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Looking Members for a Team! (HubCorp)

Discussion in 'Skyblock' started by darthspanky1, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. darthspanky1

    darthspanky1 New Member

    Discord ID:
    LucasHeh #2450
    This is a Team called HubCorp! IF you would like to join please Add LucasHeh#2450 On discord and msg me your ign and ill invite you to HubCorp

    What is HubCorp?
    HubCorp is a NEW Team thriving to be the best on Skyblock on the balance top! Although we're all not on the same island we all help out!

    How to Join?
    Message LucasHeh#2450 Your IGN and ill inv you and ill nick you in the discord server to you ign

    Why Should i Join?
    You can be helped out with others Why helping others and we will all take #1!

    Hope to see you in HubCorp!
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  2. Choragus

    Choragus New Member

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    lol not only will this not work the only succesfull thing like this to ever happen was on factions and it only lasted 2 months before it died sorry mate its not happening