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How to apply for staff

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Osto468, Feb 27, 2018.

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    The following thread provides all the information that you need to know in order to submit an application on GotPvP! This is in replacement of our old google forms system and was last updated on August 5th, 2018.

    In the new application we provide 17 required questions, ranging from general background information to questions regarding being staff. Please answer all questions with detail and complete honesty. If the Staff Application Team feel that you're being dishonest, or you have not put in an acceptable effort, your application will be denied instantly. Additionally, we strongly advise against 1-2 sentences answers for the free response portion. We will also check the punishment history, discord/forums activity, and ask staff members of the server an applicant is applying for; about said applicants in game activity and in-game behavior. These are only a few examples of what we examine about the applicant.

    The requirements to become a GotPvP Helper are as follows:
    An applicant has to be at least 13 years of age.
    An applicant is encouraged to have played at least 3 months on GotPvP.*
    An applicant has to have a functional, and setup forum and discord account.
    An applicant has to be fluent in English.
    An applicant has to have a working microphone, and be willing to use it.
    An applicant has to have a passion for the server and have the ability to put in a chunk of time every day.
    An applicant can't have been blacklisted in the last three months.
    An applicant can't be staff on another server.

    All of these requirements are necessary to be met. If you do not meet all the requirements then you will be instantly denied by the Staff Application Team. Do not ask for a staff member to look at your application. This will only hurt your chances of becoming Helper. Generally applications are responded within 1 week of submittion.

    To make an application, you are to follow the format which is outlined in the latter part of this thread. After you have completed the questions in the format, post a new thread in this forum section. Name this thread "{IGN} Staff Application", where {IGN} is your IGN. Only the application team will be able to see your application.

    The format by which you are to follow when creating a new thread is as followed:

    [B]What's your current IGN:[/B] {IGN}
    [B]What's your previous IGNs:[/B] {Previous IGNs}
    [B]How old are you:[/B] {Your age}
    [B]What's your gender:[/B] {Your gender}
    [B]What server are you applying for:[/B] {Server}
    [B]If Factions, What faction are you in:[/B] {Faction Name*}
    [B]How long have you played GotPvP for:[/B] {Timespan}
    [B]Have you previously been punished on GotPvP:[/B] {Yes/No}
    [B]What's your Discord ID:[/B] {Discord ID}
    [B]What country do you live in:[/B] {Country}
    [B]Do you speak any additional languages:[/B] {Yes/No - if yes, what languages}
    [B]What's your timezone:[/B] {Timezone}
    [B]Have you previously held staff:[/B] {Yes/No}
    [B]If yes, what server:[/B] {Server}
    [B]If yes, what staff rank were you:[/B] {Staff rank}
    [B]What are the duties of being a staff member:[/B] {Your reply}
    [B]What are the concepts of the server you're applying for:[/B] {Your reply}
    [B]If you could implement a single improvement for the server you're applying for, what would that be:[/B] {Your reply}
    [B]Why do you want to become staff on GotPvP:[/B] {Your reply}
    [B]What value can you bring to the server:[/B] {Your reply}
    [B]Additional thoughts:[/B] {Your reply} 
    If your application has been accepted, your application's prefix will change from pending to accepted, and a member of the Staff Application Team will reply to your application with further instructions. If your application has been accepted, you will have to go through a voice interview with a staff leader, and you will, if we find you to be a good fit with the team, then go through a one-week training program to learn the ins and outs of being staff. Your effort and behavior while in the training program will be the deciding factor for any further advancements on the staff team.

    If your application was denied, your application's prefix will change from pending to denied, and a reply will be made by a member of the Staff Application Team, specifying the reason for your application's denial. You may apply again after one month of your application denial, unless said otherwise by someone on the Staff Application Team.

    We encourage all applicants to take as much time as they need on their application. If we find lack of detail or incorrect grammar you will be denied. Spend as much time as you need, we're always looking for Helpers!

    The best of luck to you on your application!
    - The Staff Application Team
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