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By Jelly on May 5, 2020 at 4:52 PM
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    Hey peeps, It's time for another reset! Introducing Prison Siege Season 5! This map we have gone through all your suggestions and implemented everything! This map is hands down one of the best we have done, hope you enjoy the changes!

    RELEASE: Saturday, 9th May 3pm EST
    Change Log


    After countless hours of testing, we have FINALLY fixed all pvp issues and everything with McMMo! This includes fixes to the Knockback along with an all new anticheat.

    We took your advice and made some adjustments to the score board now adding a ''Next Rankup'' section to show the amount of money you need to rankup and what % you are at.

    We have made some additions to the drugs plugin including you no longer need to look at a block when activating the drug. We have also added 1 new drugs that will only be available in crates and a new kit o0. Most drugs have been changed.

    Donor Mines
    Along with having new builds for our donor mines we have also changed the contents of them, one of the key changes we have replaced water with endstone.

    Private Mines
    A few small additions and changes to private mines include we have extended the size of private mines, we have also made it so the /pmine list gui will no longer close when you rent or tp to a mine.

    Prestige Top & Block Broken Top
    The new warp top now includes npcs with the top 5 players who have the highest prestige and the most blocks broken.

    New Quests
    We finally revamped the quests system as you all asked! Each prestige you will have a total of 10 quests to complete. Rather than doing the same quests over and over each prestige will unlock a new set of quests to complete.

    Our new cells plugin will be free to use for all donors, You can rent a Cell for 1 day and extend your rental at anytime. However if your time has run out, your Cell will be reset without any warning. But you can also teleport to your Cell at any time you want as well as!​

    Other changes
    • Fixed random bug where items that are renamed glitched out quests.
    • Removed clay from all mines.
    • Slightly changed rank prices.
    • Adding a PvP Shop.
    • New builds!
    • Lots of changes to the monthly crate.
    • Changed the drug ''Ket'' from speed 4 down to 3.
    • Max booster changed from x16 to x12.
    • you will gain 1s of super breaker for every 50 levels mined.


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, May 5, 2020.