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INFO about /rg tp doubles and triples

Discussion in 'Survival' started by cupcakekiller0o0, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. cupcakekiller0o0

    cupcakekiller0o0 New Member

    At the moment we are not adding owners as the last 7 tradgedys were the rg breaking so we are not adding owners possibly members we trust but for now no here is info about the rg.

    /rg tp exection a beheading rg in triples

    /rg tp ironingot a iron farm in triples

    /rg tp afok a afk cool picture when you look up get paid while you afk there.

    /rg tp killerxp a xp grinder with hostile and passive mobs

    /rg tp givehead when you get beheaded the head will drop under slabs in to hoppers and will set a lamp next time i log on i will pay who ever the persons head is 5k.

    /rg tp helpsec a section with help about gotpvp and claiming regions in a simple way

    /rg tp cookies a super cheap cookie rg selling 64 cookies for $15 stocks over 100,000 cookies

    /rg tp junk where you put your junk in and get paid for it

    And thats all we have so far thanks and see you all soon
  2. Warriorwax123

    Warriorwax123 New Member

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    I dont understand having a cookie farm........

    they are kinda tedious to make imo and they only give you one hunger thingy
  3. oliver

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    Oliver || Olly #0018
    /rg tp behead is better
  4. CherryHorse

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