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Kitpvp Reset Details

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jul 12, 2016.

By Saito on Jul 12, 2016 at 10:42 AM
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    The reset is live! I'd like to go over a few of the server details with you so you're all aware of the new features, and give some instruction on how to report bugs / issues in this new update.

    New Features

    • Dollars removed, coins are new the currency
    • Coins are a global currency and are shared with our mini games and hub
    • If you have a rank in Kitpvp now they are global across all of our other servers
    • You can collect daily / monthly coin rewards to be spent in any mini game (including Kitpvp) at the voting villager in the hub
    • The coins you earn from the hub treasure chests apply to Kitpvp and all other mini games
    • Guilds - New guild system. Any player can join a guild but only those with a rank can create one
    • Creating a guild costs 5000 coins
    • Guilds can be expanded from 5 slots to 10 slots with a cost of 10000 coins
    • Top Guilds are displayed at spawn with their NPCs very similar to Factions Top plugin
    • New Kits have been added, check /kit
    • New GUI based shop instead of signs, check /shop

    Bug Reports

    You can provide bug reports by either sending me a PM directly over the forums or posting them in the comments below. Please be aware that saying things like "x is broken" is not even remotely helpful. We need details to fix any issues that arise and the more detail you give us the faster it will be fixed. We appreciate your insight and suggestions greatly so feel free to make general comments as well. Hope you all enjoy the reset and Oppvp should be coming today as well (with custom enchants ;))

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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Saito, Jul 12, 2016.

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    1. DeaconHo
      I really hope that this reset will get more people to play :D
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    2. BeasT
    3. Lagunas
    4. Dark_fang1
      Yes THANK you I've always wanted custom enchants thanks saito :)
    5. thefuji_apple_
      I do like the new map and shop features but how do I buy and gain coins other than the voting villager and when will GCheat on KitPvP be out? Thanks - Fuji
    6. Dark_fang1
      What's the new map like I can't get on my computer :/
    7. thefuji_apple_
    8. Dark_fang1
      Wow they did really well on the map good job staff:)
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    9. DoubleClickinq_
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    10. Dark_fang1
    11. Saito
      Killing players earns coins, and when we add rotating events in the near future (King of the Hill for example) they will also earn coins. Also considering GCheat is private and only on one server in the world I'm going to say never?
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    12. Dark_fang1
      Are you worried that people will be to op?
    13. Dark_fang1
      Hey Saito it would be cool to add a like /team so that if you want to team you won't be able to hurt each other which happens a lot in op pvp and kit pvp
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    14. XxFiloGamesxX
    15. thefuji_apple_
      That sucks because the number/majority of the players are hackers which made the /helpop a problem
      Good idea but save that for the General Discussions and I don't know if that is a good idea.
    16. Mash

      So the redstone in the shop is broken, the pressure plates dont close the doors
      you can jump off the map if your running from someone and go to spawn instantly
      fire aspect and flame dont work
      There are random 10 block down holes in the ground that look like they shouldnt be there
      there arent guilds points yet and no guild npcs yet
      ./pay isnt a thing
      You cant place bounties anymore
      and thats only the ones I could think of off the top of my head
      Also in shop 4 xp bottles costs 160 coins but 64 cost 320

      hope you can fix them
    17. Thecoolseed Playz
      Thecoolseed Playz
      Also /bal isn't working properly. It says to everyone's bal 0$. Is that broken?
    18. DeaconHo
      I hope the admins will add more kits. the challenger kit really needs a sword :I
    19. AnthonyMakishima
      So what happens if I was VIP rank way before this whole situation happened? Would I still have access to all my kits?
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