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GotPvP Revamp 3.0 Update Information

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Urbanajlucas, Jun 20, 2018.

By Urbanajlucas on Jun 20, 2018 at 7:39 PM
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    Greetings folks,

    GotPvP is undergoing a network-wide revamp releasing on June 22nd! This means that Factions, Survival, Creative, OP Prison, and Skyblock will be resetting on this revamp! We’re excited to introduce the following updates!

    Global -

    • Brand new server hub! Equipt with NPC’s an updated server transporter (Leaks:
    • Updated rank system merging the previous ranks and permissions
    • Redone kits for each server to match the economy and rank value
    • A network-wide theme of mythological gods; Roman, Egyptian, Norse, and Greek
    • New server art and an updated website
    • Updated server broadcasts and automatic announcements
    • Reworked scoreboard on all servers
    • Updated voting platform with improved rewards
    • Gcash and the adshop has been removed and replaced with an updated version
    • Redone crates and key system, One key unlocks one crate
    • Addition of pouches (Which give a randomized amount of Money, XP, McMMo, or Spawners) for all applicable servers
    • Sell wands have been added which sell all of the items in a chest when used
    • Introduction of a /customtitle which allows users to customize their [Title] in game
    • Serverwide rule changes and updates on individual servers (Relaxed chat rules on Facs/Pris)
    Factions -

    • Updated server spawn with a Norse Mythology theme (Leaks: )
    • Improved server economy and server shop
    • We will be doing a $2500 FTOP Paypal payout for the top 3 factions. It will be a 6 week season with the 1st week being building and the following 5 weeks being TNT enabled.
    • 1. $1250 - $250 a week. 2. $750 - $150 a week. 3. $500 - $100 a week.
    • New lottery system with a well-dressed banker and bartender
    • Introduction of the Outpost which can be captured in the Warzone
    • The release of 3 KOTH’s (Overworld, Nether, and End), KOTH event every 4 hours
    • /printer, A menu displaying blocks that when placed in printer mode charge per block
    • New /f commands to allow for further customization
    • Horizontal and vertical gen buckets will both be added to the server shop
    • JellyLegs have been added preventing players from taking fall damage when obtained
    • Chunk Busters have been implemented which can remove a single chunk
    • Mob & Crop hoppers were added to the gamemode collecting items in a chunk
    • Lightning Wands have been added to supercharge creepers
    • Reworked custom enchant system still using XP
    • Introduction of the ‘Co-Leader’ faction rank
    • Quality Cannon.jar to minimize lag from cannons
    • Ability to toggle TNT sounds and any created particles
    • Implementation of sand wands to automatically break any vertical stack of sand
    • Harvester hoes to automatically collect drops into a players inventory
    Skyblock -

    • Updated server spawn with a Greek Mythology theme (Leaks: )
    • 9 different starter islands representing various biomes including the original
    • Upgradable island size of 151 x 151 blocks
    • Improved server economy and server shop
    • Introduction of mob and crop hoppers
    • New lottery system with a well-dressed banker and bartender
    • Implementation of sky crystals, a currency obtained from selling mineral blocks and in crates used to buy spawners and other unique items
    • Vote party tiers with sky crystal sell boosters
    • Addition of Island Vaults to store blocks in for leveling up your island instead of manually placing them
    • Introduction of new kits which are available in the server shop
    • Ordinary hoppers are now uncraftable, purchasable only in /shop
    • Auto sell chests coming back! Purchasble in the shop, auto sell chests automatically sell any items
    Prison -

    • Updated server spawn with an Egyptian Mythology theme
    • Custom built mines with the same Egyptian theme
    • Enchantment tokens, a new currency, have been added to purchase items such as armor, pickaxes, pets, etc etc
    • Introduction of Backpacks to store in-game items
    • Addition of lucky blocks which will randomly appear when mined, giving a variety of rewards, Can you get lucky?
    • Pets have been introduced and players can buy them with enchantment tokens
    • Bombs have been implemented which quickly destroy blocks in a mine
    • As vote milestones are reached events such as Mine Events, Drop Parties, and Bosses will occur frequently
    • Addition of real estate which is where players can buy spaces at spawn to reside in
    Creative -

    • Updated server spawn with another Greek Mythology theme
    • Reworked world edit permissions for players and ranks
    • Plot size sized down to 82 x 82 blocks
    • New /plot GUI to display the plot coordinates of each plot a user has
    • Introduction of a new /plot like command for those really awesome plots
    Survival -

    • Updated server spawn with a Roman Mythology theme (Leaks: )
    • Improved server economy and server shop
    • New lottery system with a well-dressed banker and bartender
    • Introduction of a new jobs system replacing the current guilds
    • Removal of the broken stock market
    • Introduction of an updated rent/sell region feature replacing areashop
    • Addition of trench pickaxes removing the need for Haste + Tunneler
    • Harvester hoes to automatically collect drops into a players inventory
    • Plans for a super sponge, draining an area of 50 x 50 blocks
    • Plans for a beheading enchant which gives a weapon a 100% chance to behead
    • Removal of guild mines/farms, bringing back the old two spawn mines (Wood & Ore), regenerating approximately 20 minutes
    • Vote party tiers with keys and sell multipliers
    • Redone server marketplace located in the server spawn
    GotPvP factions server which merges GotPvP & DistrictPvP will be releasing with the server update on June 22nd. The server will have a $2,500 total FTOP with weekly payments. The season will be 6 weeks, with the first week acting as a grace period. Each faction can have 50 members with 50 power per player. All payments will be issued through paypal and the weekly breakdown will look like this from the second week onward -

    1. $1250 Total (At season end) - $250 paid per week
    2. $750 Total (At season end) - $150 paid per week
    3. $500 Total (At season end) - $100 paid per week

    Important Note (For Faction Leaders): Make sure to set your paypal email when you join the server. Factions will not be paid out unless a paypal email is provided by the faction leader. Use the command /f setpaypal <email>

    Below is an in-depth list of the major changes that will be made for this factions reset!
    • Theme: The server spawn has been updated with a Norse Mythology theme. The warzone also reflects this theme. Server leaks ( )

    • Outpost: We will be introducing an outpost for this season. The outpost located in the Warzone and will be active 24/7. The objective is for factions to capture and retain this outpost. In turn, giving them access to sell their resources at 2.5x their normal sell price while still in control!

    • KOTH: For this season we will have 3 different KOTH arenas as opposed to one in previous seasons. There will be one located in each of the three words, overworld, the nether and The End. The aim of this KOTH is for individual players to fight over the point and to capture it for amazing prizes. KOTH will occur every four hours randomly at one of the locations.

    • Printer Mode: This feature allows players to print in blocks flawlessly. By typing /printer ingame it enables the printer mode. A display menu pops up with blocks and as those are placed in printer mode it charges you per block placed. This saves you having to keep purchasing things from the /shop.
    • New F Commands: Introduction of new and or updated /f commands to allow for further customization, here is a list of these commands.
      • /f perms - You now have full control of what your faction members can do, and how other factions can interact with your faction and territory.
      • /f promote/demote - Promote and demote faction members with a command.
      • /f ban - Ban members from joining your faction or being invited to your faction.
      • /f fly - All players with or without a rank can now fly in spawn and their own claimed territory.
      • /f seechunk - See an outline of the chunk with particles, useful for knowing where your claiming.
      • /f warp - All your faction warps are now neatly listed in a GUI for you and your faction members. Set a warp using /f setwarp <name>
      • /f chat mod - Moderator only chat mode
      • /f near - View nearby factions
      • /f tac - Toggle whether alliance chat messages will be shown to you or not.
      • Titles when entering faction territory
    • JellyLegs: JellyLegs are a feature that has been added into the game that when enabled will prevent players from taking fall damage. This is useful when raiding in the sky and eliminates the potential of dying from falling off a base/structure.

    • Chunk Busters: Chunk busters can be used to instantly clear out all the blocks in an entire chunk. When you place a chunk buster, it will show you an outline of the chunk that you have selected. You are required to place the chunkbuster once more to confirm that you have selected the right chunk. Once the chunkbuster is activated it will then proceed to remove all of the blocks within that selected chunk excluding the bedrock floor. This is a fast and hassle-free way to trench your buffer.

    • Mob & Crop Hoppers: Unique hoppers that collect mob and crop drops within a specific chunk. You only need to place one hopper per chunk and it will collect all the mob or crop drops from within that chunk. These are purchasable through the in-game /shop, the same as normal hoppers.
    • Lightning Wands: Lightning Wands will have limited uses and are obtainable via various methods including purchasing them from the buycraft store. When used they turn regular creepers into charged creepers meaning the area of an explosion is much larger allowing you to get more spawners on raids per creeper egg.

    • Custom Enchants: The custom enchants system has been redone. There are three types of custom enchants that we will be using; Uncommon, Rare, and Mythic with varying costs. Enchantment books can be purchased from /enchanter or the NPC at spawn. Each book as a success and destroy rate and varying percentages. If you’d like to remove the possibility of an item being destroyed you can apply a white scroll.

    • Co-Leader: At long last Co-Leader has been introduced onto GotPvP! This has eliminated the real need to ever transfer faction leadership. This can be accessed by using /f promote after Officer.
    • TNT Toggle: This is a great feature to cut down client-side lag during raids. When you /tnttoggle it removes all TnT sounds, particles and entities client side reducing the lag and preventing your fps from decreasing.

    • Sand Wands: Sand wands remove all of the sand in a vertical column. This tool is designed to make cleaning up after a raid easy. Sand stacks are always messy and annoying to clean up but these wands make it simple to clean up after a raid. You simply right click the top of the sand stack with the wand and the entire stack disappears saving you a lot of time patching.

    • Harvester Hoes: Harvester hoes are a great tool to use when farming crops such as sugarcane. They automatically place the crops into your inventory allowing you to farm fast without having to stop to pick up crops you have left on the floor.
    Our updated skyblock server will be revamping on the 22nd of June with the rest of the network. There have been a lot of quality new additions implemented on this update. Below is the list of key features that everyone can expect with the skyblock reset...
    • Theme: A new server spawn has been created reflecting the theme of Greek Mythology. Server Leaks ( )

    • Starter Islands: Nine different starter islands have been setup replacing the current ones. The islands that were created are Swamp Island, Ender Island, Ice Island, Treehouse Island, Desert Island, Farm Island, Jungle Island, Mine Island, and Original.

    • Island Size: A current island size of approximately 151 x 151 blocks. Expansions can be purchased from the shop which can increase an island up to 301 x 301 blocks!

    • Mob & Crop Hoppers: Unique hoppers that collect mob and crop drops within a specific chunk. You only need to place one hopper per chunk and it will collect all the mob or crop drops from within that chunk. These are purchasable through the in-game /shop, the same as normal hoppers.

    • Sky Crystals: This is a new currency that is being added onto Skyblock, only obtainable from crates and trading in mineral blocks. This change increases the usability of mineral blocks beyond island leveling. Sky crystals give you access to purchase unique spawners that are not in /shop and allow you to upgrade your island such as increasing your player capacity, ore generators, as well as mob spawn rates.
      • 1 Iron Block -> .25 Crystal
      • 1 Gold Block -> 1.5 Crystal
      • 1 Diamond Block -> 3.0 Crystal
      • 1 Emerald Block -> 6.0 Crystal
    • Vote Party: To encourage voting we have added three different vote party tiers that are as follows:
      • 100 Votes – All players receive a voting key!.
      • 150 Votes – You get a 1.25 Sell booster which lasts for 10 minutes!
      • 200 Votes – You get a 1.5 Crystal buff that lasts for 10 minutes!
    • Island Vaults: Instead of manually placing blocks on an island to increase the island level we have implemented Island Vaults. Blocks can now be stored inside of this virtual vault and count towards your island top value. Each vault has 54 block spaces (double chest). Additional vaults can be purchased or won, and the price will increase 10% incrementally for all additional vaults purchased.
    Prison will be updating slightly after the global revamp on the 29th of June. GotPvP is combining prison and op prison into one op prison server. OP Prison will undergo a massive revamp which we know everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

    • Theme: The server spawn will be updated with an Egyptian Theme.

    • Enchantment Tokens: This is a new feature to OP Prison which you can use to upgrade and purchase Pickaxes, armor, pvp weapons, backpacks, and pets. This is a cool feature as there will also be unique enchantments that are only obtainable via this system; this is an excellent addition for those of us who enjoy PvPing!

    • Bombs: Did someone say Bombs?? As the name suggests these will be used to blow up a section of mines where they are placed. When blown up automatically they sell for their set value. You can get different levels of bombs ranging from level 1 all the way to level 4. As you can imagine Level 1 Bombs have the smallest explosions whereas level 4 bombs have the largest explosions... blowing up an insane amount of blocks! However, these bombs can’t be used in the PvP or Event mines.

    • Lucky Blocks: Another new feature that will be added to the server is Lucky Blocks, which will appear randomly whilst you are mining and will reap a large variety of rewards. Alternatively Lucky Fish and Lucky Mob Drops also appear at random when you are fishing or killing mobs.

    • PvP Mine: There is going to be a PvP in the spawn area. This mine will reset once every 30 minutes and is filled with high priced ores along with obsidian. This mine will be the only place where obsidian which is the highest selling block on the market and can be sold at the PvP sign or to players. This mine is worth fighting for with all the valuable loot offers!

    • Pets: Players can purchase their very own pets through the enchantment tokens system. Everyone who plays starts off with their very own first free pet, and can earn more pets just by playing the server! Pets passively earn you money for every hour you are online. So the longer you are online with pets the more money you can earn. Pets can be upgraded to earn even more money by using the enchantment tokens that you have obtained. You can even customize your pets by adding your own personal touch such as naming them.

    • Events: There are going to be server wide events held on OP Prison to promote voting; every 250 server votes, 500 server votes, and 1000 server votes. These events range from Event Mines, Event Drop Parties and Event Bosses. All the events are designed to be interactive and fun for all players and are designed to help you rank up whilst having fun.

    • Alternative Rank Up Options: Mining isn’t going to be the only way to rank up. In addition, you will be able to fish and kill mobs to rank up. Fishing will be located at the docks in the spawn area where you can fish and sell the fish that you obtain at the sell signs. However mob farming will be different, each rank has a different type of mob for you to kill, and for every mob you kill you earn money. There are no mob drops at all hence this is a clutter-free method. We have put a lot of work into balancing these tasks so you can easily switch between them so you don’t get bored doing the same repetitive thing.

    • Real Estate: This is an awesome new feature that allows you to buy your very own house at spawn! You are able to purchase property all over the server and there are a variety of houses for sale, and even some special structures such as the boat at spawn which you are able to purchase. However property is going to be very expensive, however, for those who might be a little short on money, we will offer “welfare housing”. This is like the old cell system, you get a small space to build and store in. Owning Real Estate is basically the same as owning a plot except you can’t edit the outer structure, but you can build whatever you want inside. However, you must pay taxes on your estate each week to keep your homes. You can earn more Real Estates by gaining more prestige levels.
    Economy survival is updating with the rest of the network on the 22nd of June. Our survival server has been reworked taking into account community feedback while implementing the best features possible. The following outlines the key concepts and features that will be present for this update…
    • Theme: Updated server spawn with a Roman Mythology theme (Leaks: )

    • Jobs: In lieu of the previous Guilds, we have introduced an updated job system. Jobs are an additional way that players can make money on the server. The following are the server jobs which are outlined below…
      • Archaeologist - Earn money from mining ores
      • Botanist - Earn money from harvesting crops
      • Huntsman - Earn money from killing hostile mobs
      • Fisherman - Earn money from reeling in fish
    • Rent/Sell Regions: Introduction of an updated rent/sell region feature removing areashop.

    • Claiming System: The current claiming system of worldguard will remain the same. Players will use a //wand to select position 1 and position 2 and claim the region from there. For an in-depth tutorial on this, ref.

    • Trench Pickaxes: Trench pickaxes were introduced to replace tunneler and haste. They will work very much like how they do on factions… And there will be three types (3x3x3, 5x5x5, and 7x7x7).

    • Harvester Hoes: Harvester hoes are a great tool to use when farming crops such as sugarcane. They automatically place the crops into your inventory allowing you to farm fast without having to stop to pick up crops you have left on the floor.

    • Beheading Enchant: The beheading enchant is an enchant that gives an axe or a sword a 100% chance to behead whatever it kills. This means that if it kills a mob, its head will drop or if it hits a player the head will always drop. This tool is useful when creating a head collection!

    • Super Sponge: Draining guardian temples or large bodies of water to create a base is very time-consuming. To help ease this time spent, we plan on introducing a super sponge which drains an area of 50 blocks by 50 blocks.

    • Marketplace: Redone server marketplace located in the server spawn where players can rent out spaces to sell their items using chest shops.

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to us through commenting on this thread or through discord. This changelog includes all of the confirmed updates, however, be aware that everything is still subject to change as we perfect the server. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to releasing this update. Thank you!
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      Kinda. Guilds (made up of groups of friends) have been introduced which serve the exact same purpose as the factions did.

      First off, I appreciate your feedback and concern. We do not intend to permanently remove all of the PvP gamemodes. We're looking at possibly bringing back KitPvP in sometime July should there be a large push from the community to do so. Currently, we wanted to focus on our classic servers and ensuring that their quality is up to par with our expectations and most importantly your alls. And then look towards the prospect of expanding later on.
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