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GotPvP Skyblock Fire Map 1.0 | $250 ISTOP

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jul 2, 2019.

By Jelly on Jul 2, 2019 at 11:33 PM
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    Hello hello, as you all know myself and a few members of team have been working extra hard to grind out skyblock. We have very happy to announce the release of Skyblock 1.0 will be...

    this Saturday, 6th July at 3pm est

    This reset we have decided to scrap the old setup and bring you guys something new, sexy and old school. We have completely rethought the economy to better suit the community and your wishes. This map is going to be hard and grindy, so if you like that kinky shit this is your map.

    Basic information

    Island size 100x100 (350x350 with upgrades)
    4 man islands (6 with upgrades)
    30 of each spawner max (More each island)
    250 hoppers max (1000 with upgrades)
    2500 Pistons max (20000 with upgrades)
    $250 Buycraft end of the map payout for 1st place.

    Change log

    Mob coins will be at the centre of this maps economy and essential to becoming the number one island. We have completely re done the rewards and planned it all to the letter. All island upgrades will also now be purchased through mob coins.

    Economy itself.
    The economy this map will be the best the server has ever seen, we have planned out every inch of the economy and made sure it's perfect. All tested and calculated to perfection.


    All kits and gkits have been re made to better suit this economy, gkits have been completely rethought to balance them in both being worth the money and not destroying the eco.

    We have added an outpost to skyblock this map, capturing outpost will give your island a 1.2x sell buff. PvP is never really a big part of skyblock, we want to change that. Hopefully this should give some motivation to start.

    All old crates have been removed and replaced with the gui system, we have also completely revamped rewards. To view the new rewards click HERE

    Ore generators
    We have added a new feature called ore generators this map, you can either purchase them on the store or in game through mob coins. There are 7 types of ore generators. Diamond, emerald, gold, iron, Coal, lapiz, cobble. Each come in the form of a chest, you place the chest and every x amount of time it will spawn in the item corresponding the the generator type. You can also upgrade the generators a total of 5 times making them produce ores/blocks faster every upgrade.

    Island Upgrades
    We have scrapped the old upgrades system that is on every server and replaced it with a sexy new one, it's now much cleaner and easier to use. All upgrades will now be done through mobcoins. You can purchase an upgrade token through mobcoins and apply it to your island to get the individual upgrade. But... You can also go onto the store and buy the entire island tier. This will upgrade all 6 possible upgrades to the next level rather than having to buy each tier one by one through mobcoins. You can view all upgrades and the entire tier by clicking HERE

    If you have any questions or suggestions be sure to dm me on discord @Jelly#2002.

    Would like to give a huge thank you to Stalin and that slut Grace for the help this skyblock map, couldn't have done it without them!​


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Jul 2, 2019.

    1. DeaconHo
      sounds interesting
    2. Pyrotechnic
      Bet its a McMarket setup.
    3. Pyrotechnic
      i really wish i could delete this
    4. Jelly
      It's not. Lol.
    5. Dustboy1972
      Thats sound great. ;D