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By Jelly on Apr 27, 2020 at 8:29 PM
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    Skyblock Frost! this reset is for you! The skyblock staff team has decided to bring you a completely new revamp! The past seasons, we tried to open gamemodes but the features were basically the same with some adjustments. This time will be different. We took into consideration all the complaints about the lack of effort and broken resets and made a banger gamemode!

    RELEASE: Saturday, May 2nd 3pm EST

    Our new and improved minions system allows for more customization and more stability than ever seen before, with our new gui and jobs to give the minions they are one of the best items in the game! Pick from one of the 3 jobs for for minion to work on, mining, attacking and farming.

    New Challenges system
    We have implemented a new Challenge system that will in some way, guide you and help you progress through the map. When completing a challenge, you will be able to get money, Buycraft items, new features and much more! We currently have tiers of challenges.

    Deep Storage units
    The storage units will store an infinite amount of one item only. If you place it in the correct chunk, you can even associate it with Spawners. With a sell wand, you can sell everything into that Deep Storage Unit.

    When ingame, you can type /progression. This system is very simple, before you're able to place spawners and crops you need to complete basic challenges to unlock them. At the beginning, every player will only be able to plant only the most basic seed: Wheat. To unlock new seeds, you will need to work by grinding crops to eventually unlock Spawners. You will get the most basic and farm your way up to the top tier one.

    Island Upgrades
    This map we have revamped our upgrades system to better fit our eco and style of game play, select from one of 7 upgrades possible including spawner rates, hopper limits and island size. You can upgrade these using Island Points.

    Server Milestones
    Throughout the entire map, there will be milestones where you and the entire sever will work on. If you contributed to these milestones, you will gain key progression features to help you on your skyblock adventure!

    • Sell Wands​
    • Craft Wands​
    • Harvester Sell tool
    • Crop Hopper​
    • Mob hopper​
    • Ore Hopper​
    • Stacked spawners have been added.​
    • Sell and McMMo Multies have been added.​
    • New crates and monthly crates.​


Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jelly, Apr 27, 2020.