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GotPvP Skyblock 2.0 | THIS SATURDAY

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Aug 7, 2018.

By Amazing on Aug 7, 2018 at 5:59 PM
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    Hey everyone, and welcome to the official announcement thread for this Skyblock reset!

    I will be going over everything that's being added/changed in this thread.
    But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for this reset is..

    Saturday, August 11th at 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)

    Island Top Information

    The following prizes will be paid out at the end of this new season:

    • 1st. $600 Store Giftcard
    • 2nd. $300 Store Giftcard
    • 3rd. $100 Store Giftcard

    What about the stuff I bought this map?

    • You will be getting it all back!
    • We acknowledge the fact that the first Skyblock map was pretty disastrous, which is why we are deciding to reset it so quickly.
    • Every crate key, monthly crate, money pouch, spawner, etc.. purchased from the store on this Skyblock reset will be given back to you automatically when you join for the reset on Saturday!
    The Economy
    Here's a list of all the important aspects of the economy for this map:

    • Zombie Spawner - $20k
    • Spider Spawner - $50k
    • Cow Spawner - $75k
    • Pig Spawner - $100k
    • Skeleton Spawner - $350k
    • Creeper Spawner - $750k
    • Blaze Spawner - $1m
    • Zombie Pigman Spawner - $1m
    • Enderman Spawner - $1.5m
    • Iron Golem Spawner - $2.5m
    • Villager Spawner - $4m (drops emerald)
    • Silverfish Spawner - $10m (drops diamond)
    • Bones sell for $0.90 each
    • Arrows sell for $3 each
    • Rotten Flesh sells for $0.1 each
    • Gunpowder sells for $4 each
    • Blaze Rods sell for $15 each
    • Enderpearls sell for $16 each
    • Spider Eyes sell for $0.25 each
    • String sells for $2 each
    • Slime Balls sell for $5 each
    • Leather sells for $0.10 each
    • Feathers sell for $2 each
    • Eggs sell for $2 each
    • Ink Sacks sell for $5 each
    • Cactus sells for $3 each
    • Sugar Cane sells for $9 each
    • Wheat sells for $25 each
    • Pumpkin sells for $12 each
    • Nether Wart sells for $15 each
    • Cocoa Beans sell for $15 each
    • Iron Ingot sells for $3.25 each
    • Gold Ingot sells for $5 each
    • Emerald sells for $11.25 each
    • Diamond sells for $32.5 each


    Owning Multiple Islands

    • All players are now able to create multiple separate islands.
    • You can invite different players to different islands that you own, everything is separate if you choose to make it so.
    • When you own multiple islands, you must name your islands so they are identifiable.
    • Any new islands created will only start on a 3x3 grass platform, so be prepared!
    • Each island has a Nether version! Just create a nether portal on your overworld Island to travel back and forth.

    Island Permissions System

    • As the owner of your island, you can create Island ranks and assign permissions to these ranks. This system gives you complete control over what your friends can do while on your Island.
    • You have the ability to create your own Island rank names.
    • You have the ability to ban other players from accessing your Island.
    • You have the ability to change the default rank name of people that visit your Island. This rank name will appear and chat when talking at your island.

    Achievement & Quest System

    • You can now complete achievements to be rewarded special points.
    • These points can be used to purchase island upgrades, and other helpful things.
    • A few examples of these achievements are things like...
      • Collecting a certain amount of a specific item.
      • Breaking a certain amount of a specific block.
      • Killing a certain amount of a specific mob.
      • Killing a certain amount of players.
      • Opening a certain amount of crates.
      • Completing a certain amount of quests.

    Island Upgrades

    • You can now apply upgrades to your island by using points gained from completing Quests and Achievements.
    • A few examples of these Island Upgrades are the following:
      • Increasing Island size
      • Increase monster spawn rate from mob spawners.
      • Increase the speed of crops growing.
      • Increase the player cap on a certain Island (10 is default)
      • Increase the amount of experience earned from killing mobs.
      • Increase the amount of Island Vaults an Island has.
      • Increase the amount of mcMMO EXP gained.
      • Unlock the ability to have a clear entities button to clear entities from your island.

    Island Shopkeepers

    • This system will completely replace the traditional "Chest Shop" way of selling items to other players.
    • You will be able to purchase an Island Shopkeeper Spawn Egg from the shop, and then hook that shopkeeper to a chest.
    • You will be able to change the name of this Shopkeeper, and the skin.
    • Configuring what your shopkeeper buys or sells is all menu/gui based, and very easy to understand and use.
    • This system will give you much more control over every aspect in selling items to other players within your island.

    Island Chat & Warp Updates

    • You can now edit your islands chat color to anything you'd like.
    • You can also assign different chat colors to certain members within your island.
    • You can now set as many "Island Warps" within your island as you'd like.
    • You can list your Island Warps by doing /is warp (island name)
    • You can edit the colors and name of each warp so it looks cool in the island warp menu.

    Island Private Vaults

    • You can now create Island specific private vaults.
    • The Island owner can assign perms to withdraw/deposit as well as limit how many items they can put in the vault.
    • These vaults can be upgraded from 9 slots to a full double chest.
    • This would include having an island balance that members and the owner can put money into.
    • You can control who has access to certain vaults by using the new Island Permissions/Ranks system.

    New Gambling Features

    • Coin Flip has been added. You can now gamble any amount of money against another player on a simple coin flip.
    • Rocks Paper Scissors has been added. You can now gamble any amount of money against another player by choosing rocks, paper or scissors.
    • Jackpot has been added. The more money you gamble, the better chance of you winning the pot!

    Envoys Added

    • Envoys will now drop within the pvp area every 4 hours.
    • These Envoys will have rewards like op gear, crate keys, pouches, money, mcmmo, and more.
    • You can check when the next Envoy event starts by doing /supplycrates time in-game.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Aug 7, 2018.