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GotPvP Skyblock Frost Map 1.0 | $650 Is Top

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Dec 9, 2019.

By Jelly on Dec 9, 2019 at 12:50 PM
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    Hey everyone! We are back again with another awesome new map, myself Kieran and Joseph have been working very hard to bring you guys an all new modern and updated skyblock map.
    First Place: $150 (PayPal) and $150 (Giftcard)
    Second Place: $100 (PayPal) and $100 (Giftcard)
    Third Place: $50 (PayPal) and $50 (Giftcard)
    Fourth Place: $30 (Giftcard)
    Fifth Place: $20 (Giftcard)



    Server Core
    All new and improved Core has been created, this core has been made custom from scratch and tested heavily. This new core will drastically improve server performance while also looking much nicer and giving it that easy to use feel.

    Island Upgrades
    Island upgrades have been revamped from skyblock fire better fit the economy.

    Crop Growth Rate
    5% Increase
    10% Increase
    15% Increase
    20% Increase

    Mob Drop Rate
    5% Increase
    10% Increase
    15% Increase
    20% Increase

    MobCoin Drop Rate
    5% Increase
    10% Increase
    15% Increase
    20% Increase

    Island Size Upgrade (Default 100x100)

    Island Chest Upgrade (Default 0 Row)
    1 Rows
    2 Rows
    3 Rows
    4 Rows
    5 Rows

    Island Memeber limit Upgrade (Default 10 members)
    15 member
    20 members

    NEW token plugin & upgradable sell wands/harvester hoes
    Our new token shop and tokens plugin is an all new system to replace the crappy mobcoins plugin. This new plugin will work kinda like mobcoins in the way you kill mobs and grind farming to receive tokens, them tokens can then be used for either purchasing items on the /token shop OR upgrading your harvester hoe and sell wand!

    Our new sell wands and harvester hoes will now be free and given to players on login, they will all start out at level one and players can use tokens to /upgrade and upgrade the tool to give better sell buffs and more crops.

    Island Bank
    Island bank is the main source to allow players on the island to share money and deposit before they log off etc. You will be able to deposit your money into the bank along with withdrawing it from the bank if need.

    Island Alts
    Island alts will work the same as faction alts, however when you preform /is alt add it makes it stay on the island if the island is locked, the alts cannot build or serve any purpose apart from being there to afk.

    Island Ban/Unban and Ban List
    Island Ban and unban will allow island leaders to ban unwanted retarded players people from visiting there island. Lets be real, there isn't exactly a lack of retards on got (Darkz)

    Island Inspect
    Island Inspect will allow the island leader to log block if anything has been broken or taken without their permission using /is inspect.

    Island Chest
    Island chest will allow island members to share items, and store items in a safe place if logging off or even just giving it to a fellow island member. This chest will also have logs so owner can see who removes/places items into the chest.

    Island Permissions
    The new core comes with some dope features like island permissions, leaders will now be able to customise what things both island members and non island members can do on the island with a broad range of perms.

    There will be several types of generators, each generator will be upgradeable with ingame money, each upgrade the items will spawn more inside the chest.

    The new minions are very simple, they can only be found in monthly crates and keys. The minions when placed will automatically mine a type of block depending on the type of minion you have. Minions can be upgraded to mine the block faster each upgrade. Currently there are 3 types of minions..

    Diamond Minion
    Emerald Minion
    Beacon Minion

    Outpost will work the same as factions. However when the island caps the outpost it will give the following.

    1.5x Sell Boost
    2x Spawner and Crop boost
    1.5x Chance to get mobcoins.

    Envoys will spawn inside the pvp area. Which will occur every 4 hours, they will spawn in the pvp zone and will be filled with amazing loot including minion eggs.

    Collectors are pretty much a combination of mob and crop hoppers. The mobs and crops will be auto collected and put into the collector gui. This means you do not need a full grinder for mobs. However you will when it comes to blazes.

    Spawner Stacking
    Adding Spawner stacking will allow us to make sure the server is smooth and lag free as possible. Each spawner stack will hold up to 16 spawners.

    Printermode will allow players to print in farms, builds and anything else. It will not miss place blocks making it perfect for people to make farms.

    More features will be added in green as the week goes on.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Dec 9, 2019.