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Im a rich man and im buying crates and ig spawners !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Survival' started by cupcakekiller0o0, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. cupcakekiller0o0

    cupcakekiller0o0 New Member

    Ok so rn i am creating this grinder that produces 100,000 drops a minute and holds 100,000,000,000 drops and its super fast generating and its free so my daily income is like 100k.

    And i thought why not i make a lil deal so here are my deals for some things.

    Celestial crate::::::$24,000,000,000
    mythical crate:::::::$15,000,000,000
    divine crate:::::::::::$4,000,000,000

    iron golem spawner:$3,750,000///////////buying 1-17
    zombie pigmen spawner:$50,000//////////buying 1-30
    creeper spawner:$120,000////////////////////buying 1-250
    mcmmo levels::::$10 per level///////////////buying 1-100000

    i have had this grinder for 2 days and my balance was spent but in 2 weeks my bal we be at around 7m

    If i am using it for 30 mins a day that is if i use it for 1hr a day i will have around 7m and if im using it all day with invis i will have a whopping 100m every 2 weeks
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    I doubt that would happen
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    wow thats a lot sure you can count that far up