you will automatically be granted 10k points to start the customization . Click HERE for the upgrade GUI.

    2) Mine Information
    We want players to be able to easily see what mines are available and what the contents of the mine are /pmine info <player> will now bring up a nice gui with all the mine information needed, including the contents, rent price, renters and more. You can also use /pmine list to view all player mines on the server

    I have gone and revamped each and every crate adding all the new rewards missing last map and changing all the chances to make them much more worth the price.

    Fixed all issues with mcmmo including the bug that would allow players to go over the cap limit when getting a kill, also losing mcmmo when you die has been fixed.

    Our new trade plugin will now allow the trade of money, experience and tokens along with items as normal.

    Previously there was one set of quests to complete, each time you prestige you do the same quests again and again. We have now changed this system. Each prestige will now each have 15 quests up to prestige 5. Each prestige you will unlock a new set of quests to complete.

    Like promised server by server I will be revamping the gkits, and with this reset it’s time to revamp the prison ones. Check the store descriptions for a sneak peak

    Ayy! They do fuck all but they are cool I guess, over 30 pets to chose from in game just use /cm

    Player vaults
    As requested each rank will now get one more vault than the last rank, starting at one for freeman, 2 for Artisan and so on.

    Bug fixes
    • Edibles are now Strength 3 slowness 2
    • Removed cool-down for /sellall
    • Added and fixed issues with /plot flags
    • Fixed some glitches with warps
    • Cleaned up rank perms
    • Max multiplier is now x16 rather than x12
    • Changed rankup prices


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Mar 25, 2020.