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GotPvP Survival Patch Notes/News/Speculation 1.0

Discussion in 'Survival' started by Drokovian, Dec 28, 2017.

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    "Hello Fellow Survival Players,

    This is going to hopefully a place where myself and others alike can check back and see what has changed, been added, or removed at this specific time that this was written. The goal of these Patch Notes are to keep track for both players and staff of the changes that are occurring within GotPvP Survival specifically, but can also apply to serverwide GotPvP stuff as well. Especially amidst of all the updates brought forth, there has been a lot of murky bits and pieces of released content that hasn't been as clear-cut and brought to the forefront as cool new features to utilize in the community itself. Furthermore, while Discord's great, no one really has a particular interest to scroll up a lot to see if anything changed for them particularly (in this case survival).

    As this is the first Patch Notes, this one will be longer than the future ones as it'll be starting from farther back the rest will.

    Would like to hear thoughts and feedback on the concept of this and its execution, so that it can be improved upon as I release more Patch Notes in the future. That aside, please exercise courtesy within replies on this thread.


    Highlights: Survival Staff Promotions, Voting Key System Overhauled, G-Cash, Reputation System, Bugs Fixes, Known Bugs/Glitches, and Region Flag changes.

    (Recent) Survival Staff Promotions:

    @King_Alan Has been selected as a Survival Helper. A nice and fitting addition to the survival team I daresay.

    @Memphis1986 Has been selected as Survival Helper as well. As a former Survival Moderator on GotPvP, he originally resigned due to family reasons and has come back once again to serve on the new staff team.

    Congratulations to both of these players for having obtained the position of Helper on December 1, 2017.

    (New) Voting Key System:

    "In the past, there has been many issues with the voting system - from the awards being some rather useless like speed/strength/health splash potions to party keys never actually get reached anymore (serving a reminder of the lower player counts GotPvP has at this time) to voting links not working at all. However, with the advent of GotPvP 2.0 a new voting system - and rewards has been released."

    Voting Links: Instead of both links not working, the first link in /vote is confirmed to be working and will deliver the new voting awards to you when you vote as accordingly.

    (New) Voting Awards: Instead of receiving a key with no guarantee of getting something actually worthwhile, every time you vote for GotPvP with the successful vote link as mentioned above, you will always receive 300 G-Cash per vote. No longer do you have to stress about getting an actual key, then getting the PvP Potions Set when no one really uses /warp pvp or pvp's on survival.

    (Deprecated) Voting Awards: With the release and roll-out of the new voting system, the old but useful awards that you could receive like McMMO points and spawners appears to be rolling out as well. This means that the only ways to get McMMO points would be from /quests and /redeemrank when you complete a quest or rankup.

    However, in the case that you happened to stock up a lot of keys and have not heard, @Saito on a case-by-case basis should be able to still provide you with an adequate replacement in the forms of G-Cash. It should be noted, most of players will not be granted this replacement but if it's worth a shot, by contacting him directly via the GotPvP Discord.

    And incase you don't have a Discord, make one. And if you do have a Discord account and want to access him, join the GotPvP Discord via the link below, and sent him a message directly about your keys.


    (New) G-Cash System (Replacing the Adtoken System):

    "Due to the issues that the voting key system had as mentioned earlier, and the success of the adtoken system, it appears that the higher-ups within the GotPvP staff team have decided to take a hybridized direction and combine both of them into a single system - balance the goods and bads of both system to create an ideal system for GotPvP as a whole."

    So what's going to happen to my Adtokens?!
    Answer: Adtokens are going to be converted to G-Cash at a rate of 1 Adtoken = 10 G-Cash. This Adtoken to G-Cash conversion was announced to been completed on December 18th, so there shouldn't be any issues. If there is, send a direct message to a Survival Admin or GotPvP Developer and see what they can do for you.

    What is G-Cash and what can I use it for?
    Answer: Unlike vote keys, which on survival were quite frankly useless in the grand scheme of things, adtokens were taking off quite notably in comparison, and which was presumably why G-Cash was created - to combine the two in a single system to streamline awards.

    Unlike either of them though, G-Cash provides an even better use in the eyes of the player:
    G-Cash can be converted into a Gift Card for the GotPvP Store.

    So does this mean that I can use G-Cash to buy ranks like I could with Adtokens?

    Answer: Yes, yes you can. However, unlike Adtokens, which the requirement you need to get a certain rank was fluctuating occasionally, G-Cash has a constant value as a system that converts G-Cash in Gift-Cards which will always have a fixed value.

    Furthermore, as G-Cash can be converted in a Gift-Card balance for the GotPvP Store, once it's in gift-card form it's like real money - so when there's 50% sales on ranks like right now due to Christmas Sales, it takes that 50% sale into account, unlike the adtoken system which had an independent 5% sale rate on ranks. This ultimately means that you could double the purchasing power of your G-cash right now during a 50% sale, while you couldn't take advantage of the 50% sale with adtokens.

    So how do I obtain G-Cash?
    Answer: You can obtain G-Cash from voting, watching ads and crates.

    I've already explained how to get the g-cash from /vote and how much it was (300 G-Cash per vote).
    But for ads, it's 10 G-Cash per ad watched, and for crates it can vary from 5,000 to 20,000 G-Cash depending on what crate you purchase from the GotPvP Webstore.

    I've done the math, and it costs more G-Cash then it does Adtokens to get my XYZ Rank now!
    Answer: Sure after conversions it costs a lot more to get Noble with G-Cash then it does Adtokens, but you're not factoring in the purchasing power of the G-Cash can be doubled or tripled depending on if there's sales going on in the webstore, unlike adtokens. Furthermore, it's a lot easier to get G-Cash as you can get 300 G-Cash daily by voting, you don't even need to watch ads necessarily.

    Will G-Cash be transferable in the future?
    Answer: That's up to the developers and higher-ups within the staff team. I do not have any knowledge if it will be like the adtokens, or not be. If it does, that means that players can purchase G-cash with in-game money from other players (with rates varying from server to server), and will mean that players with alts will be able to transfer the g-cash they earned from voting/watching ads on their alts to their main account.

    If it was implemented, it would provide an incentive to people with alts right now to continue doing as well as encourage others to get alts for the same reason. However, on the other hand if it's not implemented, people with alts wouldn't bother to use their alts anymore for watching ads, so I highly doubt that transferring G-Cash will not be implemented in the near future.

    Since G-Cash converts to a GotPvP Store Giftcard essentially, does that mean I can buy other things on the GotPvP Store besides ranks?

    This is a question I thought up myself, and have asked Saito directly if it will be allowed or not. For my predictions, if G-cash does become transferable:

    You will definitely be able to buy Ranks and Rank Upgrades with the G-Cash Gift-card.
    You possibly will be able to buy Crates with the G-Cash Gift-card.
    You will not be allowed to buy an unban with the G-Cash Gift-card.

    The speculation behind this, specifically for unbans is that people would effectively be able to purchase unbans via in-game money indirectly if you were allowed purchase one with a G-Cash Gift-card because if G-Cash becomes transferable, then players could effectively pay a lot of ingame money to purchase enough G-Cash to buy a giftcard worth $25 USD, enough for an unban. But who knows how it'll turn out.

    Other G-Cash FAQ:
    Concerning accountability of G-Cash transactions via the GotPvP webstore, players will be able to check their transaction history with /gcash transactions. This means if anything goes wrong it can be instantly verified by GotPvP Support staff and the refund process will be a lot more streamlined.
    -You can also earn G-Cash through Hub events, like the Christmas Present Hunt where you can get 15 G-Cash per present found
    -The commands for G-Cash are found below:

    /gcash shop : How you buy the gift cards with G-cash
    /gcash balance : How you check your balance of G-cash
    /gcash balance IGN : How you can check the G-cash balance of other players
    /gcash transactions : How can you check your G-cash transaction history.

    (New) Reputation System:

    "For GotPvP Survival, scamming was always a particular issue. It wasn't something considered bannable, and still isn't to this day due to various reasons. However, players didn't have any ways to protect themselves from scamming aside from well-known ones like @cupcakekiller0o0 that are constantly harassed by players and trash-talked so often that it's hard to not know that it's a scammer.

    So while developers couldn't really do anything to help out players after they got scammed, nor staff, there has been a recent implementation of a reputation system. The goal of this system is to be an official way of determining if someone is or isn't trustworthy or reliable so if they have a terrible reputation you would be safer off not interacting with them and if they have a positive reputation you could safely assume that they wouldn't scam you.

    This is simply an official system that's designed to assist new players who aren't quite as smart as more experienced players who know who to trust and not trust. It's not a system that determines your literal worth in survival, as you could have a lot of negatives but still have merit, and a lot of positives but be a horrible person. However, as more and more people use it in their daily interactions, it will be more and more accurate."

    What are the commands for this new reputation system and what do they do?
    Answer: The commands are
    /rep : How you check your own reputation.
    /rep IGN : How you can check other players reputation.
    /rep IGN positive : If you've had a good experience with this player (like they didn't scam you, they're your friend, etc) give them this!
    /rep IGN neutral : IDK why this exists, but I guess it's for all of the indecisive people who are like "Are you a nice person or a terrible person? I can't decide so I'll give you neutral"
    /rep IGN negative : If you've gotten ripped off, scammed, raided, griefed, harassed, etc (basically have a terrible time with a certain player) you can give them this!

    How is the reputation system guaranteed to be fair/accurate as possible?
    Answer: Each player can only give one reputation point (positive/neutral/negative) per player. Furthermore, as more players use it, it'll become more accurate the more times a player is given a reputation point. It's something that will get better overtime.

    Does this mean that I can just get people to do "Positive for Positive"?
    Answer: Yes, you could do that. The intended goal was to determine if you were a respectable person, so if you can manage to get a decent chunks of positives that way, more power to you. It should be noted though that when you give a reputation to someone, they know you gave them that point the instant you gave it to them.

    It should be noted that it is possible to spam someone with positive/neutral/negative reps but it would do two things:

    1. It wouldn't change the persons overall reputation - the point would just stick in positive/neutral/negative depending on your last reputation command you spammed out for the person
    2. You would get severely punished for Reputation Spamming by Survival Staff if you were reported to staff.

    Should I actually use the reputation before I do deals or /trade with someone?
    Answer: I mean, it's a system created specifically to make you more confident in your deals with other players that you're not going to get scammed, so if you don't use it it probably means

    A. You're one cocky boi (or girl) like @jgerman2
    B. You weren't aware of the command
    C. You're already aware of what the person you're trading with will probably do

    And if you got screwed over because you didn't check the /rep beforehand and see the other player's reputation was down the gutter, that's your loss for sure and not really a "I got tricked!" since there's an actual pre-preemptive tool you can use to check the reputation of a player.

    What if the player I want to trade/do a deal with has no reputation?
    Answer: I would personally give them the benefit of the doubt, but that's really just a case by case of gut instinct saying "Do I trust this player to hold up their side of the bargain?" or not. If they end up being a nice person, give them the positive, if they end up being like @cupcakekiller0o0, give them the negative.

    Other cool features that Survival also has to offer:

    For this patch notes, we've got two notable features that are pretty cool - /quests and /stocks.

    /Quests: If you type this command in chat, then go to the 2nd page, you'll see a bunch of different items. If you hover over them, you'll be able to what the quests requirements are to complete it. If you complete a question, click on the quest that you've fulfilled and you will receive a Quest Box.

    A quest box will give a you a variety of things, like in-game money, mcmmo, and diamonds. You can open these quest boxes by placing them down, but I would advise to place these down in your own regions so you don't potentially lose the rewards of the quest.

    EDIT: Another special thing to know is that, each guild has it's own subset of quest boxes and conditions to fulfill respectively. So once you've achieved all of the /quests in one guild, you can still swap to the other four guilds and try to get all the /quests boxes from them too.

    /Stocks: If you type this command in chat, you will get a window that allows you to do a variety of things, like invest in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, Z-Cash,etc) with in-game money. The cool part about this is that the prices are based off the real actual prices of the stocks/cryptocurrencies, meaning you can safely and realistically play the stock market game with in-game money. You can still lose and gain money, but it's with in-game money not in-real life money.

    Do note that the cryptocurrencies are updated perfectly, but the NYSE ones haven't been added yet. Furthermore, your broker doesn't really serve any purpose besides keep track of stats about your stocks.
    Also, once you buy stock, you can't sell it until 24 hours has passed. You can buy an immense amount of stock though at one time, since your /balance is the limit basically.

    Known Bugs Fixes/Glitches & Bugs/Region Flag Changes with Survival:

    Bug Fixes:

    -/stocks was fixed so that the cryptocurrencies worked again
    -/quests are fixed and reimplemented for a more friendly UI
    -/rg flag rgname weather-lock was re-implemented for players to use

    Glitches/Bugs: (Will remove on staff request if deemed necessary)

    -Player who aren't Legacy Rank Margrave+ still have the ability to use /nick. This is not intended, and in the meantime before it gets corrected, staff and players alike are providing warnings to players who aren't aware they were abusing a bug in the system. If you get /warn by a staff and still refuse to remove your /nick, you would get banned for 3 days the first time and 7 days for the second time if you continued to abuse it.

    The reason why it's considered a ban is because if you aren't Margrave+, you're effectively exploiting a loophole created recently in the legacy ranked system to use /nick and exploitation of any bug/glitch in the game is a severe offense, especially one that is well-known by players and staff alike and when warnings are continuously given out to players.

    -Players who aren't Staff still have the ability to use bold/underlined/italicized/strike-through chat in public chat. This is not intended, and in the mean time before this gets corrected, staff and players are like are also providing warnings against abusing this. However, despite players abusing this are far more likely to know they are abusing something in the system, it's still the same /warn and /ban 3 days and 7 days depending how far you continue to abuse it when you get caught by staff.

    However, bold/underlined/italicized/strike-through chat is allowed within region greetings and farewells due to precedence of it being allowed in the past.

    -/ignore is broken. It doesn't work but it's not necessarily the end of the world is it

    -Players who aren't in the Mining Guild can mine in the Mining Guild's Mine. (Has already been locked off so you can't collect items when you mine them for now)

    Region Flag Changes:

    Players can no longer use the following region flags anymore.
    -/rg flag rgname time-lock
    -/rg flag rgname teleport-on-entry

    Concerning both of these, if you happen to have either one of these flags in your region, you don't need to reclaim it. The time-lock flag isn't that big of a deal (I don't know why it got removed for players) since it doesn't really break the game in any way. However for teleport-on-entry, it's perfectly fine to keep - as long as the coordinates you end at up are "good coordinates" What this means it that when you teleport-on-entry that you don't end up in a TP trap, the void, or some really dangerous place for a player to be. If you get caught with a nefarious teleport-on-entry flag on, you better reclaim the region before you get screwed over real quick by staff.

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    Fun Fact: That's over 3,200 words long in case you wanted to know how long the patch notes was.
    Fun Fact #2: You can do anything when trying to procrastinate on college apps.
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