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GotPvP Skyblock 3.0 | THIS SUNDAY

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Oct 10, 2018.

By Amazing on Oct 10, 2018 at 4:22 PM
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    Hello everyone, and welcome to the announcement thread for this Skyblock reset!

    I will be going over everything that's being added/changed in this thread.
    But before I get into that, let it be known that the release date for the reset is..

    Sunday, October 14th at 4 PM EST (1 PM PST, 8 PM GMT)

    Island Top Information

    We have decided to change up how we do Island Top prizes this map.
    Instead of waiting until the very end of the map to pay out prizes in bulk, we will be paying out sections of the total prize weekly to the top Islands. Similar to how we do "weekly payouts" on factions.

    The following prizes will be paid out weekly throughout the 8 week map:

    • 1st.) $50 PayPal + $50 Store Giftcard
    • 2nd.) $15 PayPal + $50 Store Giftcard
    • 3rd.) $50 Store Giftcard
    • 4th.) $25 Store Giftcard
    • 5th.) $10 Store Giftcard
    So that means after the 8 week map is over, the total amounts paid out will be $520 PayPal and $1,480 Store Giftcard.


    • We have created a fully custom and extremely advanced Minions system for this map!
    • Minions are little helpers that assist you on your Island.
    • Minions can be set to do the following Jobs, or as we call them, "Modes":
      • Sleep
        • Your minion will do nothing whilst in this mode.
      • Chunk Load
        • Your minion will keep the chunk that it is standing in loaded. This is helpful as it will keep spawners activated and farms growing.
      • Spawner Activate
        • Your minion will keep nearby spawners activated, so you don't need to afk them!
      • Mining
        • Your minion will mine for you! It even has it's own inventory to collect the items it mines.
      • Farming
        • Your minion will farm for you!
      • Mob Grinding
        • Your minion will kill any mobs that spawn directly in front of it. This mode is perfect for mob grinders.
      • Mob Attack
        • Your minion will seek out and attack any mobs on your Island for you. The difference between this mode and "Mob Grinding" is that your minion will move around and attack any mobs within it's range.
      • Roaming
        • Your minion will follow you around whilst in this mode.
    • Minions have 5 different tiers:
      • Default (Tier 1)
      • Ares (Tier 2)
      • Apollo (Tier 3)
      • Poseidon (Tier 4)
      • Hades (Tier 5)
      • You can purchase your default minion with Mob Coins (/mobcoins), and obtain Minion Upgrade Shards by completing achievements, quests, finding them in supply crates, fighting bosses or purchasing them on our store.
      • Upgrading your Minion is very important, as their abilities get stronger as they are upgraded.
        • For example, a default minion uses a wooden pickaxe. Compared to the Hades Minion which has an efficiency 5 diamond pickaxe.
    • Minions are super customizable as well!
      • You can name your minion anything you want, with colors!
      • There's also a bunch of different costumes that you can put on your minion.

    Mob Coin Changes
    • Ocelots will no longer drop mob coins upon death.
    • The only way to obtain mob coins is by punching mobs to death with your fist, and it will remain that way.
    • You can now purchase the aforementioned Minions and Minion Upgrade Shards in the Mob Coin shop.
    • We have also added some new perks, spawners, etc.. to the Mob Coin shop to spice things up.

    Island Rating System

    • A new Island rating system has been added!
    • When you use /island top, you will now be prompted with two different top Island menus:
      • Top Islands based on Level
      • Top Islands based on Rating
    • The Top Islands based on Level is what everyone is used to already, it's the typical Island top system.
    • The Top Islands based on Rating is the new system.
      • You can rate other players Islands from 1-5 stars with /island rate (amount of stars)
      • The Islands with the highest amount of stars will be displayed at the top of this menu.
      • We will give players with the top rated Islands store giftcard rewards at the end of the map.
      • I hope that this addition will incentivize all of you to create beautiful Islands to increase your rating!

    Island Control Panel Redesign
    • All of the menus within /island have been completely redesigned.
    • We did this so the menus are more organized and look much more polished.
    • The new menus are much easier to navigate, and are actually categorized and make sense.

    Economy & Pay2Win

    • The economy has received some fairly significant changes, most notably the buffs for farming.
    • We noticed that last reset was basically 100% just afking spawners, so we decided to make farming an actually viable economic endeavor.
    • I will be posting a full economy layout on the discord once we get closer to launch, as we are still working on it.
    • Crate Keys, Bosses & Monthly Crates have been nerfed as well. We understand that the community wants to see more fair and balanced gameplay, which is why we have decided to make these changes.

    Miscellaneous Changes
    • We have a brand new /help menu to help new players understand how the server works.
    • End Islands have been added!
      • End Islands work similarly to how Nether Islands work.
      • With this addition, default players can now have 3 Islands simultaneously! (Overworld, Nether & End)
    • Any kits that you receive from Crate Keys, Bosses, etc.. will now be given to you via "Kit Notes" that are redeemable by right clicking them.
      • We have decided to make this addition because a lot of players have complained about their inventory getting filled super quickly from kits when opening bulk keys.
    • Chunk Borders command has been added!
      • You can now use /island chunk (or /is chunk) to generate outlines around each chunk within your Island.
      • This is meant to make building and organizing your Island much easier.
    • /advertisewarp command has been added!
      • Players with the Caesar Rank on Skyblock can now use the command "/advertisewarp"
      • This command will advertise your Islands warp in chat every 10 minutes for an hour.
      • This command has a 3 day cooldown.
    • Shopkeeper Removal
      • Shopkeepers were super buggy and borderline unusable throughout this reset, so we have decided to completely remove them.
      • We have reverted back to the old Chest Shop system for the time being.
      • We hope to create our own system surrounding the chest shop concept in the future.
    • Villager & Silverfish Spawner Removal
      • We have decided to remove Villager and Silverfish spawners from the economy.
    • Island Level Changes
      • We have also divided the amount of levels that each block gives an Island by 10.
      • For example, emerald blocks have went from giving 400 levels each to 40 levels each.
      • We have decided to do this to make the actual Island Levels a more normal number, instead of getting into the hundreds of billions.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Amazing, Oct 10, 2018.