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GotPvP Prisons Suggestions

Discussion in 'Prison' started by gonehunting12, Mar 27, 2020 at 12:49 AM.

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    Hello fellow players/staff of the GotPvP community,

    I'm GonePvP, an adamant player of GotPvP prisons, and have been for quite some time now. This server, I feel, has done so well regarding updates, bug fixes/improvements, and fun new implementations to the game. As an active, long-term player of the GotPvP network, I feel I can contribute immensely to the server's development, and further would like to suggest a few ideas as well as some criticism.

    The Creation of a New Warp
    With this, I'd like to re-introduce an old concept of GotPvP prisons that I hope has not been long forgotten. A new /warp pvp!

    GotPvP has always had a great way of balancing the prison aspect of the game with the competitive aspect of the game, but I feel where one has grown, the other has lacked. Players of the prison community are bounded solely to the pvp mine as their only method of combat available on the server(not including events). I feel a new warp will serve to introduce a new environment to 1v1 in, as well as a new area of the network to explore. As I'm sure many players can agree, the pvp area that stands today is simply not enough to sustain the growing popularity of the server. In addition to the growing popularity, the size of the pvp mine is too small. The prison server needs a larger area to accommodate gang fights, 1v1s, and the new players involved with the server. This area should have bonus small parkour areas, a building or tower to explore, hidden easter eggs, a large pvp pit, anything that can contribute to the aesthetic of the area.

    New Player Mines
    As the community is aware, there are only 4 personal mines(pmines) available: Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald block mines. The idea I bring forth to the GotPvP community is a whole new array of personal mines!

    Those who have available to them a personal mine should be able to choose what goes into their mine, whether it be blocks or ores. I believe players should also have the ability to customize their mines and put a different combination of ores and blocks. This, on top of adding more variety to the mines, it would also add a more competitive nature to the economic aspect of the game. How about instead of 4 tiers, we make it 10?

    For these tiers, I believe there should be a gradual increase in what the player has access to. At the starting mine, players should have access to low-grade ores, and as they progress, they get more valuable ores, then eventually blocks. Players, at a time, should be subject to only 2 types of ores/blocks within their mine(not including the stone). The reason for this would simply be because the economy does not need one player controlling the whole market, so this limitation would provide variety to the different types of mines players could have. Here is the twist, these mines will have a certain percentage of stone scattered throughout the mine. This percentage of stone cluttering the mine should start relatively high and, as the player progresses through these tiers, gradually decrease until the player has gotten to a 0% stone occupancy. This allows the players to have a strong motive to continue climbing up the ranks of the mines, rather than stopping at one and be content with simply one type of mine.

    Here's a rough outline of what I mean, please understand this is a very rough outline of what it could be:​

    Tier 1 (Starter mine): This mine should grant the owner access to a 25% coal ore mine and a 75% stone mine(percents can be changed, this is just a rough outline). This should give them access to a decent mine, but nothing amazing. Very similar to a "Warp A" type of mine.

    Tier 2 (Redstone/Lapiz mine): This mine should access players to iron and redstone ore, and should allow access of up to 2 of the available 3 kinds of ores. The stone percentage will gradually decrease in percentage.

    Tier 3 (Iron/Gold mine): This mine should access players to diamond and lapiz ore and again, slightly decrease the percentage of stone

    Tier 4 (Diamond/Emerald mine): This mine should access player to emerald ore and again, slightly decrease the percentage of stone.

    Tier 5 (Coal Block Mine): This mine could be considered as a "milestone" mine. The player has reached blocks and should be rewarded with an immediate 10%-20% decrease in the stone occupancy percentage and maybe throw in a token or some sort of quest achievement.

    Tier 6 (Lapiz/Redstone block mine): This mine should access players to lapiz and redstone blocks and slightly decrease the percentage of stone.

    Tier 7 (Iron block mine): This mine should access player to iron blocks and slightly decrease the percentage of stone.

    Tier 8 (Gold block mine): This mine should access players to Gold blocks and slightly decrease the percentage of stone.

    Tier 9 (Diamond block mine): This mine should access players to Diamond blocks and sightly decrease the percentage of stone.

    Tier 10 (Emerald block mine): The final tier of the mine pathway and should be considered a "milestone" mine. The player has now reached a 0% stone occupancy mine. Again, this could be another token or quest achievement of some sort.

    Drugs / Accessibility of Certain Drugs / New Drug???
    What has made GotPvP stand out from all other prison servers is its incorporation of drugs into the game. While I believe that the structure of the drug system is nearly perfect because of this server's hardworking staff, I do think that some things should be changed or repurposed.

    Weed: For weed, I do think it is a fun and neat concept that the servers developers should be capitalizing on, but as it stands now, the drug simply serves no purpose to the player community; it simply exists as a valueless and unnecessary item. I think weed should either have effects that have some sort of benefit to encourage players to want it and grow it, or it should be used to make edibles (See Edibles for more).

    Edibles: With edibles, these are exclusive drugs that can only be attained by the purchase of selective kits or packages through BuyCraft. I feel that GotPvP should make them available in some way to the prisoner community, rather than having to store buy it or purchase it from those who have access to it for a ridiculous price. This is where I believe weed can serve a purpose. As I mentioned previously, weed is a very useless drug in prisons. I think it can serve a purpose to make edibles in some way, shape, or form. Whether that involves crafting, cooking, or brewing is up to staff, but I think its incorporation to the game could stand to be much more valuable than leaving it as nothing more than a toss away item.

    Poppers/MaryJoy: These are more exclusive drugs that can only be attained through the GotPvP online store. I strongly feel that items like this should not be restricted solely to those who pay real money to the server, although I do feel that it still should be something exclusive. My idea is to make it a rare treasure drop with excavation or some type of mcmmo incorporation. Items like these should be rare given how well they perform in pvp situations, but them only being available through BuyCraft makes it difficult for all players to have access to it in some way or another.

    Angel Dust(PCP): For a long time now, I've felt that the prison server needed something new to make the drug environment more exciting and competitive, and what better way to kick off the new season than the addition of Angel Dust! To explain to those who don't know what this drug is, it is a psychoactive drug that has extremely potent effects on the user's nervous system. Angel Dust is predominantly known to attack motor functions: loss of coordination, disrupted eye movement, and autonomic nervous system regulation. This drug may seem ordinary, so let me prove you wrong! This drug has a very special effect like no other, the blocking of NMDA receptors. What this means is that Angel Dust has the ability to block all pain receptors from functioning in the body, giving a sense of numbness for a short period of time. I believe this drug can be a great incorporation to GotPvP. Being whatever item is chosen to represent it,(I think prismarine crystals would look great!) the effects should be a high level of resistance
    1 minute, Jump Boost 4 for 1min, mining fatigue 1min, 10s temporary blindness, and random player moving actions(If Possible). This drug can also be exclusive because this is considered to be one of the more expensive and powerful drugs on the market.

    Thank you so much for your consideration, I worked long and hard on this page for hours thinking of different ways to spice up the game! Let's get this to the staff team and up to the managers! What do you guys think of my suggestions?

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    I can only be so flawless :p In tiers 2-4 in the new player mines section, the blocks accessed to the player should correlate to the blocks in parentheses:D
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    We gotta get custom enchants back as well :D